Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Send me to the tower

Now I may well get sent to the Tower for this one, but to be honest I could do with the break, (Ok, it's not quite a spa day but if someone else is cooking my meals then I'm really not that fussy)

I'm getting bored of Kate Middleton.

THERE, I said it, are you all happy now?

(packs bag and waits for the beefeaters to take me away)

It's probably not her fault. but she is in danger of being as over-exposed as Katie Price's tits. The media have jumped on the Kate Middleton bandwagon and are never going to let go (until she does something wrong and they can turn on her) 

Regal Kate Middleton wears Reiss, Princess Kate wears her mums dress, pretty Kate Middleton SPEAKS!!!!!!!!!!! (she has a voice? Who knew? )

I have visions of her turning up on celeb Big Brother this year. I feel like she is just absolutely everywhere at the moment and I'm getting to the stage where I just yawn whenever I see her.

I'm not anti-royal, in fact I miss licking the back of the Queens head to attach a stamp (Stupid new fangled sticky stamps) but I just don't think that everytime she farts should be front page news.

And I tell you one thing, When that press conference is finally called to announce a royal baby?

I'm taking MYSELF to the Tower, and staying there.

How about you?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I don't really mind it as she's actually a pretty good role model compared to some of the other people that get overexposed *cough Katie Price and Lauren off of TOWIE*

  2. Fair play, she nabbed a prince and will be Queen one day but I don't understand why the press is obsessed with her so much (or her sister!)

    I'm sure she's a lovely person but I just don't get the obsession

  3. I have always been bored of her, I didn't watch the wedding, I flick past her in magazines. I just don't 'get' her

  4. I'm bored. I was bored with Di too. When she died, I was on a climbing holiday in remote northern Scotland, and I (thankfully) missed all the hysteria. I wasn't a fan. She struck me as a self-obsessed posh tart who's "job" was wearing expensive clothes and looking sad.

    I'm not glad she died. I'm not evil! I just wish she'd never been brought into my life. And I feel exactly the same about Kate. Got a new dress, dear? Where did I leave that shit I couldn't give?

  5. I'm not getting the Kate overload - I probably read the wrong (or should that be right?!) magazines. But I think she's a great role model, I'd rather have my step-daughter look up to someone like her than look up to some of these half-baked celebs like Emma has mentioned! xx

  6. I'm with Sian. I am not on the receiving end of the overload but would prefer my daughter looked up to her than a lot of the others in the eye of the media. I don't understand the celeb thing at all to be honest, either why anyone would want to or why more of the UK help them with it. You could blame the media but they cannot do it on there own.

    On a side note I do get fed up with these people that moan on about how much the royals cost and what benefit they provide without any understanding about what money/benefit they put back into the country (particularly the queen). I know that we are becoming a nation of royal haters over here but the world love them and this is good for the country in a none political way that few other countries can still muster. The queen should be seen as an inspiration, how many public figures can you think of that have remained so 'professional' and kept such integrity (even if just publicly, I am not getting into that one) in the face of such change and adversity.

    I am really not one to put people on a pedestal but on the whole they do a lot of good. Rant over.

  7. I'm bloody well sick of her and her sister. The whole bleedin' family is nothing but golddiggers and social climbers. Blimey, I wish they'd crawl back into the hole that they came from!

  8. I've no interest in her, but I'm not in the U.K so maybe I don't get as much of it over here (bar the usual suspect websites *coughDMcough*) - she doesn't bother me, she seems like she'd actually be a right laugh to go out with. It's her sister that wrecks my head. She HAS NO ARSE.

  9. Well at least her sister is disappearing, I haven't seen anything about her lately. I was thinking about this dress malarkey yesterday... who the bloody hell knows what her mum was wearing 2 years ago? Its maddness. I quite like Kate though, she seems nice :)


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