Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lash, Flash, it's all about the cash.

I have Sky+ and one of the main reasons I have this is so that I can fast forward through adverts, I have finally decided that adverts are bad for my blood pressure. There are plenty of adverts out there that make me want to put my size 7s through my TV (No mean feat seeing as my TV is on the wall) DFS sale adverts (You did know they had a sale on right?), Wonga.com ads (Shudder) the Jennifer frickin Lopez Fiat Ad and the HOLY GRAIL of bad advertising


If I see the words

"Styled with inserts and enhanced in post production" once more, I will not be held accountable for my actions next time I am in Boots or Superdrug.

What these companies are actually saying is, This is our product, but we have so little faith in the abilities that we are crowing about, what we have to do is enhance it, add to it and make it as fake as possible. (Bit like Katie Price's tits I suppose)

The first mascara company that shows me a picture of what their product actually DOES look like will have me as a customer for life.

I'm not stupid, I don't expect my mascara to give me eyelashes so long that if I bat them small children (or grown men) fall to the ground.

But if a mascara promises "Volumized lashes" "Longer lashes" or even "MEGA lashes" Why can't it SHOW me what it does what they are promising me in the advert?

Why does it then have to FAKE its results?

Because that in my opinion is what it is doing. it isn't showing me what the mascara can do, or even what it MIGHT do.

They are a BIG, FAT, FAKE.

Why is this even allowed anyway?

Is it just me that thinks it is completely false advertising?

If I want to buy false eyelashes or lash inserts then I will (I won't, I've never worn false eyelashes in my LIFE, I am the sort of person that WILL glue their eyes shut) If I want to have my eyelashes enhanced in post-production I will buy myself Adobe Photoshop (Yeah, coz the first thing I'd enhance in post-production is my eyelashes isn't it? Rolls eyes, decreases size of arse)

I want to know what the PRODUCT does, not how clever the production team are.

In fact, make-up companies are missing a trick here, Why doesn't one of them do an advert where they make a huge point of the fact they AREN'T using inserts, post-production enhancements or a model with freakishly long eyelashes? And call it something like "what you see, is what you get"

I know I'd buy it,

Wouldn't you?  

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Wholeheartedly agree. In last few months, two mascaras have advertised without the inserts etc and I bought both of these mascaras. L'oreal telescopic (ignore the cheesy Cheryl advert) and No 7 lash adapt .

  2. I totally agree. How can it be allowed? It's like advertising a car that has been "enhanced" with an engine and wheels in post production!

    Absolute rubbish!

  3. i have heard that No7 have stopped using this stuff for all their products... i dont know how true it is though :S


  4. Whoooo! Hear Hear!!!

    It has me constantly baffled this one and not one mascara I have tried does everything it's meant to so I end up doubling up on my mascaras grrrr....

    By the way? You didn't happen to catch the J-Lo Loreal Advert yet.... she's very much worth it apparently.

  5. I agree, its turns me off the product completely. The only reason I can think that they have to use lash inserts onto the models/celebs who feature, is because they are eyelash-less.

  6. I heard the No 7 'rumour' as well. Again, went out and bought it. I usually use these to 'top up' my standard mascara, so can end up using 2 or 3 for a 'night out'.

    K x

  7. No 7 don't enhance post production and L'oreal say they haven't with a new mascara but considering how many ads they have had banned I am not sure about that one!

  8. Yes this annoys me too. Actually adverts just annoy me full stop!! What are they really selling us if they have to enhance the real results!
    Nearly as bad as those adverts that say 90% of woman agree, and in the small print they sampled like 5 people.
    Stace x

  9. I am so glad it is not just me that gets annoyed about this! Honestly I rant every time I see a mascara ad.
    Why can they not just show us what it is really like? It's no wonder we have young women walking around with false eyelashes attached everyday as if they are normal daily wear when his is what is shown to us in the product advertising! It's just wrong that they can advertise it like that when it has absolutely no relation to what the product does!
    Not only false eyelashes; false advertising in my opinion!

  10. Could not agree more!! The amount of money I have wasted on mascara over the years- jesus, it doesn't bear thinking about! MAC, L'Oreal, Maybelline....MAC Zoom Lash turned out to be one big clump of black on my eyes. One of the best I've ever had was a cheapy Boots 17 one, and these days I swear by Clinique. I have *finally* reached the point in my life where I go "no Leanne, it WON'T look like that on you..." (clothes/hairstyles/make up)


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