Monday, 30 April 2012

Extracting Revenge

SOME men are DUMB.

Now before my male readers jump in to say DUMB (and my female readers jump in to
say SOME) let us examine some evidence.

A Polish man walks into a dentist (Sounds like the start of a bad joke doesn't it) with a toothache.

Now he doesn't go to ANY dentist, he goes to his ex-girlfriend dentist. WHO HE HAD JUST DUMPED. (See? dumb)

Aforementioned dentist ex-girlfriend snaps, gives him general anaesthetic and pulls out all his teeth.

Part of me admired her restraint, I probably would have extracted his bollocks..... through his mouth.

(Insert disclaimer about not condoning violence here)

Now no, she shouldn't have done it, it's awful, he will be scarred for life, blah blah blah and all that. BUT COME ON. Either he thought he would get a freebie (and I'm not just talking about an oral check up, but an oral check up if ya get me? ) or he thought she was still hung up on him and welcome him with open arms.

Only arrogance or stupidity would let a man go back to an ex girlfriend who was more tooled up than an East-end enforcer. Im not kidding around here, any dumped woman has at one point found a million ways to kill her ex in her head. not all of them have access to these.

If my ex boyfriend was passed out in front of me in a nice comfy dental chair and I had the right tools not only would I go all Marathon man on his arse I would probably poke a few more holes in him and possibly engrave my name or a few choice descriptive words on his forehead.

(What can I say, I'm a psycho bitch. It's lucky I'm not on the look out for a boyfriend isn't it? Can't say they would be queuing up after reading this)

But my point is, (Yes, I do have a point) YES she was wrong, but I DO understand why she did it. I cannot guarantee that in her position I wouldn't have done the same thing. In fact I can pretty much guarantee that I would have.

But what do YOU think, If your ex who had just dumped you for another woman bowled into your dental surgery with a toothache what would you do?

Turn the other cheek?

Or turn his cheek inside out?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Like her style & as a bloke, there is NO WAY I would go to an ex that tooled up!!

    Yup she was wrong, but I've wanted revenge on ex's too!!

  2. I was absolutely appalled when I read this story.

    OK, the guy was pretty arrogant to go and see his ex for dental services after having gone off with another woman. Whether or not the dentist would have turned out to be a bunny-boiler, he was wrong to go and see this dentist - it indicates an inflated ego and an uncaring nature to expect a woman he'd just hurt emotionally to tend to his physical needs. But even that is conjecture, we don't actually know how their relationship worked.

    But what if this were the other way around - if the dentist was a man and the patient was a woman, who'd gone off with a new boyfriend after a seemingly friendly breakup. What if the EX, the male dentist, had offered her cheaper treatment because he knew she was down on her luck, and she'd gratefully accepted. How would we respond if a male dentist had completely ripped out a woman's teeth? It would be seen as impossibly cruel and horrific. Of course. Which this case is.

    We don't know the details, he could have been an absolutely monstrous boyfriend, or she could have been a completely deranged and unreasonable girlfriend, but what is clear - this is not the behaviour of normal, decent, honorable human beings.

    Living well and being at peace with yourself is the best revenge - anything else is bitter and damaging.

    1. Occasionally I think bitter and damaging is good for the soul.

    2. Would a woman really be that naive?

    3. Even seemingly mature and intelligent women have proved themselves to be naive many times over when it comes to issues of trust, particularly with regards to relationships.

      If this man believed he could trust his ex, the same could apply to anyone. We don't know if he was arrogant or inexperienced or stupid, we can only make those assumptions, but the one fact is that he trusted her as a professional. Maybe he'd always glossed over her psychotic tendencies - sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees, and there are countless women I'm sure who do the same, and excuse bad behaviour from their partners, until the day they actually get beaten up.

  3. I'm very much of the "best revenge is to get on with your life and get on with it fabulously" school of thought so there is no way I'd be doing anything like this. Plus the fact she's obviously ruined a (well paid) career for some idiot who she obviously felt badly towards.

  4. I can't help but imagine that the bloke was a bit of a knob, does that say something about my opinion of most men? yeah probably, but what the hell was he thinking?

  5. I'd probably do something other than agressive dentistry. But then I hate dentistry and can't imagine why people want to do it let alone have it done. I've only ever experienced infidelity in action once and I had walked into the room with a large loaded belt-fed machine gun to cath my ex 'chatting' with a gentleman caller. If you think I'm telling story's, I am, true story's. I've never seen someone look for so many exits to a room at once. There was only one and I was standing in it. With a machine gun. Thats quite a feeling of power. I escorted him from the building

    1. I don't know whether to laugh or be afraid :-)

    2. Well I was in the army, so was allowed to carry weaponry, not into the lady soldiers barracks mind, Dont tell anyone

  6. I'm torn really, on one hand I wish I was my ex's dentist on the other what she did was pretty damn appalling. As Lucy said, she's ruined her career for a moment of revenge. I think if I was in her shoes I'd of done it so that he needed more and more treatment and screwed all his money out of him, sometimes that hurts more than anything else.

    Removing his teeth doesn't mean his life is over though, nowadays dentures are pretty good and unless you know, sometimes you just can't tell the difference at all.

    However he shouldn't of gone to see his ex specifically for dental work,he must be an arrogant or totally stupid person, she should really of refused to treat him.

    Revenge I find is always good unless it backfires and leaves you worse off than before.

  7. I think she acted hastily and gave him far more attention than he was worth. The men I've met (or attract) are on the whole, childish, lazy worm like creatures, and not worth throwing away a career for. Far better to have phoned/emailed EVERY other dentist in the area stating he is a known and dangerous drug addict and Munchausens disease sufferer who must in no uncertain terms be entertained. Six months of chronic toothache would have done the trick.

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