Monday, 23 April 2012

On my best behaviour-My Blog event rules

So it looks like it has finally happened, all my promises of good behaviour and no making a mess on the carpet (again) have all paid off and this week I have a full week of previews and events to attend. Now for me this is a huge thing on its own as I freely admit that I am terribly shy.

Have you seen the Ikea advert? The one where they sing, "You will always find me in the kitchen at parties" (apologies if it is now stuck in your head for the next couple of hours, I know it's in mine) well substitute events for parties and shaking uncontrollably in the corner for kitchen and you kind of get the idea.

So I am following the rules (that I just made up) for the week ahead and hope that it pulls me through unscathed, unembarassed and non-blacklisted.

(Why do I get the feeling PRs are crossing my name off as we speak)

First rule of attending blogger events.

I must remember to say, "Mmmmmmmm. Nice cupcakes" because let's face it, when you don't know what to feed bloggers and you don't want to come across as cheap, nothing says I heart bloggers like a cupcake. Chuck our names on a couple and we are just over the moon, trust me.

Second rule.

I must not say Totes Amazeballs, no-one is going to get the irony behind it and I will end up looking like a Totes cu*t. (short, sweet and to the point I think, perhaps that should have been rule number one)

Third rule

Remembering my business cards, I paid for them, I might as well use them for the purpose they were intended for and not to drag dirt out from under my fingernails. (note to self, throw those ones away, don't give them out)

Rule Four

Try to find out exactly where I am going BEFORE I get there, finding out the nearest tube station isn't enough, as I found out last week going to see the preview of the new Nougat London range. walking around Oxford Circus tweeting I'm lost, I'm lost is NOT professional, although it seemed to crack some of you lot up and did lead to a free black cab ride. I kid you not, I AM the new Samantha Brick, (Back off haters)

Rule Five?

Hmmmmmmm, I seem to have run out of rules. This will not do people.

Help me out here, what advice would you give me this week to get me through looking like a cool blogger type instead of having my picture distributed amongst companies with the heading "shoot on sight"

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I love you. (will try and think of something more constructive later lol)

  2. My advice is do not wear a circle skirt on the London underground, or like me you can have you skirt fly above your head infront of the morning rush hour :)

    1. Awwwwwww doing a Marilyn impression is my only reason for riding the tube ;-)

    2. I was just glad i didnt have a great big pair of granny knickers over the tights to keep them up :-D

  3. Ah I know exactly where you are coming from. If you are anything like me you will get chatting to someone and then stick to them like glue lest you look like billy no mates. Perhaps make a rule to speak to at least 5 different people you have never met, before you leave. And don't forget to leave your business cards wherever you pause, train, tube, coffee shop. But not so you get fined for littering! Have a fun week. x

    1. Yes that's me. I am the hanger on. I follow someone around looking like a puppy fom Battersea beseeching them not to leave me

  4. My main rule? Don't wear white or plain colours as I invariably spill stuff down me, get a bir grubby and generally look like a total tramp. Not a good look for a blogger!! xx

    1. Oh I am a total tramp like that. I'm also quite busty so whenever I do eat I invariably have to fish a bit out of my cleavage.

      Never a good look either :-)

  5. Haha love it! I also have a few beauty events this week. My rule - don't get too drunk and make a complete fool of yourself!

  6. As I have never met you so all I can tell about you is your online persona I can't advise much except be the lovely, witty and perhaps little bit scatterbrained person that you seem to be and you will be fine!

    I'm shy as well and tend to do the little lost puppy thing with people anywhere I go. Only thing that stops me from doing that is thinking that other people are doing the same thing so it isn't just me, then I buck myself up and socialise (then run away when I'm left alone at the kitchen sink).

    Oh and try to not trip up, trip anyone else up or make a tit of yourself in general. Unlike me... never ever wear killer heels when you have dodgy ankles, bad things can and will happen.

    You will be totes amazeballs! I have every faith in you xo

  7. Comfy shoes in case you do get lost and dark colours just in case you spill your champers/orange/water down yourself x

  8. Oh so it's not just me who feels awkward and out of place at PR events. I have noticed that a few other bloggers look just out of place. My strategy is to grab some wine as soon as I get in, say hi to the PR and a few others, engage in chit chat and then skulk out later.


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