Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Miss Piggy overload

I'm sorry, I really am. but currently I am suffering from extreme Miss Piggy overload.

Everywhere I turn I feel like I am being followed by a puppet pig.

And I'm not being rude, but she is doing ALLLLLLLL the things that I want to do!!!

A MAC Collaboration

A film

Appearing on TV shows

Jason Segal (Biatch)


I feel like she is being forced down my throat, her and her suspiciously green on-off boyfriend Kermit. Did they have an unpaid tax bill or something? They are whoring themselves out there pretty hardcore at the moment.

(Somewhere there is a member of TOWIE pretty pissed off that they got uninvited to the opening of an envelope to make way for a puppet pig and frog)

And has anyone actually bothered to ask Peppa pig how she feels about this interloper? Her thunder has been well and truly stolen hasn't it? It's like when the crazy aunt that no-one ever talks about just appears at parties, karate chopping everyone (Pork chop? Mmmmmmmmmmm ) and then draping herself all over the hot men. (Just me then?)

I am completely over Miss Piggy now. She used to stand for something but THIS Miss Piggy is just a caricture of her former self, she has been diluted down to pure marketing.

She is just a merchandising tool now.

And even the BAFTA awards aren't safe now!!!! Miss Piggy is now going to be a red carpet HOSTESS. (God give me strength, or a couple of bits of bread I can squish her between)

Tell me it isn't just MOI (Yeah, I went there) that has had enough of Miss Piggy

Come back Peppa, all is forgiven. (well, possibly not forgiven, but at least you don't have a MAC Collaboration...........yet. Hello Kitty? I'm still not talking to her either)

Have you had enough of the walking bacon roll that goes by the name of Miss Piggy or are you still loving her little pink self?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I prefer Kermits Cousin. The one who sang Halfway Down The Stairs.
    Its not the same as when I was a kid (Pigs in Space being a personal fave), but I still want to see the new film. Then I think the pink one will bog off once more for another ten years.
    I just wish they'd bring back Fraggle Rock

    1. I loved Fraggle Rock, bet they would ruin it though:-( Red would be a diva

  2. I'm sorry but seeing Miss P on the front cover of Style Magazine at the weekend was my absolute HIGHLIGHT of having the flu. Totally perked me up for like five minutes!

    I love Miss Piggy. She is awesome. Long may she reign!


    1. You are obviously still ill.

      Go back to bed immediately :-D x x x

  3. She would be brilliant in my next production of Full Irish Breakfast! I would just need to remove all that make-up before she hits the pan! :) V

  4. hey! You leave my nickname name sake alone!

    I love her and have two of her OPI polishes, she rocks!

  5. I'm just going to come out and say that I HATE THE MUPPETS, especially Miss Piggy. I hated them as a child and continue to do so 11 years into my adult life.

    Make them go away.

    I beg of you.

  6. So funny! I just had this rant yesterday! Total overload of miss Piggy & Kermit - they were on so many shows last week it's done my head in! It's kinda ruining the Muppets for me :( *OVEREXPOSURE*

    1. That's the problem, total over exposure. That pig is everywhere but on my plate!!!!

  7. Miss Piggy is a spoiled bitch...
    She drives me crazy and treats Kermit like crap, not to mention all the other muppets, IRL noone would even talk to her anymore

    *end crazy talk*

    but for real..if I had a daughter I would hate to let her see the way the bratty pig acts.


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