Friday, 30 March 2012

Wonderbra Giveaway

Happy National Cleavage Day

(Thats one card I would LOVE to see in Clintons)

So today is National Cleavage Day and being doubly (and then some) blessed in this department I have teamed up with Wonderbra to bring you a competition on this gorgeous sunny day so that you can give your cleavage the oomph it deserves.

Wonderbra obviously take National Cleavage Day extremely seriously and have come up with some great tips for you to help make the most of what you have in the chesticle department.

How to make the most of your cleavage..................

Inject some lace

Lace & fabric trims are perfect to draw attention to areas where you want it. Spice up a plain outfit by using patterned and textured underwear that only you know about....For now at least.

Make sure your bra is the perfect fit

When you are browsing for a boob boosting bra, ask to be measured by a professional fitter. You bra should sit flat to your chest bone so that the support comes from the bra and not your straps. Therefore making the most of your assets while being comfortable at the same time

For extra oomph

National Cleavage Day only happens once a year, so why not go all out! Wear a Wonderbra with adjustable straps and cross them over at the back - extra oomph is guaranteed

Give your skin a bit of a boost

Exfoliate head to toe, fake tan if you feel the need of some colour and add body shimmer to areas you want to highlight for extra va-va-voom

Feel confident

Ultimately choose a style that you feel comfortable in, when you're feeling good your confidence will be your best asset.

So to celebrate National Cleavage Day I have a competition to win this beautiful little Wonderbra number.

This is the Chic Lace Wonderbra. A total Classic in the Wonderbra range.

I have ONE of these to give away to a lucky follower so that you can maximise your cleavage and feel confident.

All you have to do to enter the competition is

Be a follower of my blog.

Be in the UK

and leave me a comment wishing me Happy National Cleavage day along with a contact email or Twitter contact if you prefer.

The competition will end Monday morning at 10am and the winner will be announced soon after.

What are you waiting for? It starts NOW.

Happy National Cleavage day everyone.

and Good Luck in my competition.

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. Happpy National Cleavage Day to youuuuuuu!
    Happpy National Cleavage Day to youuuuuuu!
    Happiest of boobage days to youuu ooooooo
    Happpy National Cleavage Day to youuuuuuu!

    Sung in the style of happy birthday :D
    I may even make a cleavage cake today and put candles on it, that is how much you have inspired me!

    mucho love xo

    pee. ess I think you know who I am :P xo

  2. Some great tips there!! I'm celebrating without realising it!

    Happy Cleavage Day - Boobs for the win!

    @kathroooon xx

    Need this in my life!!!!

  4. Happy National clevage day! Have a boobtasic day!

    Twitter - @mama_mooo

  5. sigh... I am not in the UK (I am in Ireland, does that count???)


    Happy Boobs day!

    1. Yep. You can play x x x

      All my Irish followers are welcome to enter

  6. Happy National Cleavage day, god I so need a cleavage, dropped my weight recently yay!!
    Trouble is I lost the boobs and could do with a bit of wonder!
    Thanks have a good day

  7. Happy National Cleavage Day!

  8. Happy National Cleavage Day!!!
    Breast is Best in everyway. I hope I win as they could do with some special care and support. xxx

  9. Happy National Cleavage Day!! (I've been waiting for this day for a I have an excuse to make my boobs look fabulous!)

    That bra is super pretty and looks very comfy too! Do you have one for yourself?


  10. Happy National Cleavage Day!
    My boobs wouldn't say no to a bit of Wonder, this is very pretty :)



  11. Happy National Cleavage Day! :-)



  12. Happy National Cleavage Day! My tatas could always use a bit off extra ooomph!


  13. *looks down* Yes, I appear to be celebrating this rather random day without meaning to! Happy National Cleavage Day.


  14. Hey gorgeous bird,

    Methinks I should win the new bra cos these babies (F cup btw) need a bit of extra oomph these days what with being the wrong side of 40 & all. Plus I'm a mahoosive fan of lady curves in general. Not in a I-wanna-touch-em kind of way (I only touch boy bits. Honestly) but in a "Wow! Us ladies have gorgeous wobbly curvy bits and I love them!".

    Anyway, I need cheering up too.

    And I'm funny sometimes.

    And I'm in the North and you know how deprived we are up here...if I don't win the fabulous bra I may have to resort to using dead pigeons to hold up my boobs with perhaps ferret tails as padding.

    So take pity on me please. Oh I'm sure you know my twitter name thingy.


  15. As someone who relied upon Wonderbras from the age of 14 as I had no tits, then found they were also useful when they (the tits) finally grew when I was 25 and breastfeeding, purely to stop them flapping round my knee caps, I would love to win.
    That said, Happy National Cleavage day to you and your mahossive bosoms (which I'm assuming do not require the services of cantilever-age like my poor puppies)

    You know where I am- @TheLazyGirlBlog x

  16. Oooo, you know, I've never actually owned a Wonderbra.
    Happy National Cleavage Day my dear!

  17. Happy national cleavage day!


  18. Happy National Cleavage Day !
    I've bought chocolate for us all to celebrate :)
    Twitter @kezla

  19. Happy National Cleavage Day!

  20. What a gorgeous bra!

    Happy National Cleavage Day. I was unintentionally taking part at work yesterday. Great tips


  21. OMG I sooooooooo need this bra, have lost weight and my spaniel ears now need all the support they can get. My once mahoosive bosom is now a sad shadow of their forma selves. Cleavage is a wonderful thing. I miss the non eye contact when chatting to a person of the male persuasion, I know I should've got annoyed, but I loved it. BUT, whoever wins this fantastic bra - HAPPY CLEAVAGE DAY XXX

  22. Happy National Cleavage day Dear lady! I do have a cleavage for once (one thing that I have enjoyed whilst being up the duff!)

    Course, you are the Queen of this most important day ;)

    Twitter: @mummiafelice

  23. Happy National Cleavage Day! Having never owned a wonder bra and having had a bit of a breasticle growth spurt in the past year this is definitely a give away I'm interested in!

    No one tell my other half that today is a day for cleavage though please :)


  24. Hiya! Happy National Cleavage day ... hope you made the most of it ;)

    I'm following via GFC and Twitter (@KookyKaty)

    Fingers crossed! xx

  25. Happy National Cleavage day!!
    Following under Love being Mummy To Two GFC
    Twitter- @OneCheshireMum

  26. Happy National Cleavage Day! From @HayleyWoodham and Bear the Chihuahua ;) x

  27. Happy National Cleavage Day!!!!!


  28. Happy National cleavage day for Friday, I most definitely made the most of my bad boys! Would love to win this as my bra collection could do with a gorgeous new addition!
    Twitter is @sarahgibney
    Email is

  29. Happy National Cleavage Day :)

    Jude xx @jadlgw

  30. A little late but Happy National Cleavage Day


  31. Happy National Cleavage day
    @kohsamuirosie on twitter- just caught your tweeeet

  32. Happy national cleavage day! @mummyadventure

  33. Happpy National Cleavage Day , wish I had known earlier! @Ali991

  34. Happy cleavage day to one and all :0) or is that national be kind to 'puppies' day LOL

  35. Happy National Cleavage Day to you! I want to say i have been reading out a few of your posts and it’s good stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your site.


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