Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dedicated follower of fashion

Although my blog is called Big Fashionista if you take a good look through my blog (go on, it won't kill you) the chances are you won't find many posts on fashion.

And there is a good reason for that......

(Pulls out soapbox and stands on it)

If there is one thing I cannot stand (today) it is people sneering at what other people are wearing. I really, I mean I REALLY hate it.

Do you remember when Bjork wore a swan dress to the Oscars in 2001,

and got torn apart by the Fashion police? I can still remember the sneering and the sounds of snarling from fashion hacks everywhere. The only way the comments could have been more barbed was if she had gone to the river and caught the bloody thing herself. It was that hated. (could you imagine if Twitter had been around then? Top trending topic for DAYS I imagine? oooooh could you imagine the hashtags?)

Now personally, I think she looked great. It isn't really me I grant you, but it is very Bjork. it suited her style and personality.

And that is the problem with fashion,

Fashion dictates a trend, but doesn't cater for individual style.

Give me Helena Bonham-Carter ANY day of the week over cut-out copy movie stars.

Fashion for me is ALL about individual taste and style, not following the latest "bang-on-trend" erm, trend. Fashion is about taking risks, and not giving a DAMN about what anyone else thinks.

I don't want to be told that plaid is so this season dahhhhling or be sneered at for wearing a blazer which is by the wrong designer (chances are it would be New Look or Matalan) Skinny Jeans are so 2011? Big deal, tell it to someone who actually cares.

I feel sorry for people who are slaves to fashion, it must be exhausting constantly keeping up with trends or living in fear of finally being found out (Yep Alexa Chung, I'm looking at you love)

And who is to say that the people being sneered at on the red carpet for wearing the wrong colour, the wrong cut, or just wearing the wrong thing aren't the ones who are actually ahead of the trend?

Let us remember, it wasn't so long ago that people were being absolutely slaughtered in print for being papped wearing something they had been seen wearing BEFORE!!! (Oh the shame) Now you put it away for a couple of years, call it VINTAGE and you are a


Fashion shouldn't dictate what you wear, fashion should be FUN, fashion should be about taking risks, wearing what you love and enjoying it.

You will NEVER catch me sneering at someones outfit. Who am I to judge what someone else is wearing, if it makes them feel good, if THEY are happy to wear it and feel confident wearing it, then more power to them. (yes, even Jodie Marsh)

I have a night out ahead of me this Friday, anyone else think I can pull off a homage to Bjork? What do swans like to eat these days anyway? (grabs a large net and heads to the Thames)

(Gets down off soap box and allows you the floor)

What do you think about fashion? Are you a dedicated follower? Or would you rather SET the trend than follow it?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. You do realise the swan-napping is illegal right? In terms of fashion I wear what compliments me. Nine times out of ten you'll see everything roll back around again anyway. I'm too broke to keep up with these fashion bunnies because my children grow like weeds and need more clothes than me. Gimme a shirt, stretch jeans (as they were called in the 90's) and a pair of penny loafers and I'm good. I'm quite happy to follow fashion via style blogs and twitter! Love your posts by the way. <3

  2. I totally agree! At 42yrs of age I kinda know what suits my shape, so I stick to certain fabrics (I remember when it was called material)and if I see a shirt dress that will reach my knees I'm all over it... That's another thing, why is everything so short these days? Not all of us have coltish tanned limbs and do we really want to go into the problems that come with wearing tights all through summer... Thank you hon for speaking out against the fashion police, they can neeenaaw off x

  3. I totally agree with you. Its actually something I feel very strongly about too, each to their own as long as they're happy in their skin.

  4. Fashion, I see as an artform - however, trends drive me completely barmy and I rarely pay attention to them, I just stock up when fabulous things such as feathers and faux furs and chunky knits happen to be 'on trend'.

    If you have a good sense of style, you're always in fashion in my opinion. Fashion is putting on clothes to create a look, and that look is your own personal piece of art, and frankly I agree with you - the only person I wait with bated breath to see a picture of at the Oscars is HBP. Everyone else it's always like, yeah, nice dress... isn't Tilda Swinton weird... moving on.

    That said, I fecking heart 'the fashion jury'. That shit is just hilarious.


  5. I just wear what I like. I'm always complimented on my clothes so I guess I'm doing something right. I like to set the trend if I can tho. Be a bit different I suppose. Being a big girl a lot of the time the "in fashion" stuff is not made to flatter us anyway. But even if I lost weight, I wouldn't become a clothes clone.

  6. Well said, I, on the other hand have outfits on my blog but I enjoy the fact they're not particularly ''fashionable'' In fact there is one date night outfit that is complete trash but I LOVE IT! Prom dress disaster! How could you not.
    I think everyone is becoming more self aware in this day and age so in the grand scheme of things I think there are TRENDS that not everyone can or should follow (there's no way I'm buying a floral backpack for ''this season'' are you KIDDING me!) But I think it's lovely to see people more into ''fashion'' in the sense of what they're wearing and to me fashion simply means dressing yourself in whatever you like whether it's a trend or not.
    Loved this post. xxx

  7. I agree! ...I must admit I also liked Bjorks "crazy' swan dress - at least she stood out from the monotony of the mundane nude ball gowns...

    Great blog and excellently written! I'm a new fan :) Jen x

  8. I couldn't agree with you more! I love fashion but I'm not going to be duped into spending money on something that a) probably won't look good on my curvy frame and b) will probably be so last season before the next season by the so called fashion experts! I know what I like (usually a bit quirky !) and I think if you wear something that feels right and you wear it with confidence you probably look good too!

  9. You're absolutely spot on. My Dad always said to me when I was growing up that a girl can where absolutely anything and as long as she appears confident in it people won't be inclined to say anything about it. Personally, I loved Bjork's swan dress - thought it suited her perfectly and good on her that she was brave enough to not follow the flock (boom, boom).

    Oscar Wilde got it spot on when he said this: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"

  10. I am a terrible fashion follower, could you imagine trying to keep up with every trend, it would cost a bloody fortune!! I totally agree everyone should wear whatever they want and not be slated for it!



  11. Amen to that!! Wear what you want and when you want it. It's not "fashionable"? First, I'd rather not be a mutton wearing what I am being told to wear thank you very much, and second I wear clothes that I don't feel fancy dressed in, at least I am comfortable and don't have to ask myself in which hole to put my arms / legs (it actually happened when I was trying on a top... I am irrecuperable)

  12. I don't understand fashion let alone follow it, I'm a comfy girl, as long as it looks good, isn't dirty or silly I'll wear it. I don't care how 'out of fashion' it is.

  13. I dont follow fashion and never have. I was always alternative, I do like at the moment that peter pan collars are around but I wont stop wearing them when the Fashion Police say they are "so over".
    Y'know who annoys me? Jamela Jamil or whatever her name is. Grr, she has the same pose every time I see a pic of her, even on T4 (Yes I'm probably about 15 years too old to still watch T4 but there you go) she stands the exact same way. And everyone fawns over her choice of clothes as "so in". In what? I think she looks like she tries incredibly hard, and shouldn't it be the opposite where style is concerned?

    1. Yep I know who you mean. Her and Alexa are cut fromthe same cloth me thinks x x

  14. In any other walk if life could you imagine letting someone dictate to you what you can and can't do? So why do we let 'fashion' dictate what we can and can't wear. Wear what you like, what suits you and what makes you happy, and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Also, if it makes us smile, that is all to the good, so something fun or cute is enjoyable - but that is only what I think :0) Live and let live, or wear and let wear I say

  15. I loved the Swan frock. The egg purse was the best. I even liked Beatrice's bow antler Royal Wedding hat. She looked divine in her tailored coat dress.

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