Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I'm not a Belieber

On Monday I had a little panic, All I could hear was a high pitched squeal in my ears,

Ear infection? Tinnitus?


Justin Bieber is in town.

I suppose it is fair, we sent the USA One Direction, they send us the Bieber, it's like we are trading punches and feeling each other out before delivering the final death blow (Let's send them The Cheeky Girls, POW, TKO)

It's either that or there is a massive world pact to spread out the screaming of hormonal teenage girls worldwide so that they aren't all in one place at the same time.

Perhaps the screaming of these creatures is what originally caused a hole in the ozone layer, causes whales to beach themselves and feeds the soul of the Dark Prince Simon Cowell.

Bieber is here to promote his new song Boyfriend I am told, (and I told that person to never speak to me again) so luckily it isn't like he is moving here permanently.

Does anyone know how long he has been here for? Any chance I can blame the rain on Master Bieber? Perhaps the rain is symbolic of all the tears shed by real artists and fans who are weeping for the sad loss of the music industry? (I'm going to get death threats again aren't I?)

The way I see it, it could be worse............................

I'm just not quite sure how yet.

Is he going soon?

Let me know

or if you want to leave death threats, please leave a message after the beep.


Big Fashionista x x



  1. Haha i don't envy you at all. Thank the stars my country is tooooo small for him to even find it on the map, and that keeps me safe from him. I wonder how your doughter is doing tho? No Bieber fever?

  2. My daughter has full on bieber fever I'm so disappointed I always thought she liked music, but I'm hoping it's just a phase! Perhaps there should be some sort of inoculation!

  3. Don't worry, it will pass! My daughter was in the zone for a while but swiftly outgrew him. This year she went skiing and fell in love with her ski instructor only to tell me 'but Mum, you don't understand, I haven't felt this way about anyone since Justin Bieber'. I can't wait to remind her of that in years to come!

  4. To be fair we have also sent them The Wanted and I won't hear a word against them as I have signed stuff for my raffle tomorrow, and MAX .... well I had a near life size poster of him naked on my sofa he has such meaningful eyes.

  5. I don't get it at all, but then I am old enough to be his mother.

    I was never into the traditional teenage heartthrobs though. All my friends loved Emilio Estevez and I loved Judd Nelson. Oh John Bender. You see, that is how old I am.


  6. He's on the radar in this house...8 year old does a "Beiber" stylee sweep of his hair with gel...When I asked him "why, for the love of god why" he said because "Girls dig this".....


  7. My dear little miss is most offended if she is asked whether she likes Bieber or not. She was quite taken with the fragrance but decided she wouldn't get it as (shame of shames) someone might think she liked him (cue puke mime)
    Thankfully nearly all that has been avoided here (except Miley *shudders*)


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