Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rugby V Football

This last week has been a sporting orgasm for anyone who is into ball-related sports.

England have been playing both Rugby and Football,
(It's obviously not the same team playing both sports, that would be silly....... or would it?)

and I have been struck by just how different the sports are.

Firstly lets talk rucks on the pitch.

In football, having a ruck on the pitch is positively discouraged. Honestly, they don't like it. although it is very rarely a ruck, more like handbags at five paces, On the football field it is pretty much a case of "Hold me back, hold me back" and ten team mates place themselves between the two bitching players before any real harm can be done. (more's the pity occasionally)

In rugby a ruck is when you try to step on your opponents head and testicles. (Preferably at the same time)

Another difference between football and rugby is the coddling of footballers. Of course footballers are a marketing tool and a huge source of income for their clubs, if they get a grazed knee they are substituted and sent to see a healer while their fans set up shrines outside the gates and pray for them on twitter.

In rugby you have BLOOD SUBSTITUTES. This is where another player comes on for an injured player while they are patched up and then sent back into the thick of it like a soldier on the battlefield. Rugby players only go off if they physically can't walk or move, and even then I'm sure some of them would be saying, "Leave me on the field boss, I'll grab their ankles, I can still take them"

Another huge difference between the two sports is the issue of diving. In football you dive to try to gain an advantage by cheating. If you dive in rugby then you are going to have 29 other players landing hard upon your body. The only cheating you do then is cheating death.

In rugby, making certain passes are illegal. In Football, they aren't illegal, just frowned upon. Although it never actually managed to stop John Terry.

The best way description of the difference I have ever heard is this.

"Football is a game for gentlemen played by hooligans, Rugby is a game for hooligans, played by gentlemen"

Perfect way to sum it up don't you think?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I've heard the two sports described like that. Hilarious but true.

  2. I know less than nothing about either sport, the one thing I do know is that if a rugby player got me in a headlock with those great big gorgeous thighs I'd die a very very happy girl, multiple times.

  3. And that is why I <3 Rugby, comments to the ref "Sorry sir!", shaking hands after some handbags on the pitch, and trying to stay on even though obviously injured ("just get some of that magic spray on it I'll be fine")

  4. And the Thighs. There is a massive difference in the size of the thighs of the men in the two sports. Oh the thighs of Rugby players. And their bums in those white shorts. And their arms... sigh.. I am in my happy place thinking about rugby players.

    Can you tell I prefer Rubgy?

    1. Hahahahah... freudian slip: Rubgy is obviously supposed to be Rugby

  5. I completely agree. My boyfriend is a football loser, and I go and watch him play, just to be nice...but I have zero interest in the game. Rugby's the one for me. I'm living in my 6 nations shirt haha!

  6. Not really into either game but if I was forced to watch any it would be Rugby, so much more interesting and not full of poncy blokes falling all over and pretending they're injured!! Rugby players run an injury off, footballers act like they need an amputation!! My 9 yr old daughter is harder than a footballer!!

  7. Rugby is much more fun. Can't stomach watching football (although if anyone mentions my local teams on twitter I'll back them) but the men in rugby are MEN. Do I really need to add any other reason that rugby is better?

  8. mmmmmm rugby players, I love watching rugby, I have no clue what the rules are I just like watching all those men :D

  9. I have completly no interest in rugby, never had and probably (99% sure) never will. But football on the other hand I do like to watch and enjoy it :)

  10. Loathe football - overpaid wussyboys the lot of 'em...apart from Zidane, of course. Now rugby on the other hand, KEEP TALKING! In fact, why not nom or vom the entire French rugby team? Yes, I have a thing about French ball players. And so?? Your point? :D

  11. The hubby and I enjoy both Football and Rugby (though prefer the latter). This sums them up perfectly!

  12. I am a rah rah girl from way back. Obligatory when you're from Christchurch, New Zealand and a dyed in the wool one eyed Cantabrian.

    I spent my first unofficial date with the Welshman watching rugby, drinking beer and eating pizza. He spoke,fondly of this in his wedding speech. Funnily enough, the Welshman enjoys a bit of rugby too. ;)

    It's a well known fact that the All Black captain is always the best looking man in the world. You should so check out Richie McCaw!

    Roundball doesn't interest me in the slightest. When forced to watch at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, I made up my own rules and awarded points for various "rules", such as "on your arse on the grass".

    Rugby does have pretty boys - we call them backs ;)

    In Australia, there's AFL (Australian rules) featuring your more athletic type, buff but with necks. NRL (aka thugby league) featuring more of your bogan no neck type playing a bastardised version of rugby, and of course, the game they play in heaven, rugby union. Not that I'm biased!

  13. I love those rugby boys (I mean rugby players). Though I don't know how to play football but I love watching those hunk men. :) They;re really gorgeous and I know many girls are getting crazy over them.

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