Monday, 20 February 2012

Finding the breaking point.

Just before Christmas I had a fringe cut in, and now I have a confession to make that may shock you. (Just don't look at me, please. I can't bear to see you judge me)

My eyebrows are growing out of control.

(I know, I promise I will hand my blogger card in at the door on the way out, hangs head in shame)

I should do something about it, and I will. (eventually)

But I have a problem, (Quite a big one)  I have a instinctive wariness about pissing someone off who is able to cause me pain. (or disfigurement)

But I also have a smart mouth and I know that a huge part of me will want to insult the poor woman just to see what she will do to me (well she can't give me a monobrow can she?)

I can't help it, I have a dark, twisted urge to see just how far I can push people just for kicks.

There are certain types of people out there that you just shouldn't annoy when they are either armed with something that can cause you pain, or can make changes to your appearance that you may possibly not like.

For example, (You might want to write these down)

NEVER ask your hairdresser if she is pregnant or has put on weight.
(Don't do it people, thats a bad haircut just waiting to happen)

Never forget to pay your dentist, or sleep with a member of their family
(Why would you do that and then purposely sit your arse back in the seat)

Don't insult your waxer
(Actually, go for it. The sadistic cow is going to hurt you whatever you do)

And certainly don't mess with a pedicurist.
(no-one, and I do I mean NO-ONE will ever have power over my feet, Shudders a bit, ok a LOT)

And NEVER EVER EVER. have an argument with your mother and then hand her the hairbrush!!!!!! Seriously, she will brush your hair like she is grooming a horse. (I swear I still have a bald patch)

SO this week I am off to tell a threader, "No her trousers don't make her arse look fat, her fat arse makes her arse look fat"

I'll let you know how I get on with that.

If there are no pictures for a while, you know why.

So who else shouldn't you annoy?

And did anyone else get a hairbrush buried in their scalp on a regular basis as a child or was that just me?

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista


  1. Yes to the bad-ass hair brushing. Also used to get ponytail so high and tight my scalp stung when the bobble came out. Learnt double quick how to do my own hair!!!

    1. got to admit, my five yr old can do her own hair pretty well and runs away when i get out the hair brush :-D

  2. My Mother regularly used the hairbrush on my ass when I was naughty. I must admit she was justified in doing so: I was a naughty shit :)

    Thankfully I have never willingly insulted any one of my therapists... and since I want a decent haircut, I never will!

  3. My mother was wicked with a hairbrush no matter who annoyed her!

  4. Ugh, I need to get a new threader...I moved house in April but still worked near my trusty threader but now I've moved jobs too. I trusted that woman with my brows :-(

  5. Never annoy the taxman. It will never end well.

  6. My mother broke her finger brushing my hair after a smart comment from me! I was 8 i was more than a bit smug!


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