Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The evolution revolution

I have decided that I feel sorry for men.

I do.

Poor bastards.

When they say Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, they are aren't even close are they? (tries to think of something funny to say about Uranus)

Let me ask you something ladies, what do you expect from a man?

If you saw a woman sobbing in the street, would you not want to go and comfort her or make sure she was ok? Even if you didn't approach her, you'd be concerned for her wouldn't you?

Now I don't know about you but if I saw a man sobbing in the street I'm going to do one of two things (actually probably BOTH) I'm going to cross over to the opposite side of the road, (possibly take a discreet picture to put it on facebook) and I'm also going to check that I have my taser in my pocket (which I really don't own officer)

I'm just going to throw this out there.

Are we allowing men to NOT evolve MORE than they are slowing down OUR evolution.

Now before people start throwing rocks at me (or tampons) I am just asking the questions here.

Devils advocate if you will.

Do we want emotion from men? Do we want them to discuss their feelings, cry at soap operas or decide they would quite like to be the one to stay at home and raise the family while you are the one earning a wage.

Or does the thought make you feel slightly uncomfortable and you want a man to be a MAN. The strong hunter gatherer type who thinks discussing his feelings means massaging his cock?

Do we want men to stay the same as they have ALWAYS been?

Mothers, do we still raise our boys to be little men? Telling them boys don't cry. Giving them a football. letting them play with power tools? (Ok, probably never a wise mum move-I won't do that again, although he did make a lovely shelf)

Do we want our men to be cavemen, or are we happy for them to evolve and change in the way that we are trying to as well?

Personally I like a bit of caveman. But I also wouldn't mind sharing a box of chocolates and watching the soaps together every now and then.


Poor bastards.

They have no hope.

What do you think?

Do you like men to have the testosterone levels of Bieber,

Am I talking crap? (again)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Poor Men. They just can't win (or can they? I don't know anymore). My Other Half is great. Although I sometimes wish he wasn't such a mummy's boy, and that he would realise he is feckin old enough to pick up his own socks and shoes off the floor and put them away.

    He does give a great hug, and mostly knows when to be sympathetic. Although he is more caveman than anything else, but that is ok, I have enough oestrogen for the both of us

  2. I think there is some convoluted double reverse psychology at play when it comes to men. I think we think we rule the roost but let them think they do, whereas actually they are playing us at our own game by pretending that we are ruling the roost when in fact they never do a sodding bloody thing that they don't want to and we spend our lives massaging their egos, their cocks and washing their socks, bearing their kids - which they then seem to be able to walk away from at will when someone with better tits gives them the glad eye and preparing every single bloody meal they eat til the day they die, which if you are luckily will be before you and thus give you some much needed time just to live your own sodding life.

    I am sure I should have been a lesbian.

  3. I think I'm quite lucky - equal measure of caveman and sympathetic. Sometimes I wish he was a bit more assertive with making decisions, but I can live with that...just! ;)

  4. While MANLY MEN freak me out (y'know, the stoney faced, no emotion except horny, YEAH BEER, YEAH PORN, GYYYYYM types), I don't want a pansy either.

    I think all guys are mummy's boys, which I accepted a long while ago - even if it can be a bit annoying!

    I feel sorry for men in general though, my boyfriend thinks he needs to apologise every time he moans and attempts to hide it every time he's feeling down - because, y'know, men can't ever be upset *rolls eyes*

  5. Do we want men to stay the same as they have ALWAYS been? <-- um no? Caveman is nice occasionally , but does tend to get a tad ripe (no baths, remember that NO baths eep)

    I like a mix, my OH makes decisions, I make decisions we both sob at some films. We share everything equally (cept MY laptop and MY phone and well anything that's mine) which is what I think is the most important thing.

    I am the one that goes out to work as he has severe epilepsy and pretty much no one will employ him, even though he has more qualifications than me, go figure.

    I have a 14 year old son as well(he may reach 15, but it is debatable at the moment) I have always told him that boys and girls are the same in most regards an if he wants to sob, to feel free cos it's a natural thing. He does play with power tools , I don't watch. He does regularly go to A&E cos of trick fails with skateboard/inlines/mountain bike/bmx (delete as required)He can also cook a dinner and knows how to use the washing machine and likes ironing(great success)!

    So yes men have got it bad at times really, they never know what role they are sposed to take on. Poor sods.

  6. I like a manly man! I think men and women have different strengths that compliment eachother. Great qualities belong to both but some are stronger in one or the other and thats what makes a great team. It's not about which is better but which is better for you. I have a strong character and I need a man with just as strong a character to respect and respect me. An iron fist in a velvet glove, now that's a man!

  7. It's a tough one. Granted, as a guy who does all the cooking, reviews grooming products and cries on VERY RARE OCCASIONS, I may well be evolving to have a vagina.

    Nonetheless, I also enjoy watching football, playing hockey, fixing cars, building computers and much more.

    I think there are huge conflicting influences upon men to conform to ideals and stereotypes, which are not helped by some women wanting their man to be all things, even if they are diametrically opposed. These conflicting influences start early on and continue throughout life. Personally, I think a balanced approach is best, but i'm sure many of you will disagree with me.

    But then again, I shouldn't be surprised, as you lot are never happy, which is why we men are under pressure to generate multiple personalities and a million skills. ;)

    Just kidding ladies. :P


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