Monday, 12 March 2012

Dear Madonna,

Dear Madge, (It kind of suits her now she's older, don't you think?)

We need a little woman to woman chat. Seriously we do.

Honey clear a space in your trophy cabinet because I want to present you with the award for "Celebrity who makes me want to repeatedly bang my head into a concrete wall until the stupid things you say leave my brain forever"

(Trust me, it is a strongly contested category lately)

This award also has a sub-category

"Oh my heart fricking bleeds for you love"

and you guessed it, you swept the board.

No speeches allowed........ if I let you stand in front of a crowd, I can't see it being pretty.

So what has Madonna done to trigger such scorn? (although this is quite restrained for me, give me a minute, I'm just getting warmed up)

Read on.

"I'm not gonna lie, it's hard work having four kids and doing all the work I do"

"It's all about the life of a single mother (her new album track) It's a challenge juggling everything-multi-tasking is my middle name. I try to express that. Sometimes I cope with it very well. sometimes It is a struggle


You went there?

Multi-millionaire, employer of god knows how many staff and nannies, globe trotting Madonna went THERE?!?!?!?!

Oh Madge, what were you thinking?

Being a single parent of four children is a STRUGGLE when you can't pay the rent. When you wake up five times in the night to comfort a crying or vomiting child and then have to do the same thing all day without any support or so much as a hug. It is a struggle when you go without so that your children don't.

Please, don't even try to be down wiv da mummies by trying to identify with single parents Madge.

Like vomit stained sheets, that SO ain't gonna wash.

In fact, go sit in the corner with Angelina Jolie, I can't stand her whinging on about her hard life either.  (How many nannies per child Ang? How many?)

Madonna, you might have sung Papa Don't Preach,

I'm suggesting that Mama Don't Preach what she doesn't really know.

What do you think?

Should we feel sorry for Madonna?

Should she not have purchased so many children if she couldn't manage them?

Or does she have every right to feel as under pressure as the next single parent?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. One of my favourite posts from you! I adore Madonna's earlier songs from my childhood and teens, but what a monster she has turned into. She's just so divorced from reality isn't she? Clueless as to what the rest of the world lives like. Can't stand the woman.

  2. I hate her, with an absolute passion.

  3. I totally and utterly agree with you and with Twelve52 above. When I was a youngster, I'm alot older than you lol, I loved Madonna, I thought she was brilliant. Now though, I cannot stand the woman. She is so removed from reality its not true. So, no, she is not in touch with single mothers anywhere or in any shape or form. In fact I'd to so far as to say she's not in touch with mothers full stop. Love this post, as always you have totally hit the nail on the head. Pity its not on Madonnas.

  4. I don't like her. I don't like what she has become. I don't usually like profanity, but I have just 4 small words for her:

    "oh, Fuck off, Madge"

  5. I love this post!! I have two children aged 5 and 20 months! I am not a single mum, but I do struggle sometimes all the same, not with my children though it's the money! As you said making sure you have money for rent, clothes, food, nappies etc. Madonna would never have to worry about such things! If I had an endless amount of money (pretty much like madonna herself). Raising children would be so much easier and less stressful!

  6. OMFG.

    Love from,

    Knackered Single Parent

    (Self Employed therefore works stupidly long hours for cock all money, no holidays or sick pay, royally pissed off that one of my musical heroes is so far removed from reality that I want to slap her).

    That is all.

  7. She really thinks that her life is a struggle?

    OMG give me a fucking break!! She don't know the meaning of the word....perhaps she should take a couple of them ball and chains back and get a refund then.....

  8. People like her make me sick, totally and utterly sick. She has NO idea what it's like to be awake for 48 hours whilst 2 children are taking it in turns to be ill. When has she ever broken down in tears because she couldn't afford to get her child a birthday pressie, so sat up all night making a rag doll (btw my daughter still has it after 20 years, she refuses to part with it).
    I wasn't a single parent by choice, my partner died. So I would love to see any of these supposedly super celeb mumma's cope with grief, bringing up children and trying to juggle everything, whilst filling in form after form just to be able to put something on the table to eat.

    My blood just boils when they do the "my life is soooo hard" at the same time handing a child to it's nanny.

    Message to Madge, get a fucking grip woman and deal with it, everyone else has to.

  9. This has just made my day! The most humorous post I have seen in a while! I totally agree with you how they have a right to complain when they earn millions just for an interview its disgusting to even go there. She should swap lifes with a single mum of 4 and see what its really like.

    Thanks again for completely making my day xx

  10. these celebs are on another planet! How she has the audacity to complain I don't know and if she struggles she has the choice to give up work at any stage...not very feminist of me I know but at least she has that option. It's not like she needs the money anymore.
    I wonder if she finds it hard because they are at an age now where they can answer back? - i bet Lourdes tells her to 'fuck off' all the time! haha

  11. Her complaint is a slap in the face to all people who truly struggle. She needs to wake up and smell the (expensive imported) coffee..

  12. She lives in an alternate universe! So far removed from real life.

  13. Haha this made me chuckle! :) I can't imagine MAdonna would last a day without her entourage of nannies and health care professionals!

  14. Not too many single mothers get the opportunity to do four hours of yoga a day in the house they bought next door to equip for that purpose. Yeah, life is often hard. She may very well feel her life is hard too but it doesn't buy her a lot of sympathy votes! Not well played, Madge. Misread your audience, methinks.

  15. God she irks me no end. Im a single mother and reading comments like this literally makes me want to physically attack the dried up old geebag. Just piss off - immediately.

    And I hate her music too - wouldnt look out the window if she was singing in the garden

  16. You are not fit to even breathe the same air as the legend that is Madonna.
    Just die you filthy whore

  17. Firstly, Anonymous, if you don't have the balls to even put your name to a comment then you don't deserve to breathe let alone breathe the same air as Kellie. She's a REAL legend, she works hard and has a sense of humour.

    But let's take te attention away from the idiot troll, shall we?

    Madonna was once fun and flirty. She's now a try hard has been. Woman, close your legs, you're in your fifties, it isn't smart and it certainly isn't pretty. *shudders*

    As for her comments regarding being a single mum who has to juggle all her work yadda yadda yadda... You have how many nannies? And if you were so worried about spending time with your kids then you wouldn't work so much. You have more money than God and yet you've got a perfume, shoe collection, album, film... So you dare whinge about working and being a mother? If you were working a 70hr week on the minimum wage in order to feed your kids, you'd have something to complain about. In the meantime, take some of those dollars you're so worried about and stick them in your gob so the rest of us don't have to listen to you whine!

  18. Madonna is the queen

  19. Madonna is the Queen of Whining, more like.

  20. Oh good grief! What have you started Kellie? I grew up idolising Madonna. I studied dance and singing and the inspirational story of a young girl heading to New York with 5 dollars in her pocket and making it big gave me hope that I too could one day make it. Unfortunately her career, like mine, is well and truly over and she needs to sit back and let the younger and more current atists have their 15 minutes. She seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with so many women ruling the charts at the minute. As for her ridiculous comments about motherhood...pffft! Are you frickin kidding me? I'm not a mother but I saw how hard my mother struggled and I have friends who go without dinner just to make sure their kids are fed and clothed and happy. THAT's struggling you washed up old slapper!

    Cue the "anonymous" troll telling me to fuck if it bothers anyone!

  21. I've never liked Madonna, she is so far up her own arse she doesn't know if she's coming or going! She chose to be a mum and she chose the life of 'stardom', my heart bleeds for the woman who has it all!


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