Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lola & Grace store opening

On Thursday I attended the opening of a new store in Westfield Stratford,

Lola & Grace.

The funky younger sister of Swarovski, Lola & Grace are aiming to bring sparkles to the ears, wrists and necks of young fashionistas everywhere.

Whereas Swarovski is seen as classic and stylish, the concept of Lola & Grace is to make Swarovski jewellery fun and affordable for all. With a huge range of different styles, Lola & Grace is jewellery to make you smile.

Take a look at what Lola & Grace have to offer you.

The concept of Lola & Grace is that you can layer this jewellery without looking as if you have been in an explosion in a sparkle factory.

Forget less is more,

More is better.

More stores will be opening but currently the place to visit is Westfield Stratford to get a closer look at Lola & Grace jewellery.

What do you think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I can guarantee there is at least one near 11 year old who will be over the moon with this. She adores Swarovski (who doesn't) but a younger version with a lower price tag is bound to be a hit. To be honest I can see us both wanting goodies from there.

    1. I walked out of there with a huge wish list.

      Definitely more affordable. The ring I am wearing is £35.90 and comes in 4 different colour ways.

      I want to buy another one to layer them up

  2. I love it, so funky! I'm a massive Swarovski fan but not a fan of the price tag so this sounds perfect!

    1. You'll definitely love Lola & Grace then.

      Much more pocket friendly

  3. All the little balls move around. I love it

  4. i never heard about this brand , and it looks awesome! i was always a more of a beliver of MORE IS BETTER :)

  5. Looks intriguing, I'll definitely be investigating further...

  6. LOL, poor taste is becoming a new trend in the UK? lovely teenies be styled but not destyled wt cheaper but qualitatively poor taste and designed jew...! LOL but check it out, we did!

  7. i went there with my friends first we were just going to walk past but one of my friends names is grace so we had to go in i came away and i had to throw out all of my old jew and replace it with all of lola and grace so i am so ready what ever is going to happen it may be abit expencive if you diddnt realise it was swa


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