Tuesday, 21 February 2012

With the breast of intentions

So I always promised that I would never sneer at someones style,

Individual choice and all that blah blah.

What I didn't expect was that some no-mark soap "actress" would then pick up the challenge and basically DARE me to pass judgement upon her..............................

(She looks like she is smuggling two Matt Lucas's out of a nightclub)

Now personally I am also quite gifted in the chesticle department. Do I feel the need to get them out in quite such a dramatic manner?

(erm, it has been known. My bad)

Would I fully expect one of my friends to throw a cardigan at me, call me a ho bag and tell me cover myself up a bit?

I would expect nothing less!!!!

In fact I hire friends just to ACTUALLY cover me up sometimes.

(sidenote, old pic, pre weight loss)

Low cut top? Check.

Two friends with big hands? Check.

Oh look, A strapless dress, A shrug over my shoulders.
(Staying classy Helen, it is easily done)
(erm, in outfit only I'm afraid, that was a fun night I must admit)

Was there NO-ONE out with Helen that night to give her a swift slap and tell her that yes, hun, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH tit?

Or am I just getting old when I looked at the picture and thought,

"Jesus, that poor cow is going to catch her death"

(Don't answer that)

So what do you think?

Am I perfectly within my rights to be directly insulted that there are people out there who are making it their lifes work to try and make me lose it and judge them and what they wear?

Should we be told that Matt Lucas has a twin?

And where on earth am I going to fit in the words "with the breast of intentions"

Please, let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I saw this last night, on one of the photos you could actually see nipple!

    I'm all for showing some boob but this takes the piss! x

  2. Forget TMI.. TMT (too much tit) is the new buzz word!

    Good lord. Even if I had boobs like hers (and I WISH I did, oh how I wish I did) I would never, EVER get caught going out in my undies. Fecksakes, she should have put a decent dress on over that. Friends like that etc...

  3. If I looked like that, I'd be showing them off too! OK, maybe I wouldn't but I don't get why she's being slated (elsewhere on the web)

  4. i think the only thing wrong with this is her top is too little. if it fit her properly & they were still pushed up like that, she'd look fine.

  5. She probably wants to show them off because she's paid for them *meow* Poser-ish (I know that isn't a word) and unclassy (neither is that I don't think!) ...especially when we know how blimmin' cold its been in the UK! GET SOME CLOTHES ON HELEN! xx


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Having your boobs on show is up to you - but wearing somthing clearly miles to small for you is not a good look lol!! If the top/dress fit her properly I think the correct amount of breastage would be on show. Aside the boobies I think her makeup and hair looks gorgeous!!




  8. omg that picture is awful! The Helen one that is - yours is awesome xx

  9. *Giggles* Oh dear . . . Keep your ta-tas strapped in.

  10. She wants to be careful someone doesn't come and park a bike in there.
    No, not a fan of mass chesticle exposure. Its OK occasionally but she's always got 'em out, that's just TMI and not to mention smacks of desperation now she's an ex- soap actress

  11. That actress lives by me. She wears stuff like that to tesco. x

  12. She lives her tiff? I've never seen her... I'd laugh if I saw her in tescos like that.

    I am a prude and IMO she needs to put em away

  13. Defintely needs to cover up a bit or wear something that fits her properly. I'm all for women wearing what they are happy in, but there's a limit!


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