Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blatant rip-off?

I am a HUGE fan of Tatty Devine. I have drooled over their style for a long time now and their dinosaur necklace is something that one day WILL be mine.

Today it was brought to my attention that Claires Accessories have been (Now how can I put this politely?) ripping off the designs of Tatty Devine and selling their inferior products to chav tweens everywhere.
(I can't stand the thought there is a 12 yr old walking around wearing a copy of a necklace I COVET)

Take a look

On the left is the original and best Tatty Devine Dinosaur necklace. and on the right is the necklace from Claires Accessories.

Are we seeing some similarities or are they absolutely bloody identical?
(yep, that's what I thought too)

How about another one?

On the left, Tatty Devine, on the right. Claires Accessories.

You can see why Tatty Devine are perfectly within their rights to be upset here can't you?

What gives companies such as Claires Accessories the right to just take other peoples designs and pass them off as their own anyway?

Is it just a case that they think a small company won't want to go up against their "might" Like a playground bully, did they think being bigger would protect them?

Well Claires Accessories have made a huge mistake here, they forgot about US.......

The customers.

I have two daughters who would LIVE in Claires Accessories if they could. but I can promise you now that not one penny will be entering Claires tills from me until they have reached an agreement with Tatty Devine.

And I am sure many of you feel the same.

Why not let Claires Accessories know how you feel.

There's their email address.

I emailed them my displeasure.

Will you?

Let me know x x


  1. That is appalling, funny I was only looking on the Tatty Devine website last week and thinking about what to buy when payday comes along. Claires cannot just come along and copy like this. I see Tatty Devine as being unique and creative and something different and I think that is why they can charge the prices they do. It is something different from what you can pick up on your local high street. What a joke.

  2. I think replication to a point is OK. Not everyone can afford designer prices (although Tatty Devine is hardly expensive but I'm just talking in general) so its nice to be able to find similar things on the cheap.

    When talking fashion, of course the designers influence what will later be available on the high street, otherwise normal people just couldn't afford a thing!

    However I do not agree with what you see in countries like Turkey where they literally replicate/imitate an item. LV patterns, copying the lining and even adding a badge/logo as if to fool people into thinking its the real deal. And this is exactly what claires are doing, it's not an 'in the style of' necklace, they've literally ripped it off and passed it off as their own!

    I'm pretty shocked that such a large company would be so foolish. lets hope they get something sorted with TD quickly! xxx

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  3. It's a bit of a shame to see this, but unfortunately not surprising. Brands do this all the time, but most of the time people don't notice. I have friends who are buyers for fashion brands on the high street and they basically go into Topshop, Reiss and Warehouse to buy stuff, send it off to China and say 'make this but for 20% of the price'. It's common practice as we all want to achieve high end looks for a fraction of the price.

    I totally feel for Tatty Divine as it's not right or fair, but unfortunately just what happens. On the positive side they can see it as a form of flattery and may even get more sales out of it! Plus no publicity is bad publicity - guaranteed that 1000s more people will now have heard of their company.

    BTW, totally want that dino necklace now!

    1. I think that Claire's have totally underestimated how people are now feeling about supporting small businesses these days.
      I think there's definitely a difference between being inspired by someone and ripping off their designs.
      Claire's haven't even attempted to make it different.

      One day I WILL own that necklace.
      But a Tatty Devine one, not a copy

  4. I saw this on Twitter earlier and was gobsmacked it's bad enough people feel free to rip off people's hard work when it comes to blog posts or photography but this is a whole new low, really REALLY appalling

    1. Apparently not the first time they've done it either

  5. this shocked me on twitter too, i think it damages and devalues Tatty's brand because obviously the Claire's copies will be of a lesser quality! It's such a shame they should not be allowed to do this :(
    Love Amie

  6. My thoughts exactly Amie.
    I have been saving for the Dinosaur necklace for a while now. Knowing that Claire's have a copy makes me think twice about purchasing.
    Luckily I'm a loyal brand follower but for some people they might change their mind altogether. So in that respect it could hurt the brand

    Shouldn't be allowed should it?

  7. Thieving bunch of cheap chav bastards.

  8. Sadly, this isn't the first time this has happened. Last year I blogged about Clairws rippin off Tatty Devine's volume brooch and the same week they were also found to be copying a telephone necklace from She Draws. It's a disgrace and thy don't seem to be learning their lesson.

  9. I totally agree with you on this, and have seen this 'article' mentioned a lot on Twitter, Facebook and on the bloggersphere in the past few days. I am exactly the same as you Kellie, I WILL own the dinosaur necklace one day. I have been caught drooling over it in my local stockists before *the shame* I'm 22 and I still shop in Claire's BUT I will also no longer be spending any of my cash there. It may be common practice, but that doesn't mean we should let it happen. Claire's could have approached Tatty Devine and offered to collaborate, to offer their designs but different and at a cheaper price point. It would have exposed Tatty Devine to a whole new generation of customers, increased their publicity and would have been done with their agreement. I really think that something should be done to try and stop brands being ripped off in the future!

    Steph xx

  10. Oh how my blood boils. I saw an article via twitter about how they'd copied one of Tatty Devine's designs, but I didnt realise how consistent and continuous it was!

    Now I'm all for the high street being influenced by the catwalks. In fact, its kind of a given that there is that chain of design. However, when something is a brand's trademark and its a small business to copy it so blatantly, well its disgusting. I think Claire's could have homaged Tatty's designs, without being so obvious a copy...ffs, they've even copied the points where the chains come out of the perspex!

    I've not shopped in Claire's for years because I'm not exactly 12 anymore, but I'm damn as well not ever going to venture in for anything for my nieces until this stops!

  11. This disgusts me, it's so obviously ripped off from TD. Claire's are not the only ones to do it though, M&S are selling a pretty much exact replica of the silver leather laser cut skirt from Giles SS12 collection. Something this specifically unique (as with the dinosaur necklace) cannot be coincidence.Do they think no one will notice?!


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