Monday, 13 February 2012

Hangover hell

I like a drink (understatement of the century RIGHT there) I love girlie drinks, strong drinks, fruit based drinks, (grape, obviously) Basically me and alcohol have a relationship where I love what it does for me.......

Until the next day!!!

I am one of those people who suffer from 3 day hangover HELL.

The day after I have partaken of fluids of an alcoholic nature I have the usual headache, vomiting, shakes...... (that's normal right?) then day 2 is exhaustion, more headaches, the emotion level of a 14 year old girl and day 3 is just pure tiredness.

Now I would say I'm getting old (actually I wouldn't, and if anyone else dares to, I will eat their eyes) but I have ALWAYS suffered this way.

I've tried not mixing my drinks, I've tried soft drinks inbetween alcoholic ones. But no, the hangover fairy just sits there like an asbo teen hoody just waiting to smack me round the head a few times and reach down my throat and pull up my stomach contents just for shit and giggles.

If I so much as sniff alcohol I end up with a hangover and am out of action for the next couple of days.

I went out Friday night.......

Want to see some pics?

You can sort of see how it all went downhill can't you?

This was FRIDAY night.

It is now Sunday night and this is the first time I have been able to open my laptop (Bloody thing was just too bright-and the keyboard was TOO loud)

So make me feel better, anyone else suffer how I do?

Anyone have any tips for me? (other than don't drink, that my friends would be stupid)

Also if you feel the need to let me know that you can drink MY bodyweight in alcohol and yet wake up in the morning feeling all fresh and sunshiney......................


I beg you.

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Haha, oh dear, the dreaded hangover fairy.
    I find pint of water by the bed, drink before bed. Banana and full fat coke, followed by copious amounts of lounging and cheese on toast do the trick. :)

  2. How is it you look HOT to trot while getting drunk and I just look like the trots :( (well jel)

    The only thing I could suggest is, instead of alternating with soft drinks (they dehydrate you) alternate with water.


  3. I always eat while I'm drinking alcohol (nothing major, just the odd snack - bread is meant to be good) and drink more water/other drinks in between each, with food as well.

  4. Three days? Flippin' 'eck, that's rough!

    Have you considered that you might be allergic?? (I know, doesn't bear thinking about, eh?)

    I just hope that Friday night was well worth the agony that followed.

  5. I have a friend who forces down a diorolyte (??? Spelling???), or some kind of electrolyte drink before she collapses into bed. And she wakes up fairly ok the next day.

    I just have to snack while drinking and not mix my drinks. If I start with tequila, then its only tequila for the rest of the night.

    I feel your Pain lady!

  6. I had to give up alcohol 6 years ago (I know sad life I've got) because I was getting the hangover from hell which lasted two days, most of which was spent laid on the bathroom floor wanting to die.
    I now know I have an illness which can be triggered by alcohol & therefore I won't be able to ever drink alcohol! Do I get the award for the most tragic person in alcohol history???

  7. I lost a Saturday this weekend too. Such a shame. It's not like I don't know when to stop - I get hiccups at my limit. I know this. On Friday night I made a big laugh & joke about singing 10 Green Bottles WHILE hiccuping then promptly guzzled 4 more Mojitos :(
    As for a cure? Tangle Twister ice pops and a can of coke. Miraculous bastids they are. (LOVING the lippie btw)

  8. I suffer from 2 day hangovers - not fun!! I have found a few things that help (not cure but help)

    1. Drink a pint of water with a few drops of Milk Thistle in it (you can get it from Boots, Holland & Barrett etc) and if you remember (which I never do) when you get in aswel.
    2. Buy some vitamin B6 this helps the tiredness.
    3. Eat what you can even if you feel sick (unfortunatly for me, when hungover I eat everything in sight!!)

    And the best thing I have ever used and continue to use is a tablet called RU21 you can buy it off Amazon and Ebay and it's great, doesn't help the tiredness but puts that sicky headache at bay.



  9. Apart from the obvious pint of water before getting into bed (can never manage it and don't want to have to get up 3 times during the night to pee), here's what I do when i wake up after a too heavy night: 1 Berocca in cold water, then a Nurofen+ downed with Coke.
    I swear I feel better afteran hour or two.

  10. Holy Cow Big Fash, I feel your pain...I have found after many years begging that hangover fairy-bitch not to appear that Sailor Jerry rum leaves me reasonably unscathed. Just tiredness. Gin is the second best but other than that, I'm with you on the sofa for three days. Good luck with the recovery and may the next hangover be WELL worth it!xx

  11. At last - someone to share my pain! I have had so many tragic hangovers and suffer twice as much as anyone I know - or perhaps I am just more dramatic...I have in the past spent an entire day in front of Big Brothers live feed as I couldn't move to get the remote. And I wasn't even in my own home - the fact that I couldn't even move to change channels meant I was stuck there while my friend left for work and I was still there on his return! The worst part is when you have to go to a work event and are expected to get totally smashed, yet be bright and shiny at 8am the next day. Not likely. Nothing works for me, but one thing that makes it marginally better is drinking on a full stomach. A tip I readily forgot this Saturday. And full fat coke the next day - essential. Oh and I have to go out and walk the dog, and for all my whining (there have even been tears at the thought), it does make me feel (slightly) better x

  12. the only tip I have is.....get f.lux on your pc...takes about 5 seconds to download and it softens /dulls the glare on your screen...according to time of day... it's Brilliant!



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