Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I have a proposal

So I was going to ignore the fact that today is February the 29th and is "traditionally" known as the day that women can propose to men..........

But then I thought, Ah what the hell.

Today is like a psuedo Valentines day without the giving of gifts. I am having romance shoved so far down my throat that I can feel my gag reflex kicking in. (resists urge to make filthy joke)

Firstly, Haven't we as women come on far enough that if we DO want to propose to a loved one then we can do it any day we choose? (We also have the vote you know)

Secondly, you just know that the media are bored with stories about 20yr olds born on February 29th celebrating their 5th birthdays so are just looking for a new spin on things.

I wouldn't be surprised if Clinton Cards have a range of cards that they have had on sale for the last month (or two) saying "Boyfriend, will you marry me"  Nothing says romance more than that, ESPECIALLY if you throw in a matching helium balloon or two and a cheap teddy bear with "I wuv you this much" on it. (It's allllll about the marketing opportunities, it only comes around once every four years, might as well kick the arse out of it)

Sorry, but the only proposal I am making today is that chocolate cake should be free and that a size 16 should be reclassified as a size 12.

I'm sure a lot of women would get behind THAT proposal.

and the only time I'm getting down on bended knees is to tie my shoelaces. (resisted that urge too)

Deal with it.

Would love to hear your opinions on today.

Will you propose?

or do you agree size 16s should be reclassified? (priorities)

Big Fashionista x x


  1. No proposing!!! I need someone to be as strong as me in a relationship- an equal match. That means them getting their arse in gear and doing their duty. I'm made to squish babies out, they are supposed to support and make me feel lie a princess (in a disney story yes, in real life 'made to feel appreciated and loved'). If I did it then I would feel the dominant one- not that im not dominant in some ways) but i'd always wonder if the guy was just so lazy he just CBA to propose.

    No no no. It's a fun day but I wont be proposing. I have nothing against those that do, as each relationship is different. However, I am not adverse to scaring a few blokey mates by making suggestions. Have already freaked one out by asking where he will be today!! Mwahahaha! xx

  2. LOL. I keep seeing people saying they have texted their other half to dress smart later as they have something to ask them just to freak them out.

    That I can get behind

  3. Sort of wish I had taken control of my marriage proposal, that way it wouldn't have been outside Dewshursts in the middle of Tunbrige Wells at 5.30pm on a wet Tuesday. I had rather hoped for hearts and flowers as opposed to "you know that ring you showed me on Saturday that you said you wanted? Well I got it"!

    1. Wells up at the romance of it all

    2. My mum gave my Dad a signet ring for Christman one year. His response was "Well I suppose we better get married then" Who said romance was dead? I think proposing is highly overrated. Give me a new pair of shoes over a ring any day!

    3. Also, the less time I have to spend on my knees in a relationship, the better!

  4. Mixed-up traditional here.

    I totally agree with "Firstly, Haven't we as women come on far enough that if we DO want to propose to a loved one then we can do it any day we choose? (We also have the vote you know)"

    But I also feel a proposal should be an intimate moment, bloke down on one knee pulling a ring box from his pocket as he looks up to see his intended, her hand over her mouth in disbelief and excitement, blubbing as he stammers out his speech.

    Don't know what is right anymore, pass us a slice of that chocolate cake, there's a good girl...

    1. LOL, you are so lucky I'm in a good mood.

      But no cake for you

  5. Yes agree, why should a woman have to wait for four years if she wants to propose?!!! That said my hubby did propose to me...shame it was xmas day evening and I drank to much to actually remember it...
    Stace x

  6. Now I think about it the worst ever proposal I heard about was a colleague, her husband proposed whilst she was on the loo - and said at the time 'ha, now when anyone asks how I proposed you'll have to say "when I was doing a poo"!' he was a vile sod and she divorced him after 6 years.

  7. Totally agree, size 16 should be a 12, that way I'd be a (um thinks about this a bit as it involves maths)16! I think, maybe? I failed maths ...

    As for proposing, I proposed to my hubby whilst I was painting the ceiling, as he didn't answer I threw paint at his head, um I wasn't too know he was having an absent seizure at the time, my bad. He did say yes though, after he cleaned himself up and laughing himself even sillier.I think it was a Thursday in July, not even a leap year. I a such a rebel.

  8. I am getting married in 5 and a bit weeks and neither of us proposed to one another. I came out of hospital after nearly bleeding to death (ruptured ectopic pregnancy) and a friend offered to help out with the costs if we got married. When I was pregnant everyone was saying to my fella 'You need to make an honest woman of her!' so we just said 'Fuck it! Let's do it.'

    No romance! Just luuuuuuurve :) xoxo

    P.S. Totally with you on the downgrading sizes thang.


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