Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Take me out (back and shoot me)

On Saturday night while most people were out enjoying themselves and partying I was sat at home having a pity party in Loserville, Population ONE.

To cheer myself up I thought I would watch Take Me Out. (and drink shit loads of wine)

Now I have watched this programme since it first began. I love Paddy and his "Let the cotton, see the candy" and "Let the ding see the dong" sayings, I find the sheer superficiality of the programme has in the past been its major draw, but things have changed......................

Whereas in the past the female contestants on Take Me Out have been genuinely interested in finding a boyfriend or sometimes just fancy a jolly on the Isle Of Fernandos. This series, unfortunately most of them have a hunger about them like a shark scenting blood. Except it is fame that these women are hungry for rather than blood (Although one or two of them look as though either one would do)

There is no naivety about these girls, which is a shame. They have signed away their souls for their 15 minutes of fame. And in return they get to judge men on their looks and put themselves forward to be judged themselves. (While wearing pretty frocks, OBVIOUSLY)

Whether it is who can say the most stupid thing (Tough category) giggle the loudest (again, tough category)  or dress the most outrageously (You can sort of see where I'm going to go with this one can't you?) the girls this series look as though they would eat each others eyes if it would get them noticed and a bit part on TOWIE. I cringed all through the episode Saturday and at the same time was really sad for the loss of the programmes innocence and fun.

Speaking of TOWIE, (Seamless link there, I should be presenting T4, or Songs or Praise maybe) Is anyone else bored now? It is yet another example of people being willing to sell their souls for their fifteen minutes of fame (Andy Warhol is claiming his royalties as we speak) Like Take Me Out these people are dead behind the eyes, (You know, where their brains should be) and are being lead around by the nose by producers who weren't content with their formula and had to tinker and meddle until you end up with more script than an episode of Coronation Street.

I like my reality TV to be........ um, real.

So for me and both of these programmes it is the end of the road.

Sorry Paddy, My light is out.

Me no likey what your ladies have become.

What do you think?

Is your light still on for Take Me Out?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. All I can think, when I see those girls (they are too bloody immature to be called women) is "desperate much?" Or maybe it should be "Desperah Mhahch"

  2. I think that some of them are hanging by a thread.. desperate... haha you got that in one! ;)

  3. Totally over both TOWIE and Take Me Out. The shows have become charicatures of themselves, and that is generally when I switch off.

  4. Over both of them. Especially TOWIE! From a business point of view it's been more trouble than it's worth!

  5. The only good thing about TOWIE is the things Joey E comes out with, I just fast forward to the bits he is on. Take me out used to funny, now it's not. Cut it from the Saturday night listings please ITV! (oh it will be soon to make way for Xfactor/Britain's got talent/other reality show)
    Stace x

  6. I do love Take Me Out but you're right about the girls. Most of them make me cringe this series, especially that mad blonde with the teeth and a laugh like a donkey with emphysema. Every time Paddy goes to talk to her, 100 of my brain cells commit suicide. Bring back Cilla and Blind Date, just don't let her sing anything! xoxo

  7. I used to really like TOWIE when it very first started but it's so boring to me now. The only person I really like from it is Gemma - I think she's hilarious.


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