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Fifty Shades Of Grey, A review

Now I am slightly out of my comfort zone here so if todays post is not quite the barrel of puppies and glitter that you require to get you through your Wednesday then feel free to come back again tomorrow and I promise to try to make you have to change your Tena Lady at least once.


Today I want to review a book for you, are you sitting comfortably (you may not be by the time I'm finished) then I will begin

Monday night I sat up until 3.30am and read in one sitting the book that everyone is talking about at the moment.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.

This has been hyped as the book that all women are reading in secret, A BDSM novel that has women wriggling in their seats and googling dog collars and floggers.

It has been written that women are downloading this to their Kindle so that they can read it in public without anyone knowing what they are reading.

The story revolves around Anastasia Steele, a college graduate sent to interview business magnate Christian Grey and then traces their deepening relationship and Anastasias discovery and experiences of Christians BDSM lifestyle.

The mere mention of BDSM has elevated this book to the erotica categories and has people screaming about the content and the treatment of women without even reading it.

Well I HAVE read this, IN ONE SITTING, and I need to tell you that if you are after some erotic fiction to get yourself off to then I think you will be sadly disappointed.
(However I may be able to point you in the right direction if some erotic fiction is what you are after)

But if you are after a beautiful love story between two people who are BOTH on a voyage of self discovery through not only sex but through trust then this book is one that you should read.
Don't be fooled, this is no Mills & Boon, yes there are some sex related scenes that perhaps will leave you wishing you weren't reading it on the train with that man reading over your shoulder!!! But there are also plenty of scenes without even a mention of sex that left me completely breathless with anticipation and longing. The whole book is a tangled weaving web of domination and the battle of wills between two people who are both unable to fully let go and be who and what they want and need to be not only for each other but themselves as well.

I loved this book, yes it is downloaded onto my Kindle but I would happily sit there on the tube or a bus with a paperback copy without shame. The erotic parts of this book are an integral part of the storyline, they aren't thrown in for gratification or cheap thrills, they show the overwhelming urge the main male character has to dominate the female character not only in the bedroom but in all aspects of her life, As a woman I should be chilled by this level of possessiveness but the way it is written just leaves you with a wish that you could be loved in such a way. (Without the spanking if that doesn't float your boat)

The book is extremely intense, it is, to use a cliche a rollercoaster of emotions and it is completely impossible to find a point where you can put it down, it constantly draws you in deeper and deeper as if you are in the relationship and are being pulled in like a moth to a flame.

I know that this book isn't going to be to everyones taste, but it suited mine. Don't pick it up expecting to be tantalised and teased by the eroticism of the storyline, but DO pick it up and expect to be tantalised and teased by the blossoming relationship between two people.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is available now to purchase on Amazon and is also now available in print

The other two books in the trilogy Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are also available and I may possibly review these too if this review is well received.

What do you think?

Have you read these books?

Have I made you want to?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I've not read this book but I'm now on my way over to amazon to download it! Great review xx

  2. Thank you. I've never reviewed a book before ap hope that my enjoyment of the book shows through

  3. I haven't read it but I love the film Secretary, with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader. It sounds like a similar kind of thing.

    1. Just had to say this is one of my favourite films!

    2. Also thought this sounded a lot like 'The Secretary' - superb film btw, wonder if it is knowingly referencing that movie? (Oh Mr Gray!)

      Haven't read any of the trilogy yet, or heard of it until I saw your review, but you certainly kindled my interest.

  4. That was a very honest and good book review, even though you don't normally do them you did a grand job.
    I've not read it, but after your review I think I shall toddle off to amazon and get myself a copy.

    Thanks Kellie xo

  5. I saw the books advertised on the tube yesterday and thought I should check what they were all about so your review is very timely. Well written and interesting, shall definitely read them now.
    Thank you

  6. I was contemplating buying this once i'm finished reading Maze Runner and now i'm definitely going to buy it! Sounds like a great read :) Love these reviews :)

    1. Thank you. I'm already on the second book and loving that too

  7. I had read a few reviews about it and the hype it was getting, but I definitely want to read it now, will let you know my thoughts, but great review!

  8. Thank you for the great review. I am halfway through Book Two and believe many are going to miss a great read from the way the books are being portrayed by the media. The evolution of Christian and Ana's relationship is the story and I love it!

  9. I bought this book last Friday and had it finished on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE this. Fictional character or not, I adore Christian Grey. My kinky side wants to find one of my own.

  10. Good review - which proves it's very much 'each to their own' when it comes to books. I read 50 Shades of Grey over the weekend and honestly thought it was terrible. It didn't shock or tantalise me, and basically read like Bella Swan gets into light bondage. I found it repetitive and had to force myself to finish it because I hate to be defeated by a book.

    Disappointing - as I wanted to enjoy it!

    1. But where you disappointed BECAUSE of the hype? Because I think the hype is misleading.

      If it was marketed correctly I think it would appeal to people better

  11. I need to read this now, just to see how it compares to a book called "The Story Of O" written back in the fifties along the same lines. Dont' go looking for it if you are easily shocked.

  12. Your review has made me want to download the book, I must admit the media hype was putting me off making a purchase but now with your review it sounds like something I'd like to read. xx

  13. I Loved your review on this book. I have read all three books and reading them a second time. Would really love to hear your review of the second and third. If you enjoyed the first your going to love 2 and 3.

  14. I reads this yesterday, yes in one day! I had not heard the hype until I read this blogpost and had to get it, I read the whole thing as Christian Bale as lead and for some reason Anne Hathaway as Ana!
    I was worried this book would trivialise and make fun of the BDSM way of life but I was pleasantly surprised. I am an ex Dom, far far less extreme, but thought the book portrayed the scene well and had real feeling.
    As soon as I get more moola I am downloading 2 and 3!


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