Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Music to my ears

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I have them every now and then. Everything seems dark and so soul destroying that I can't bear to be around people. Usually I just lock myself away and don't talk to anyone until it passes.

I take things to heart, I get extremely emotional, tearful and basically hate everyone and everything, including myself. (Ok, mainly myself)

But where I differ from many people out there who suffer from depression is that I am lucky in the fact that it usually lifts after a day or two (or sometimes three)

For me, music is my saviour. it is basically a life jacket.

Like a teenager who has split up with her first love playing the same tunes over and over (For me that was Whitney) when I feel low I relate to the music in a way that usually I wouldn't.

Music has such a powerful effect on people, it can invoke memories, emotions, it can bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your lips.

I grew up in a house where music was always played. constantly. At the time I didn't appreciate it, I moaned about the music choices played by my dad.

To borrow a phrase, When my dad died, it was the day the music died.

The silence in my parents home was one of the hardest things to handle.

Am I rambling?
(Probably, sorry about that)

Will I delete this post

Is today going to be just as hard as yesterday
(God I hope not)

Music is powerful. it can lift you to the clouds or bring you to your knees. I can't imagine a life without music in it. From love songs to some R&B there is a place in my heart for all of it

I may prescribe myself 24 hours more with my iPod. (But not Adele at the moment. I love that ladies music but I actually want to start cheering up soon)

If you are feeling low, what songs would you play to lift your mood?

Send me your songs.

I think I need them at the moment.


Big Fashionista x x


  1. Sorry you're feeling rubbish luvvy. I've been on a weird one over the last few days myself for various reasons. Perhaps a bit of MJ circa 1980's might give you a boost? PYT from Off The Wall or Thriller (I forget which) always puts a smile on my face. Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Please please don't delete this post. It's so honest and i am sure it's contents seem familiar to many people.

    I love Build me up Buttercup, an old 60s track I think. The lyrics are not so perky but the tune is so catchy.

  3. When I feel blue, I prescribe myself an Ego Day, it's got to be a full on LOUD dance around to Copacabana, Sparkling Diamonds from Moulin Rouge, bit of Beyonce and my Diva playlist on iTunes :) When that's out my system, I play with my make up and do my hair outrageously glam :) Have a great day! Mwah!

  4. Kellie, I know how you're feeling and I hope that it does only last a day or two. Music is amazingly powerful and has the power to make or break a mood. My bad day song is actually a country song (and I'm not a country girl at all) but it's called I'm not ready to make nice by the Dixie Chicks. A very good shouty, men are rubbish song but works in most situations!
    Hope you're feeling better soon xx

  5. I've been totally laid up and to cheer myself up the following song never fails: Romeo and Juliett Dire Straits and my favourite movie Empire Records :D
    I hope you feel fabulous again soon xxx

  6. I prescribe a few listens to Yes by McAlmont and Butler, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette and The Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney. Love you.

  7. ABBA!! I'm not kidding either, I always end up dancing around to ABBA. Hard to be down when your dancing like a loon.

    *hugs lovely, feel better soon*

  8. I once cured a migraine with Meatloaf. I don't recommend this. It was my dad's CD and I was visiting him. It is as you say, something we need and really can affect our moods. And like you I grew up in a house surrounded with music, ALL music and I can understand how it might feel if that were gone xx

  9. I find making the transition from sadness to happiness can be a bit easier if I stick anger in the middle, so I go for catty songs that are mainly pissed off but also a little bit empowering; Jagged Little Pill is usually my starting point! Sorry you're feeling blue, hope it lifts ASAP xx

  10. I can't do music when I feel like that, it evokes so many memories and I find a meaning in every song that relates to how I feel or finds me more things to feel down about...hey, I must have a pretty miserable CD collection! Off to itunes to buy me some Aga Doo! - ~Toni x

  11. I totally have to recommend Reef and Place Your Hands, and of course We Might Be Giants and Birdhouse In Your Soul. I have one stipulation - play them LOUD!!!! And jump around a bit too. I could pretend its exercise and suggest its burning calories 'n' all, but the endorphins will make you feel a bit better at least!

    And whilst you are feeling low, I will be the total stranger who reminds you that you are adored by many many people who follow your blog on a regular basis - I think you're brilliant and I look forward to reading your posts! If you weren't awesome we would have stopped reading a long time ago, but we haven't. If I was there, I'd also be the total stranger who would give you a hug! Strange, I know, but the world but be all the worse without the occasional hug - even if they come from strangers!

    Charlotte x

  12. Looking Out My Backdoor - CCR because it reminds me of my dad.
    Rasputin - Boney M, the perfect cheesy pick me up song.
    Don't You Cry Tonight - Guns & Roses, just because.
    New York State of Mind - Billy Joel to escape.
    Hallelujah - Jeff Buckly because it was my wedding song and Highway to the Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins because it's so cringe-worthingly kitch I have to laugh at myself for liking it!
    I must admit I have a higher than average love of all old cheesy songs but hay, they cheer me up!

    1. Guns and roses don't you cry tonight is my funeral song :-D

  13. My fave cheer up songs are by Harry Belafonte (Jump in the Line and The Banana Boat Song) because they make me get up and shake my not inconsiderable arse. If that fails, I whack on some metal and scream my lungs out until I feel better.

    Roll on Spring, I haz the S.A.D. blues x x

  14. I am having these days alot recently!! I won't bore you with details but life is tough sometimes!! I always listen to songs that remind me of happy times, usually very random for example:

    Amerie - Take control.
    Alanis Morisette - Ironic.
    Dolly Parton - 9 til 5.

    All weird and wonderful but they make me happy!!

    Hope you cheer up soon hun.

    Much Love



  15. Hope you feel more cheery soon. I need music to function and listen to some Queen when I'm feeling super down or NKOTB (I miss my teens)


  16. Music is the balm of the soul! Like you I grew up surrounded my music - my dad is a blues man, my mum usd to work in a record store in the early 70's - their record collection was phenomenal!

    Petula Clark 'Downtown' is amazingly uplifting
    Mansun 'Wide Open Space' played loud, preferably on headphones, carries me away
    and if you just need to giggle a bit you can't go wrong with a bit of Tenacious D!
    (yes I have very *eclectic* tastes ;-) )

    Hope the darkness lifts soon xx

  17. Mary Mary "In The Morning" - I listened to this a lot when I needed a lot of uplifting. ((((hugs)))))

  18. Oddly enough when I'm down I can't listen to my indie rock chic music. It doesn't give me the enjoyment I get on normal days. So I lose out and literally suffer my sadness in silence xx

  19. Hey, I love this post too (not cos you're low, I hate that) but cos I relate. When I hit the deep blues, I fear i wallow shamelessly and listen to Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Adele, Jack Savoretti and the rest of the doom-mongers. Bit of Marianne Faithfull works too. xxxxxx

  20. Hope you feel better soon, I hate days like this :/

    I too listen to music. First I like to have a bit of a wallow with some Mariah Carey, then I go on to her more uplifting tunes. Honey is a good dancey one that I find cheery. Also like a bit of Bryan Adams to cheer me up, cos got good range from wallowy love songs to rock stuff, I especially love The only thing that looks good on me is you. Also RHCP are good for some randomness. And agree with Alanis Morrisette, Jagged lIttle pill. And dixie chicks not ready to make nice xx

    PS am GlamGemini on twitter, seeing as this will prob post anonymously xx


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