Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day everyone

Tell me a bit about your mum

Big Fashionista x x


  1. She was the most amazing person, taught me right from wrong (I still get that mixed up sometimes) laughed freely & heartily at stupid things, loved my friends, went to art galleries & rock concerts with equal gusto, loved Harley Davidsons & rode on one for her 66th birthday. Loved me more than I ever knew. Passed away in Oct 2003 1 day before her birthday, 10 days before my 40th.
    Love & miss you mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. My Mumma is remarkable, no matter what crap life throws at her (strokes, heart attacks, diabetes etc)she bounces back, bigger and better than before. At the age of 78 she is teaching "old people" chair aerobics and goes to aqua aerobics 3 times a week.
    Mumma also has a totally wicked (and I do mean wicked in the old sense, not the new) sense of humour and still plays tricks on people then does her terribly innocent look and denies everything.
    She bought me up to show respect, have manners and be a lady (the last bit fails at times though).
    My Mumma is my heroine and I don't just love her I totally and utterly adore her, she means the world to me.

    Love you Mumma <3 <3


    I never really understand this whole best mum in the world thing. My mum has done a lot for me, and others, and I am very appreciative of her (although I can be bad at showing it) and I love her loads... ...but... ...I would never claim that she was the best mum in the world. There are mums out there that go hungry just to see their children eat, mums that carry their ill children hundreds of miles for treatment with the smallest chance of success, mums that live in suffrage or even lay down their lives to give their children a better chance. I love my mum tremendously and I hope that I never get to find out if my mother would do any of these things or anything like it for me.

    I intentionally avoid the greatest mum and associated cards on mothers day/her birthday and go instead either for something pretty that she will like or something like 'love you loads' or 'thanks for all you do'.

    Here's to a mothers love and all the mums that should but don't get that card full of love.

    That said... ...Love you mum <3


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