Wednesday, 21 March 2012

No-marks, your fifteen minutes are up

I have always been open in the fact that I just dont "get" the Kardashians. I feel like there is a huge in-joke going on and I don't know the punchline.

I don't understand the fascination with who they marry, don't marry, how many babies there are, I don't even care why one of them has an arse so disproportionate to the rest of her body I have no idea why she doesn't spend her whole life on her back. (How I said that with a straight face I will never know)

I don't even care why their names all begin with K.
(Ok, I do, that bugs the bejesus out of me)
But I have decided that I would rather spend a weekend with Kim Kardashian and a video camera than have to deal with the limelight stealing, teeth grinding annoyance that is..........................

Louis Spence

I'm sorry (I'm not) but surely at some point Andy Warhol needs to come back and have a word and remind him it was FIFTEEN MINUTES of fame, JUST fifteen.

Man alive is this guy trying to get his moneys worth or what?. He is like a grinning, evil toe-tapping gremlin who is desperately trying to squeeze a couple more minutes of fame out of what is, lets face it, a very small window for someone like him to survive in.

He must go to bed of a night, rehydrate himself with the blood of celestial virgins and pray to whoever he sold his soul to in thanks for letting him stay just that little bit longer.

How the hell he managed to slip into the mainstream of Dancing on Ice I have NO IDEA. All I can say is those must be some very incriminating photos he has!!!!

He is so annoying he actually makes my teeth itch.

So come on in Louis Spence, your 15 minutes are almost up (I hope)

Let some other no mark have their shot, I would call you in again, but I'm busy trying to pry Amy Childs fingernails out of the doorway of celeb status.

Can you think of anyone else whose longevity has far outweighed their talent?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Completely agree - read a interview with 'kris' jenner the mom and i felt frightened lol! Snd louie spence - its the voice - my husband has to switch channels when hes on tv!x

  2. I fear this could soon turn into a rant about celebrity, I shall restrain myself.

    Danny Dyer. A person who is so bad at acting, more people remember him for a comment in an advice column which advised someone asking him how to get over the break up of his girlfriend.

    "Cut her up, so no other man would want her." Oxygen thief, that is all that toerag is, innit treacle?

  3. Louie is a legend! He is a PR dream, always says the right thing on camera and supports the dance and theatre industry more than anyone else. Annoying as he can be, he knows his shit, he's ridiculously talented, and he gives a damn good vox pop.

    Amy Childs, however, can feck off. She's just there for the champers.


  4. Kardashians! Don't get me started *sigh* what has society become.

  5. "Can you think of anyone else whose longevity has far outweighed their talent?"
    Bruce Forsyth
    Les Dennis
    Richard fucking Madeley
    Tony Blackburn
    Anyone that ever appeared in TOWIE
    Katie Price
    Chantelle Houghton
    Alex Reid
    Their unborn child
    I should stop now shouldn't I?

  6. Kerry Katona - vile creature!! And couldn't agree more on the Kard-cash-ians!

  7. Got to agree about the Kardashians, I had to google why they were famous and I'm still not sure I know why they are famous?

    Any 'celeb' from Celeb Big Bro, has to go on the list, surely you know your career is at rock bottom if you go on there?

    And the same applies (in my book at least) to Strictly, Dancing on Ice, all of the celeb bollocks that TV puts on us poor license payers!

    Ihavemostlybeen, listed the people I would put on my list, and I'd add

    Cheryl Cole/Tweedy (depending on if she loves Ashley or not this second!)
    Piers Morgan, this man is slime, that's enough of an excuse!
    Ant and Dec, I'm a northern lass, and bloody proud of it but those two make my piss fizz!

    Arghhhhhh that's better!

  8. Ugh, Louie Spence really makes me cringe but he's not a patch on Andrew Spence. I'm so embarrassed for his life - after CBB every interview he done was just so desperate! Don't know why he keeps popping up on the most random places and annoying my life.


  9. Ergh, pseudo celebs, get back in your hole and stay there. Leave me alone, I don't want to see or hear them. Ever.

    I did, oddly enough, have a huge list, but I set fire to it, it was most cathartic :)


  10. I can't stand anyone who goes on Dancing On Ice - I don't care about their 'journeys' or 'how far they have come' - I also don't see why they have to go on every bloody tv show every bloody day talking about their said journey. Everytime I turn on the TV the girl from the Sugababes (I presume she is still in it) is on some chat-show talking about her bloody journey. Journey on back home woman!

    I get wound up easy, ha x

  11. But their names all begin with K! How kool is that! (see what I did there ...)

  12. Who are these people you are talking about??


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