Thursday, 22 March 2012

Are The Mayans right?

Up until yesterday I have never given much thought to the Mayans belief that the world will come to an end with a mighty bang at the end of 2012.

Instead I liked to believe the interpretation that the world as we know it now will end.

Like a symbolic "When one door closes" sort of thing.

But yesterday I saw the beginning of the end.

A sign so horrible that it made me want to get down on my knees and pray for forgiveness (Yeah, that might take a while)

S Club 7 are rumoured to be reforming
(If that isn't a sign of an impending apocalypse then I don't know what is!)

What do the Mayans need to do to make it any clearer!!!! It isn't like we didn't have warning signs.

(Whispers....................... STEPS!!!!!!!!)

NEED I SAY MORE!!! It's like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse plus a bonus horseman. They were sent straight from the bowels of pop hell to soften us up for nostalgia.

Yes they had tunes that you couldn't stop humming, Tragedy? A DAMN tragedy that my memories of Steps couldn't remain just that!!!!!

And then, just as I am reconciling myself to brain worms wriggling around humming Tragedyyyyyy (I'm sure they had more songs, it's just this one is stuck and can't get out) in a flash of light, they were gone again.

Erm........ Tragedy?

Did I sigh and think that we had all had a lucky escape? Like a meteorite that was on a collision course with earth with no chance of avoiding it and then at the eleventh hour America swooped in and saved the day (Yeah Steps WISHED America had shown an interest)

Yes I did.

But NO. that was just the warm-up act for the actual destruction of earth and music as we know it.

S Club 7 tour anyone?

From this there is no escape is there? There will be no Bruce Willis ready to sacrifice himself for his daughter and us (Liv Tyler I have not forgotten you, don't worry darling, you are still in my bad books. Pantene my ARSE)

No-one can stop this juggernaut that is going to rain down upon us, bring hellfire and probably a number one album.

The Mayans were right. It is the apocalypse,

I'm just sad that I have to wait until December for the world to actually end.

Because until then I know I am going to be humming Reach For The Stars.......

And I can't take that level of suffering for long.

Can you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

And what if things get worse!

What if these are just the beginning of the end?

What if S Club 7 aren't the worst of what is to come.

I hear East 17 are watching with interest!!!!! (again)
I'm thinking now would be a great time for a mass suicide pact. Who's in?

What band reuniting would be a sign of the Apocalypse for you?

Blazing Squad?


Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. They didn't account for leap years as they didn't come about till years after. We would be a fair way through 2013 currently if we didn't have them. So by rights, the world should have ended a year and a half ago!

  2. Love this , the Liv reference had me spitting my tea out, still a classic!!
    I think my apocalypse band would be Westlife, there's no getting rid of those buggers, like cockroaches!

  3. Uh-oh...I actually loved SClub7! I was a member of their fan club and everything! I even went to the premier of their film in Leicester Square! But to be fair I was 11 at the time :)

  4. East 17 ARE coming back, apparently they signed a four record album deal thingy! I'm worried that 5ive may come back or A1 or scootch (remember them? Is it just me??) maybe Adam Rickett may do a come back? Gareth Gates? The list is endless!

  5. I now have Reach For the Stars stuck in my head. This is a bad bad bad bad thing, BAD!

    It must be the end of the world, WHY do bands do this? Just why? Why split then reform years and years later, do they do it to annoy me?

    I try and miss the manufactured bands as much as I can, but as the radio is normally on at work I do tend to hear them a lot, sad times.

    I reckon the worst bands to do a big comeback would be an amalgamation of East17, Steps and the Spice Girls. Imagine them as one band. On second thoughts don't, I have just terrified myself.

    I now need to go away and cry to myself in a darkened room whilst singing Reach For the Stars...

  6. This genuinely is the best blog post I've had the pleasure to read in a long time!!

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate some anonymous love. Makes a nice change x x x

  7. Right, this is straying away from the point a bit and possibly outs me as a weirdo but I really wish 5ive would reform (see, I did the proper name with the number at the start and everything...I'm a real fan!), they were my favourite band and I still enjoy the odd 5ive song occassionally.

    1. Everybody get down.............

      Jumps up and down excitedly and digs out album

  8. The world should already be over by now... obliterated into apocalypse, two words: Justin Beiber.

    We survived that... s club smesh club!



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