Friday, 23 March 2012

Nom or Vom

Who else can smell Friday and DAMNATION it smells good.

So todays offering of maleness may not be to everyones taste, so what I decided to do was make it picture heavy so that hopefully you may find a picture that makes you want to lick the screen.

DISCLAIMER. Please do NOT lick the screen if you are in one of those shops where you pay 50p an hour to use their computers. It's unhygenic and they don't like it. (I lick the screen ONCE and I'm banned for life-so unfair)

So todays Nom or Vom is in my eyes the VERY lickable magician

Criss Angel

(Resists urge to make pussy joke)

(The Chilli Peppers called, Anthony Keides wants his look back)

(Don't do it)

Phew, picture heavy or what?

My apologies to anyone with a Blackberry whose BB has just shut down going "HELL NO, too big, too big" (resists urge to refer back to pussy joke once again)

So Ladies and Gentlemen,

Does Criss Angel float your boat?

Would you like a go on his magic wand?

Let me know.

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x


  1. That's a vom from me. His face has only one expression. My mind imagined horrible, terrible things!


    He can do a disappearing trick and stay gone please! Can we not just have more Lenny kravitz?

    Charl x

  2. He has the rock star look which I love but I'm afraid when I look at him I want to cut my eyes with razors

    He creeps me out big style, yuck!

    Vom, Vom, Vom, Vom, Vom (That was me actually throwing up)

  3. I'm afraid its a vom from me too. Its the braids that did it. What self respecting man wears braids and its not helped by that awful long sleeved mesh top.

  4. Vom. Absolutely vile. Disgusting x

  5. It is a resounding NOM from me. Just my type. *scrolls back up to gawp at the photos again*

  6. Vom from me as well I'm afraid, I prefer blondes, in fact I collect them, just as a hobby, it gives me something to do :)


  7. In theory he looks like a nom, but since I can't see his teeth (nice teeth are a must, just imagine he smiles and its all gappy with missing teeth or they are all so crooked and skew). Also he looks like he couldn't take a joke. so its a vom for me.

    ps: still waiting for Dave Grohl to be listed a nom or nom (there is no vom for Dave)

  8. VOM simply for the fact that he's a magician.

  9. Mean moody magnificent - nom!

  10. Vom sorry

    I agree with the above suggestion of the god named Dave Grohl.....mmmmmmmm

  11. Big Vom for me but as usual i did laugh at the screen licking bit! Now if you have Frank Iero up there my screen ould quite possibly break from all of the licking hahahah

  12. Major VOM for me ... He just looks dirty and not in a good way!

  13. NOM NOM NOM! Gimme I likey very much :) *Now has fun thoughts regarding Houdiniesque performances*

  14. Ugh! He's creepy. Definite vom.

  15. Vom because he made a square with his fingers and looks like a twat.

  16. Oh god vom vom vom, he's really not my cup of tea at ALL!

  17. What a shame there are so many voms... *said with no hint of sarcasm whilst drooling a bit*
    Going back for another look...
    *drools a bit more* ummmm what was the question again? Ah yes, nom nom nom from me :-)


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