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Glossybox Harrods box

Recently social media beings and beauty box fans have been holding their collective breathe waiting for the arrival of the Harrods Glossybox.

Finally the wait for one excited blogger was over. (That would be me)

(Apologies Mr Postman, I promise, once those fingers heal up they will be as good as new)

Glossybox have been heralding the arrival of this box for quite a while now. It started with the mystery letters released daily that finally spelt the word KNIGHTSBRIDGE and soon followed with promises of "Luxury Cosmetics" and "Limited Editions"

People who had previously cancelled quickly signed back up to be able to receive the Harrods box and there were whispers everywhere about what was going to be in these special collaborative boxes.

Of course people expected great things from a Harrods collaboration. Who wouldn't?

Want to see my box?

Are you sure?

I was slightly disappointed that the box wasn't in the signature green and gold. But in the great scheme of things? Oh well. (Greater disappointment was soon to follow)

When you think Harrods, you instantly think luxury, high-end, rich and being spoilt by a fabulous shopping experience.

I didn't expect to lift the lid and my eyes be assaulted by cardboard samples.

This box isn't doesn't even whisper luxury to me at first glance.

It feels more like a collaboration with Debenhams or Boots than Harrods.

Here are the individual eye-offending cardboard based samples.

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara 2ml sample

When I think Lancome, I really don't think Harrods. This to me isn't high-end luxury make-up. This is Boots the chemist make-up and I feel slightly insulted that this was the luxury make-up piece that I received, when other boxes contain Burberry lipsticks

Valentina by Valentino perfume sample

It's nice, don't get me wrong. I like the perfume. but once again it is a product that is readily available and not exactly Harrods Finest,

Shu Uemera Cleansing Oil 4ml sachet.  A SACHET? A bloody sachet in a Harrods Box? If I was in charge of putting together a box which showcased the best or most interesting parts of Harrods Beauty hall there would not be a single part of me that would think a sachet of oil would make a great addition to the box.

So in my box of 6 products, 3 so far seem almost as if they could come free with a magazine.

The other three have to be better right?



Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream 30ml

Clarins? Correct me if I am wrong but I seem to remember Clarins in a box not so long ago. Duplicating a brand from a previous month just doesn't make it special or Harrods-like to me. But if you ARE going to add Clarins, why not just make sure it gets sent to people who didn't get Clarins last time?

This is a product I have never heard of before, it is a Harrods exclusive SKII-Skin Signature anti-ageing moisturiser. 15ml

I am very interested in trying this out, but it is sad times when the jewel in the crown of a hyped-to-hell box is an anti-ageing moisturiser isn't it?

Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower Gel 50ml

It's not bad, it's just meh. its yet another showel gel, I'm not disgusted by it. I'm just not inspired either, I will probably just stick it in the cupboard until I run out of shower gel or keep it in my travel bag until I go away. I just don't feel the urge to rush to my shower and smother it allllllllllll over my body at all.

So overall the box isn't a BAD box. If I had recieved this box as a general March box then I am sure I would have been ok with it.

But once again Glossybox have just made more trouble for themselves than needs be by hyping the hell out of a box, leading to crushing disappointment for all concerned.

My box is NOT what I feel Harrods is all about. it doesn't bring to me a taste of what Harrods have to offer at all.

It is mediocre at best, there is also not ONE full size product this month, 3 of the items are not even worth the cardboard they are wrapped in. (Did I mention this has irked me slightly) and something else that has concerned me greatly is that every other box we have received has listed the price per full size product. and it is missing off the information this month, why is that?

I know that there are different versions of the Harrods box, I hear that there are Juicy Tubes, Mini Burberry Lipsticks, Ojon and YSL floating around in other peoples boxes. These brands I do feel give a greater representation of what I feel Harrods is about and maybe in the past I have been lucky whereas other people have had a lesser box but perhaps Glossybox need to think about just having the ONE standard box for everyone so that some people don't feel like other people got better products.

It would certainly result in less bad feedback for Glossybox.

So overall I was crushingly disappointed by this months Harrods box.

How about you?

Are you a subscriber?

How do you feel about this months box.

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x

One thing I must add is that Harrods actually responded to my tweet about my disappointment and were very keen to hear my opinion about what I had liked and disliked about the box. That level of fantastic social media awareness is completely unbeatable and went some way to making me feel like someone was listening to my complaint and my feedback was taken on board.


  1. The only product in the box that says Harrods to me is the SK II everything else I can get from boots or John Lewis.

    Putting a bit of ribbon on the box doesn't make it a Harrods box, of all the boxes I've seen not one has impressed me.

    1. I am interested in trying the moisturiser. The thing I love about Glossybox is finding new brands to try and this is something new to me. But there isn't a product in THIS box that is a stand out product. It isn't a BAD box. Just not a good representation to me of Harrods

  2. I'm expecting my box today, and with all the hype, and the even that they had to promote this box I was expecting more high end products, but as posts pop up from people who got boxes at the event, seeing their products I was getting more and more disappointed, most things as you mentioned can be bought at Boots or other retailers. I was going to cancel last month because I got some lotion that I had already got in another box, but thought I'd hold on and see what the mystery box was.

    1. I hope you get a good one. There are good boxes out there. Just seems that perhaps this one wasn't one of them x x

      Let me know what you get

    2. Well I finally got my box, (it had a nice 2 night all-inclusive stay at the local delivery office), and i am surprisingly quite happy what my box contained. I got a Fendi fragrance sample, the clarions body lotion, Ojon Restorative Serum, a Burberry Lipstick (don't hate), and a set of Erno Laszlo cream sachets. I'd still say of my box is not what I think of when I think Harrods, but happy.

  3. I am glad I didn't resubscribe - after the shambles of last months box I finally gave up on them. They focus too much on the hype rather than the contents. Perhaps if they spent less on indulging the 'ambassadors' to fancy pants events, flowers, and free boxes - then maybe they could provide all their paying subscribers a decent, well rounded box with no variations!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more. I was expecting something crazy, like one of this macaroons in. I believe that the Burberry lipstick should have been in all the boxes. SK II might be expensive but not everyone is that crazy about skin care, I mean most of us have that sorted out. A lipstick like that is a treat and I bet everyone would have been pleased. x

  6. You know, I was really happy with my box of goodies, I thought it was a good representation of harrods to me. Maybe not the Clarins, but I'm not into body stuff anyway.
    TBH, I can see why you were disappointed, just too may tiny samples! :(

    1. Definitely. Perhaps the cardboard samples could've been distributed better between the different boxes. This box definitely feels like the booby box

  7. My box was exactly the same as yours. I was so excited when it arrived but the throw away freebie fragrance samples can be picked up en route through any beauty dept and as for the Molton Brown, well that's hotel fodder.
    We are clearly not worthy of a Burberry lippy:(

  8. I have to admit my box arrived shortly after reading your tweet about how disappointed you were with yours, so my expectation was lowered. However, apart from the Clarins body cream we got completely different products. Mine had a collection of sachets (five) of the Erno Laszlo Hollywood Collection. Not a brand I've heard of but I don't mind the sachets. If they come in a sachet I know that they aren't something I would go out and buy, I'm not one to spend huge amounts on creams. The Fendi perfume box was a little misleading as the sample inside was half the size of the box, but I did like my lippy and the Ojon hair serum.
    I think you're tweet saved me from disappointment if the truth be told.

    1. I definitely feel your brands are a better representation of Harrods. Fendi, Burberry Ojon.

      It's not Lancôme and Clarins is it? That's Boots ;-)

  9. Your tweet, not you're. Bloody auto correct!

  10. That's such a shame, I can see why you'd be disappointed with your box, they should have maybe limited the cardboard samples to one or two per box. I signed up for the first time in order to receive the march box which I was really happy with (I did a post on it) but I think I'll see what I get in my box next month to judge whether it's worth the subscription as it does seem all over the place!

    1. Don't get me wrong. I Love Glossybox. I think the boxes are usually fun and an interesting way to find new brands.

      But this box was hyped so much, leadin to disappointment.
      They should do one box for everyone in my opinion

  11. This makes me glad I've never signed up. It doesn't sound like the contents are worth the hype or monthly charge.

  12. Interestingly, we had better things in ours! Only one thing of cardboard samples, snazzy Fendi perfume in an actual bottle, and something else that was good but I can't remember it now...

    I think what is slightly more at fault is the fact that they just seem to chuck things into the box, and don't make it very fair. It sucks to pay a tenner for cardboard samples, when others are getting better boxes.

    Fail, Glossybox. Fail.


    1. It definitely was the overwhelming number of cardboard samples that let this box down. I'm sure Harrods do NOT do cardboard ;-)

      If it would have been a normal box it wouldn't have been too bad. But this is a Harrods box. I wanted Luxury not Lancôme

  13. I can see why you are hacked off at your GB Kellie I certainly would be too! My box was slightly better, I got Burberry lippy, Ojon, Clarins, Fendi perfume sample and the 5 sachet sample set. I do like what I got but the thing that bothers me is the ambassadors, we pay the same price we should all be treated the same in my eyes! I'm going to keep getting Glossybox for now but I have to say I'm not terribly convinced its worth the money!

  14. I was pretty pleased with my box. I got;
    Fan De Fendi - EDT little bottle
    Ojon Hair Serum -25ml .good size for serum
    Mini Burberry lipstick
    Erno Lazlo sachets
    Clarins Body Cream

    Although I was pleased with the contents, it didnt scream Harrods - like you I was expecting the luxury brands that I never normally get to try.

    I'm keeping my subscription for now...we'll see how it goes.


  15. I have just posted a blog about my box (hellogorgeousx.co.uk) which I was really pleased with! Everything I received I will actually use, and some items I was actually debating purchasing before getting the box!

    After reading so many negative posts prior to getting my box I wasnt very excited about it, which I think helps sometimes as had I been drawn in to all the hype that Glossybox created I may have been slightly disheartened (I mainly signed up again to get the Burberry lipstick!)

    I would, however, be dissapointed with the box you received - especially all those miniscule samples that you would get for free if you asked at the counter!

    I fully agree that all boxes should be standardised, it only leads to bad feelings and bad feedback having various versions sent out.

  16. You can review of my box on my blog. I can only say that I 100% know what you're talking about. This month - you had huge disappointment - I know how it feels because for the past couple of months I had mine. I was mega frustrated to get stupid and less worthy stuff, especially when I saw that all of the sponsored bloggers were getting better! Believe me. I know that others get the better stuff too (like I did this month), but the root of the problem is that there is too big variation between the boxes. They can either send the same stuff to everyone or they can create a profile on their website to what customers are likely to favour.

    I also love the idea of the box, I like what a surprise it is. I really thought about unsubscribing, but decided to stay a little longer to see what happens. I get your feeling - if I'd got what you did, I'd hoenstly cry. :(



  17. P.S. I am also furious at GlossyBox that they didn't provide any full-sized product this time. It goes against their own policy!

    1. Yes. Not one full size product. I wonder if there were ANY across the various boxes

    2. So far I haven't seen one. And I was also surprised that they didn't give prices in the leaflet. Maybe to hide the lack of full-size product? I know - conspiracy theory out of beauty box, but I pay for it with hard earned money and have a right to an explanation... ;)

  18. Seems I was one of the lucky ones, I got the lippie, ysl serum, a perfume sample of a scent I loved, clarins moisturiser and a shower gel thats ok. If I got what some other people got I'd be annoyed. The box was ok for me but not "special" as I would have expected from Harrods. Glossybox should stick to one box and give everyone the same.

  19. I honestly do think that glossybox set themselves up for negative feedback! They ask for people to fill in online survey about info about what they like/dislike and then by the looks of things they don't even use them. They should either make boxes which suit individuals needs or stick to 1 standard box for all so people don't end up feeling like they have items which don't compare to other peoples.
    Also another thing that has to be mentioned is the ambassador scheme/launch party which i am sure many people saw the images of. Now i know that it isn't the ambasaddors/bloggers faults and i personally love reading their blogs but if glossybox are willing to release images of such nights and better looking glossyboxes and gifts that the ambassadors recieve (remember the roses they were sent for valentines?) then they are setting themselves up for a backlash as people are no doubt going to see such pictures and expect similar products to what they receive?
    Love the blog, really interesting blog post!
    Kristina (be-you-tifulbeautyblog) xx

  20. Couldn't agree more with your post. I love glossybox. And I will keep my subscription like someone has previously said, to see what happens.

    They hyped it too much! Xx

  21. I'm so glad I cancelled my subscription last month after seeing this! They hooked everyone in their first month with their Nars Orgasm highlighter, and since then it's been all down hill.

    I think everyone is better off saving their £12.95 per month and putting it towards something you actually need/want.

  22. I was so disappointed with my box. I have recently turned 21 so was a bit of a kick in the teeth to receive a box aimed at a 50 YEAR OLD! 3 anti-wrinkle products, and as for luxury...I think not! I cancelled as soon as I got it! And sent Glossybox a stinking email.

    I found out you can return your glossybox if you aren't happy! So off to the post office for me!


  23. Got the same box as you and others above, and my feelings are the same. I opened it, saw the shiny white box and thought 'hmm...looks kinda cheap. But still! Harrods!' On opening, I read the card first - which I don't usually do - and got quite excited. I picture the Shu Uemura being in a little bottle, and the perfume being a decentish size. Not an unfounded hope, companies often make decent sized promotional samples.

    When I tore back the tissue, my disappointment was huge. It sounds ungrateful, but I don't care. I, too, thought 'Debenhams or Boots'. All the cardboard looked atrocious and the sizes were tiny. A sachet? A sachet is pretty much always going to be one use only for me, as I don't like leaving them open.

    I genuinely liked the perfume, although lots of others didn't, but I know for a fact I could get that size sample if I was nice enough to girls in perfumery departments. I gave the mascara to my mum as I don't really need it. Clarins? Meh. Molton Brown? Big meh.

    Those are my personal preferences, but I have big questions as to the contents of these boxes. I used to work in the cosmetics industry, and Molton Brown was one of the companies that caused the most allergic reactions in users due to the heavy and unusual scents. Clarins too can irritate some skins, and I'm sure the anti-aging would do the same. I've got the hardened skin of a beauty junkie, but what about those with sensitive skin?

    Ultimately, I have issues with the box, but MAJOR complaints with GB, their poor customer service, their over-hyping, and their willingness to give bloggers the best boxes.

    Aaaand breathe.

  24. Personally I like what was in my box (Bliss Body Butter, Versace Vanitas, Revive Creme, Clarins body cream, Lancome juicy tube.
    But they bigged it up WAY too much. It absolutely does not shout Harrods to me - I can buy most of that if I pop into Solihull for the day!

  25. Even after the payment debacle I had with the February box, when they mentioned Harrods I was so ready to re subscribe... And now I'm so glad I haven't. Yes it might have a harrods ribbon on and it might say 'Harrods' on the box but I totally agree with you when you say that the contents actually suggest that the collaboration is with someone like Boots.
    Seriously Glossybox you have been doing this long enough now to start getting things right! Even I could have done a better job at picking the products for this box; it's all about discovering 'new' brands yet Clarins was in a box not so long ago. Why haven't you included some Harrods exclusive products, like a sample of Victor and Rolf spicebomb? No matter how big, small, card boarded or uncardboarded ... I would have LOVED to have received that.

    I know some people defend glossybox to the hilt, but surely they must see why people are getting pissed off with it, enough of the bumlicking people, just accept that Glossybox STILL haven't got it right, yet boxes like carmine who are newer are getting it consistently right!!

    Not that glossybox give a monkeys about what I write because all they seem to be interested in is retweeting the good stuff and replying to the bad stuff with 'please contact us on blah blah... Thanks' ... The thanks bit REALLY gets on my wick, they might as well say 'look piss off and take your complaint to email which will never ever be replied to because we.dont.care.'

    Sorry for ranting on your blog Kellie, but I feel much better now!


  26. To be honest the whole beauty box leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. I subscribed to the feel unique one and was disappointed so I cancelled. The whole concept just screams money making scheme.. I mean come on..£10 a month for the privilege to get perfume samples that I could get in Boots etc for FREE?

  27. I cancelled last month. Quite glad I did to be honest.

  28. I was a subscriber, a subscriber who had been questioning her subscription for a while, but held on for the promise of each of the recent 'special' boxes (xmas, valentines...). However, as soon as I got this stupidly over-hyped box, I cancelled.
    I got exactly the same content as you and feel exactly the same about it - nothing even remotely exciting. How a Burberry lippy and a Lancome mascara compare I will never know!
    Too much time hyping things up with fancy launch parties at Laduree and not enough effort on the box :(

  29. My daughter signed up for GB and then told me about the Harrods box this month so I subscribed too. We both thought it would be nice to get a box of 'treats' each month and were excited about the Harrods box and the items it was suggested you might receive. My daughter is a student so money is scarce but she loves high end products so thought this would be a great way to try some. When it came thought the box looked great, opened the lid undid the Harrods ribbon and......huge disappointment. Felt like I had done a trip around the beauty department in Debenhams and picked up some free samples! My daughter voiced her displeasure to GB but just got a very standard automated response...so as first time subcribers we are not impressed with their customer service. I would have expected at least one full size product - actually think that the box is the most useful thing I received....the contents leave much to be desired. Will keep my subscription for next month and see whether this month was just a case of total over hype...but GB will need to do better to keep me as a customer

  30. I actually picked my box up today from the sorting ofice and raced home to open it to find exactly what you got in you're box - MASSIVE dissapointmnet.

    I was expecting a Burberry lipstick especially with all the hype going round. Its made me reconsider my subscription a little :(

    I dont think the Shu Uemura cleaning oil counts as a product as, like you said, you pick samples like this up in a magazine or store.

    Also the Clarins Body cream - same old stuff as normal!! If GB are guna hype a box up and label it 'Harrods Edition' then make it equal for everyone!!! Thumbs down GlossyBox!! xx

  31. I got the same box as you, and I emailed glossybox to tell them how disappointed I was that 3 out of the 6 products I could pick up for free in debenhams. I got an automated response. I'm glad they made you feel valued with an actual reply. I feel really put out and almost robbed.

  32. The person talking about her daughter up there ^^ Thats my mum. Haha!

  33. I'm surprised at Harrods letting this go out with their name attached to it! Those cardboard samples are handed out to shoppers in many department stores! I have to be honest, I have never bought into the beauty box thing and I never will. I like to try new stuff, don't get me wrong, but I don't like the element of surprise with these boxes!
    Great post, as always.
    Stace x

  34. I apparently got one of the better boxes- Ojon serum, Burberry lippie etc. but I was still disappointed. I will likely never use any of this stuff as it doesn't suit my skin/hair type. With all the anti-aging samples, my mam is getting more value out of Glossy Box than I am, though I'm the one paying for it. I'm tired of the hype-disappointment cycle every month. I'm canceling Glossy Box and putting the money towards something I'll actually use. Carmine constantly provides products that I can use, so I'll be striking with them.

    Thanks for the frank, honest post! x


    My apologies. I forgot to add on this post that this was a PR sample.

    This has led to a Glossybox ambassador publicly say that I have been misleading my readers and call into question my integrity.

    I'm thinking I have tomorrows blog post covered ;-)

    1. LOL! So I guess from now on they will 100% stick to their rule of sending the best stuff to the sponsored blogs.

      Waiting impatiently for tomorrow's post! X

    2. That makes me even more pleased you've been honest! Much better that than the blogger-ambassadors who purposefully DON'T write about the bad boxes. Argh, so much drama surrounding GB.

  36. I got the Burberry lippie, the Fendi sample, the skincare samples, the hair serum and the cruddy Clarins (again). Whilst it seems as though I probably did a lot better than other ladies, I think I'm going to call it quits. This is my third box and I don't believe I'll ever be impressed.

  37. Wow, I had wondered what was going on today and after reading this, I understand and eagerly await tomorrow's post!

  38. I totally agree...This was my first glossybox and Im already thinking about cancelling it. I showed my mum and sister and they both said arent they free samples you get from the counter anyway :/ I go to harrods all the time so I was rather disappointed in the box.


  39. Glossybox drive me mad and i've never even been subscribed or received any!
    First of all, Lily, moans on twitter all the time about customers and recently said she's not a 'complaints manager'. Many companies don't have a complaints department, they have a customer services dept which will deal with a varying amount of things. Also she made a tweet saying when you tweet a company bare in mind there will be a lovely girl reading them. Sorry, lovely? lovely girls don't complain about people who have PAID MONEY and been let down.

    Are GB so deluded that they take it personally when people are unhappy? It's stupid, I'm sure they would be more than happy to complain about a 'bigger' company but get defensive when people complain about theirs.

    I remember visiting their facebook page once and they ignored all the critical comments, only responding to positive ones. I'm with you as well, the 'thanks' is a kick in the teeth. What a joke. They obviously copy and paste their responses and i doubt they 'pass it on to the relevant department'. Sounds harsh but i hope they go under, can't stand people who act like that and ignore people then declare they are lovely.

  40. I got exactly the same box as yours, and felt the same disappointment :( I think the item of contention for alot of people (myself included) was the Burberry lipstick....that's an item that should have been included in everyones box....a much better product than a Mascara (I hardly even wear mascara that much), and some crappy samples that can be picked up for free and are only a one use item. The only thing that somewhat saved it for me this month is the SKII cream, so I'm going to give them one more go next month, they need to impress BIG time or I am cancelling for sure and sticking with Carmine who seem to have got it spot on regards products AND customer service. I wrote an email of complaint to Glossybox and like some of the girls mentioned above, received an automated response....made me feel really valued as a customer....thanks Glossybox....*Rolls Eyes*

  41. Oh well this just confirms why I never wanted to sign-up to this type of crap. Mostly every perfume or cosmetic does a free sample that you can pick up in boots or wherever, so this sounds like a complete con to me! Good for you for speaking up, when most people are too worried to xx

  42. Wow. I thought my box was disappointing but compared to yours I was definitely lucky! I think what they gave you is quite insulting if I'm honest. I'm not surprised that you were disappointed xxx


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