Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Run fat girl run

So you know how they say smoking is bad for your health?

The night before last I was standing outside my house having a cigarette when my neighbour jogged past. She paused for breath and said " I suppose you are going to laugh at me now?"

(I admit, for one second the thought had crossed my mind)

But then I had a small out of body experience. (The experience was small, not my body) I floated out of my body and could only watch as the fat bird with a fag in her hand replied.......

"Fancy some company on your run tomorrow"

I won't lie, the floaty me was screaming, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!

While the fat me was thinking. "Ooooooh this might be fun"

(The fat me is also the one that says more cake? So we tend to usually listen to that one more)

Which is why at 8pm last night I found myself cracking out THESE.

Now I've had these for a year and they have not been out of the box once.

Until last night.........

I also managed to do a shit load of stretching while wrestling with my sports bra (An evil necessity to save knocking myself out with my own chesticles)

Now don't get me wrong, I didn't do a marathon (or snickers, whatever they are called now) but I did go round the block twice. Which I think is a great start. I walked a bit, I ran a bit. I didn't stop halfway round for a cigarette, (apparently that is frowned upon, who knew?) I nodded at other joggers as we went past as if we were all in some secret club together.

and I bloody loved it.

I did.

I'm going to be doing it again tonight. and tomorrow, and the day after that, until we can run the two blocks without stopping and then we will build up more and more making it longer and longer.

I've been bitten by the bug.


Smoking is bad for you. it can sometimes lead to increased exercise, a decreased waistline and shortness of breath from jogging for a couple of miles!!!!!

And my boobs do look quite good in a sports bra

No your eyes do not deceive you, I am also wearing running leggings!!!!

WHAT!!!! They make my bum look great (ok, not yet......... but they WILL)

What do you think?

Am I insane for taking up running?

Anyone else think that I may die?

Exactly how embarassed do you think my children are that I am running around their neighbourhood in trainers where ANYONE could see me? (Their words, not mine)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Well done you *shakes pompoms*

  2. Go you!
    (clings onto self so I don't have an outer body experience) ;)

  3. Well done you, it's difficult taking the first step, but if you loved it then run, run, run. :)
    I started going to the gym around November time last year, just felt the need to get fit and some actual muscle. 5 months on, and I'd lost a stone and a half, and my body fat percentage has dropped. I feel much better and I really enjoy going.
    Look forward to hearing more about your running adventure, who knows, you could be racing alongside Bangs before you know it. xx

  4. OMG we totes have the same trainers!


  5. Love this, well done you! The first run is the hardest but now you've got that bug keep on running. You'll be amazed at how quickly you improve. But one work of advice from an injury prone runner, don't do too much at first as you can really hurt yourself by over training. Maybe run every other day and don't forget to stretch :)

  6. Run Kellie run......... wow, you go girl :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. I'm going to start running too! It's been on my mind for a little while and I've been totally inspired and advised by Bangs and a Bun so I just need to buy some kit really. Shoes mostly!

  8. And go you! I totally forgot! Yay!

  9. Good Luck and well done I'm sure you (wish I looked as good as you in my running clothes!)xx

    1. I realised I missed half of my comment off! What I was meaning to say was I'm sure you will be running a marathon in no time!

  10. Good for you! I'd love to start running, but need a goos sports bra first!

    1. I have a shock absorber one. If it can control my ladies it can control anyone's!!!

    2. I shall look into that! I am very unfit and also a smoker, but I think if I start slowly I can build up and get myself feeling fit. You have inspired me!

  11. You are right.. your boobs look great! Well done on getting out there. Now would you come and babysit for me so I could get out there too?

  12. Good on you lovely!!! I must admit I did worry ;) *nah!*
    Some day I'll gather enough about me to do the same for now though I'm content in hearing about your escapades :D x

  13. Beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring ideas! Love your posts! Would you like to follow each other?

  14. Haha giggled reading this!
    Big respect for getting out there and going for a run. I have been doing circuit the last couple of weeks and its been killing me- Cream eggs have seemed a better idea (bought a pack of 12 the other day). A good pair of trainers are really remarkable for running. I am off to circuit tonight :/ Big respect


  15. I think it's great! Anything that will make you more healthy should be applauded :)

  16. I am in awe of you! I think what you are doing is brill! Personally I die 50 times walking up the hill to my house, let alone running anywhere (shudders)

    Oh also, titale say's "Run Fat Girl Run" looked at the picture of you, um where is the fat girl? All I see is a curvy gorgeous lady xo

    pee ess My OH now has a small crush on you :o Promise me you'll never turn into a redhead, or I'm doomed lol xo

    1. I seem to be having a spelling fail today, that should of been title, not whatever I wrote. I think I need a nap

    2. I am a red head LOL

      Check my facebook pics.

  17. Beach Bum Jayne4 April 2012 at 18:37

    Go Kellie GOOOOOOO!!

  18. Go go go go go ! Love you doll, WELL DONE! xxxxx

  19. What a fantastic find you are! I can so relate to the running. I took it up sideways kinda some years back and lost half my body size. I subsequently found it and reattached it.
    You inspire me to GET OUT. Yay yay you!

  20. Your blog is the best! Great work. Well done. It's a lifestyle change I find xxx

  21. Seriously you look fab in your running gear. There's no fat girl there at all!!! But whilst I couldn't /wouldn't chose your mad method of you know actually running, I am incredibly proud of you! Run BF, run xxxx

  22. Be careful - before you know it you will enter a 5k and then your running addiction will snow ball. :-)

  23. Waddup gf! Big props (to the chesticles) cos man, running is HARD! My knees hated me for it but it's weirdly exciting finding out that it IS possible after all. Even though I hate it.


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