Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cybher Meet And Greet

So for the first time ever I will be speaking at Cybher this May. I have to admit I'm as excited as I am nervous so wanted to do this Meet & Greet to ease myself in gently so that if you all see me you can all come and say hi.

This is me-ish, I now have a fringe and by May? God knows what I'll have done to my hair by then.

Name; Kellie Hill


Twitter ID; BigFashionista

Height; 5ft 4"

Hair; brown, black, red, short long, take your pick.

Five things you should know about me

1) I like trying new hairstyles (shock horror)

2) I have never spoken in public before and suffer from awful stage fright (Be kind)

3) I'm 36 years old and HATE it.

4) I have three children but hate to be defined as so-and-so's mum.

5) I have the attention span of a .........................................................

See you all at Cybher I hope x x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Best of luck! Re public speaking, make sure you have prepared by rehearsing your speech/bullet points. Take a glass of water up with you so that if you get flustered you can stall/take a sip and carry on. Also take a deep breath and control breathing it out. This helps relax you :) Sure you will be great xx

  2. I look forward to meeting you! Its going to be ace!

  3. I suffer from the most awful stage fright and I'm studying music with the intention of overcoming it as a singer so I feel your pain and think you're incredibly brave for committing to such a big thing! Best of luck, hope it goes really well and I look forward to hearing how you get on xx

  4. You'll be great! Looking forward to meeting you :)

  5. I look forward to meeting you! Good luck, but don't worry- everyone is on your side! x

  6. im sure you will do amazing my lovely :D

  7. Exciting stuff I look forward to meeting you there and hearing what you have to say! No pressure ;)

  8. I am going to sit in the back and shout 'phwor' every now and again.
    I'll also be cheering you on and then hugging you inappropriately when we meet. Finally.

  9. Can't wait to hear you speak! and of course meet you... see you in May!

  10. Nice to 'meet' you! See you in May :)

  11. Looking forward to meeting you Kellie. If I am drunk I appologise now.

  12. Ah, don't worry about the speaking bit - everyone will be on your side! :)

    Looking forward to meeting you Kellie!

  13. Loving this - discovering new blogs through Cybher already. I'm sure you'll do fine on the day - it's not that scary once you're up there. See you in May!

  14. You will be just fabulous I know it! Can't wait to meet you in May :-)

  15. You will be fantastic!! Im sure. So looking forward to meeting you x


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