Saturday, 25 February 2012

Question of the day

"Price yourself cheap and you will be treated that way"


Big Fashionista x x


  1. oh god, this is like turning up for an exam you haven't revised for on the basis that its always a breeze and being confronted by an essay title you dont even understand. I am sure if I had to I could come up with a reply that would include words like "aspirational" and "the Stella Artois effect". Luckily I have got a note from my Mum excusing me from your class today.

  2. I am the most expensive makeup artist in North Wales. Why? Because I have nearly a decade of experience under my belt, I've worked on hundreds (if not thousands!) of faces, and am good at what I do.

    I am not cheap, and that level of experience commands a high price tag.

    I'm not new to the industry, I'm not trying to build my portfolio or gain experience, I did that years ago.

    If you want a flawless makeup application that will last all day, then you gotta pay!



  3. I chose the public sector after 10years in the Private Sector and said goodbye to a great salary, benefits, pension and bonuses. But I gave it up as I wanted to do something more than just earn money. This doesnt make me cheap but my current remuneration package is cheap. That's the expected side effect.

    1. But your own self worth is priceless... x


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