Thursday, 19 April 2012

99 Days to go

Yesterday one of the highest trending topics on Twitter was #100daystogo

Now this could be the time its going to take before I fit in my favourite jeans again, (sad face) or it could be the time left before the Olympics start.

and seeing as it is going to take me a HELL of a lot longer to fit in my jeans again, we might as well stick with the topic of the Olympics for now.

I actually live in the host borough, (That's Newham for all you stalker types out there) and I have to admit that I am not looking forward to the Olympics in my "manor"

The thing about Newham is that honestly? It's a shit hole. I can't make this any plainer to you. It's friendly, it's multi-cultural, it is full of hidden gems like some excellent green spaces and architecture but I can't lie to you. It IS a shithole.

But it's MY shithole, I like living here. But what I cannot abide is how much Newham residents are being rode roughshod over in order to get the place ship shape (instead of shit shape) for the Olympics.

What has struck me over the last year is how much the media has avoided reporting on all the bad things that have happened in Newham recently.

Murders of children, rapes, shootings, these ARE pretty much a common occurance in Newham and while I concede that this does happen everywhere. It is common knowledge in the area that it has to be something extremely shocking to make the news or papers

Did you hear about the 11yr old getting raped in a McDonalds toilets? Nope? Funny that.

Everywhere I look, Newham is being prettied up, but there are only so many ways that you can glitter a turd. and who is paying the price of the Olympics?

The residents, thats who.

Parking permits for parking outside our own front door, 8 weeks school holidays this summer, companies having to shut down for the whole of the Olympics as the staff won't be able to travel in. These are real things. Yes more money will be spent IN the borough. but where? Westfield Stratford? Do you think John Lewis would have come to Stratford if the Olympics hadn't have been held here? Greedy landlords are throwing families out of their homes so that they can let their property for the Olympics. Or are raising the rent so high, a normal family can't afford it.

THIS is the downside to the Olympics, it is the equivalent of having the shanty towns cleared.

#99daystogo ?

How long until it's over?

Am I being an ungrateful grump?

Do you see where I am coming from?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. We are having problems here too in Tower Hamlets. Unfortunately, we are not getting prettied up (well, apart from Whitechapel Rd). I live close to the Highway, which will become part of the Olympic Super Highway. This already congested road will have lanes closed for Olympic officials and dignitaries to travel to and from the Olympic site (the officials are not staying in Stratford, funny that)! We will be no right turns from the Highway, pedestrian crossings are being closed and bus stops taken way. The whole of Wapping will just have one road in and one road out, making it and almost inaccessible island. We already have to buy permits to park outside our homes, so no change their. The Olympic organisers have given no thought to the people that live in the affected areas, it is all just to show off to the world, f**k anyone who for living here is a sad reality! Toni x

  2. I totally get where you're coming from. No one thinks about the people who are just trying to go about their daily lives when there's a 'big event' on. They seem somewhat appalled that some people (ie. me) don't give two hoots about their big event and I'd just like to cross the street please!

    I hope it's over quickly for you!

  3. I deeply sympathise to everyone living in London generally, I think it is going to be bloody difficult just to get around. But I am planning to spend the whole of the 2 weeks stuck infront of the telly, I love watching sport and will be in my element. BTW have not yet seen hide nor hair of a sport related nom/vom K, I know I requested one, especially when the darts was on - give me a sweaty baldy overweight man any day ;)

  4. Really interesting post Kellie. I used to live in Stratford and have to admit I'm glad I moved out when I did (about 3yrs ago) because I can only imagine the chaos it's causing for the residents. Although it's brought regeneration and benefit to the community in the short term, I wonder whether Newham will be left as a ghost town in the long term after the party atmosphere has gone. I hope they can still attract people after the 2012 sparkle fizzles and havent done irreparable damage to the residents who actually have to continue living there.

  5. I live miles away now, but have lived in Whitechapel and Homerton/Hackney Wick. I'm a bit undecided on the whole thing.

    I remember rundown Brick Lane, a dump but you could get an amazing curry with sides, starters etc for £3, going to whirlygig at scumbag Shoreditch and not even bothering to go to Photon. It's hard to believe it now. Maybe the rest of East London can survive after the Olympics.

    I'm not bothered by the Olympics, I can take or leave most sports. The torch is coming to the end of my road so I'll take my youngest to see it though. It's unlikely he'll be able to see it again so I'll take it in case he's interested.


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