Thursday, 23 February 2012

Introducing Tallulah

Yesterday I made a purchase.

Say hello to Tallulah.

Tallulah is a 6ft high headless shop window dummy.

And after just one day, I've realised a couple of things.

Firstly, I obviously never had enough dolls as a child as I have dressed Tallulah about 8 times today in different outfits. (There may have been manic child-like giggling each time she was ready)

Secondly, I think I need to get out more. (Hears the words she THINKS???? from everyone of you)

I rescued Tallulah from a Bon Marche store which is closing down next week. She cost me £15 and has cheered me up no end.

She is basically a 6ft high Barbie doll.

Would you like to see how Tallulah likes to style one pair of skinny jeans in various ways?

Of course you would. (Just nod and agree with me, it's easier on all of us)

Take one pair of Skinny jeans from New Look.

Baby Phat top, purchased from TK Maxx.

Pink chiffon top, Primark
Brown leather handbag TK Maxx

Black top, New Look
Hand bag Matalan.

Tne one thing that slightly concerns me about Tallulah is that she is a size 12. Basically the cow can fit in all the clothes that I WANT to. (and her breasts are AMAZING-bitch)

So there may be times in the future when I want to purchase clothes just for her to wear.
(It would be wrong that I have sorted out wardrobe space for her wouldn't it?)

and I am definitely thinking about various places I can take her to get some pictures of her in different outfits.

(I can imagine me and my friends taking her on nights out as well, they will be some facebook pics, let me tell you)

Maybe a weekly blog post giving Tallulahs Outfit of The Day?

What do you think of Tallulah?

Worth spending £15 quid on?

Should I be concerned she looks better in my clothes than I do?

and if I teach her to cook, do you think I could have a night off every now and then?

Let me know x x

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I have a Tallulah of my own, rescued from a neighbours skip. She doesn't have the shape of yours, she is a black metal shape one with no head (and strange triangle flat boobs). She looks so good in my clothes, I use her to flog them on EBay.
    Not weird at all.....

    1. Tallulah has cracking breasts. But I think she's had some work done. I sense they are plastic ;-)

  2. I am just imagining the (shit)fit you will throw when you discover your daughter has stolen her clothes. HAhahahah. Ah Kellie, I thank God for you everyday cos you make me laugh hysterically and then wonder if my husband would let me do the same things yours lets you do!

    1. Oooooh she wouldn't dare!!!!
      Mr F has been rolling his eyes a LOT!!! But knows what's good for him ;)

  3. I love that you gave Tallulah a home, in spite of her very unfair breasts. Personally I think she needs a voice, her own twitter account would probably be the way to go "Tallulah Tweets" and I love the idea of Tallulah's OOTD posts too. You have made me laugh this morning and for that I thank you! (laughing with you, not at ok?!)

    1. Her own Twitter? Looooooooooool. Tempting.

      Yep OOTD will be coming. I'm gonna take her places too I think. Although she is bloody heavy!!!

  4. Where are the pictures of you carrying her home? Or through the shopping centre?!!!

    1. That was hysterical. My OH was rolling his eyes and moaning constantly.

      Oh well. She makes me happy so that's what counts

  5. I absolutely LOVE Talullah and am sick with jealousy. I have always wanted my very own the local Bon Marche shop is closing at Meadowhall I may have to bob down tomorrow & see if they will flog me a Northern version for my house...EP would love it! I think a Talullah Twitter is a necessity and her own blog would be amaze balls too.
    Once again...I salute you, glorious Kellie. Even though I really am sick with envy...

    1. You definitely have to go and see if they are selling them off. I have not had so much fun in ages.

      And Georgia my eldest seems to be as obsessed as I am.
      I WILL be going shopping for her.

      And taking her places!!! LOL

  6. I used to live with my friend who had a (whispers...manaquin) I wasn't allowed to call her that her name is/was Jennifer she like Talullah has amazing breasts and a fab body and she is black. She used to freak me out when we would come home after a few too many glasses of wine, do I miss her? Nope!! Haha!!

    Talullah looks great, alot nicer than Jennifer!



    1. She has made me jump when I've gone into a room and seen her there.

      Possibly doesn't help I keep moving her around!!!

  7. I need a Tallulah of my own! This might sound really, really stupid, I am 22 after all I should know this by now, but I never know what to do with my clothes once I've worn them. Unless I've slipped it on just to try it, I don't feel comfortable putting my worn clothes back in my drawers/wardrobe, BUT just because I've worn them once doesn't make them dirty in my book - plus the washing would be more than my damp riddled flat could handle as well as my leccy meter! So what do I do? For years I've just thrown them on a chair in my room, but inevitably, the pile just mounts and mounts until and the clothing rotates as I wear and wash it. All I can think of is getting a Tallulah to stick my clothes on. Does this sound really silly? Has anyone else got any better ideas?

    Steph xx


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