Friday, 16 March 2012

Nom or Vom

Now usually each week when I am looking for a hot man to find naked pictures of so that we can shallowly grade him just on his looks (Oh don't get defensive, you know we do) I try to find a male celeb that has been in the news that week, (I like to keep it current innit?)

But unless you wanted THIS

AND NO-ONE DID, shock horror

(Somewhere out there are 1000 WOMEN trying to file a super injunction so Bill Roache can never reveal THEIR names)

so I had to think fast.

Luckily @Missinformed11 reminded me (SCREAMED LOUDLY) she had requested this guy.

So, courtesy of Mags,

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you

Nathan Fillion

I've even thrown in a naked pic!!!!!!!

Happy fricking Friday!!!!!!!!!!

So what do we think ladies and gents?

Nom or Vom

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. @MissInformed1116 March 2012 at 10:20


    Thank you so much and NAKED NATHAN!!!!! Oh. My. God.

    He is looooooovely. DO you watch 'Castle'? You don't? What? Why not? It's brilliant and you get to see the adorable Mr F, walking and talking and oh...I think I need a bit of a lie down....

  2. VOM! Sorry but he just doesn't do it for me.. unlike last weeks Mr Kravitz ;) xo

  3. In the name of all that is Holy I swear I will unfollow you and spam your account if you EVER put that cockraoch up for nom or vom. I had a flipping heart attack!

    But you redeemed yourself nicely. I will nom that man. He is nom-able. Nomthan Fillion. Nom nom nom. And one more Nom for the road.

  4. Ya know, Mr Fillion there in that second picture made me look twice. The nose, the hair...looked familiar somehow...quickly scrolled up again to the pic of Mr Roache...

    Hmm. Something subliminal going on, or is it deliberate? Honestly, if I didn't know any different, I'd swear that young man is actually Son of Roache.

    Given the stories of all those conquests, he may well be! ;)

  5. NOM and a half. Oh Nathan.

    Mrs Globe, speaking of Son Of Roache.... I actually do have a huuuuuuge crush on the actual son of Roache, Linus (from Law & Order etc). Ugh, think how embarrassing this whole Cockroa..(I can't even type it) must be for the family. Anyhoo, if there was a nom or vom on LINUS Roache, it would be a big NOM from me.

    1. Well I never! I had no idea of the existence of a bona fide Son of Roache! And after a quick google, I must say, Caroline, your feelings for him are entirely understandable :)

  6. Mmmmmmm that's a big NOM from me. He is HOT. And I do like a hot man ;-) Yum.

  7. Hahaha he looks just like a guy I know at work - Definitely not one for me!

  8. Oh a deffo NOM from me, I loved him in Firefly and everything else and a nakid piccy too, yummmm. Made my day that has :D

    I did nearly press the x when I saw the unmentionable mans pic there though. You shouldn't do that to me, tis cruel, cruel I tells ya!

    massive love xo

  9. Vom, sorry but Nathan just leaves me feeling meh!

  10. Oh Nathan. Omnomnomnomnomnomnom. Most definitely fingerlicking goooood (I'm a Firefly fan, can you tell?)

  11. I would do the Barlow. And I'd do him HARD.

  12. Nope...vom from me babe on this one. Maybe it was putting the R Man on first that put me off. For life.

  13. A vom from me too for both of them.

  14. Bit meh on the Nathan front, and how young was he in the nude pic please? Feels a bit wrong...

  15. Nom nom nom from me, I loved Firefly!! xx


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