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Schwarzkopf Shake it up XXL Color Foam review

Over the years I have dyed my hair more times that I care to remember. I have had black hair, brown hair, even blonde hair for a while (Didn't suit me, I didn't have more fun!!) But I always seem to go back to RED.

Red makes me feel confident and sexy, I don't want to go Jane Goldman red but I definitely prefer my hair Red/Brown rather than Brown/Red if that makes sense.

I decided to try the new Schwarzkopf Shake it up XXL colour foam as I have used the John Frieda foam in the past and found it very easy to use.

This however.............. WASN'T.

This evil stuff is foamy, messy, blood in a cup.............................

Easy to use? Er NO....

Firstly you mix the liquid and powder in the cup and shake vigorously in a back and forth motion forty times.

Now I'm no novice in this motion (tries to keep a straight face) but even after making sure I did it correctly, when I was halfway through application I found that the bottom half of the cup was not mixed correctly. it was a very thick  gloopy congealed mess which was very VERY grainy and lumpy.

Now whenever I dye my hair red I expect a bit of splatter and the odd little droplet here and there, what I don't expect is to look like an extra in True Blood and my bathroom be able to double as the set for Saw 7,

It was if you excuse the pun, a bloody mess.

I looked like Draculas plaything (ooooo-errrrrrrr)

And we all know how vampires like to nibble your ears!!

and your throat

Never have I come across such a messy hair dye in my many, many (sobs) years of dyeing my hair.

It was EVERYWHERE you could imagine, even my eyebrows!!!!!

(Please, let us never talk of the state of my eyebrows again! Promises to sort out eyebrows before being ostricised by the beauty blogging community forever)

The colour that I chose for my hair was shade 488, Cranberry, Whether it was to do with the dye not mixing correctly in the pot when I shook it (correctly may I add) or not I was very unhappy with the finished colour. definitely more Brown/Red than Red/Brown I think you'd agree. and the ends are VERY dark compared to the roots.

I also fear that my bathroom will NEVER be the same again

This is around my sink and these are permanent stains now. To forever remind me of the one time I tried the Schwartzkopf foam. I swear if I would have killed someone in my bathroom I would have found the clean up easier than cleaning up after this dye.(Tempting)

I definitely won't be using this dye again I'm afraid, and since dyeing my hair, my scalp has been excruciatingly sore, itchy and dry. (Thank Heavens for Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner, without which I would have clawed my scalp off in strips)

So the search for the perfect red continues....... and if anyone has any tips for removing hair dye from the back of your neck, I'd love to hear them. (I'm getting some funny looks)

This hair dye was a complete disappointment to me,

Have you tried it? What did you think?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Disclosure; I PAID for this product with my own monies!!! This was not a pr sample.


  1. I used this foam, in the hope that it would be easier to apply than the bottle combination. It wasn't.

    I have 3 more in my wardrobe (Red Passion I believe - ooo eeeer indeed!).

    I too have the bloody marks on the bathroom floor. But as my hair is in a bob, I don't have the marks on the back of my neck. I will be dyeing again tomorrow, so will report back.

    Colour wise, I found it worked very well, but again, with short hair, it was enough to cover the whole head.

    K xx

  2. Use straight up bleach on your bathroom...as for your skin it will fade in a day or so, or you could use hair bleach, it works fairly well although you have to make sure you wash right after and then use lotion. (bad advice ends here)

  3. Ooh blimey. That looks hard work. I can't see how a cup of hair colour could ever be easier to apply? Hope your scalp feels better soon. Sounds like a very underwhelming hair colouring experience :(

    P.s: you have fabulous eyebrows :)

    1. Thanks Hun.

      My eyebrows are sooooo bad. But they are the least of my worries ;-)

  4. Nail varnish remover on a cotton pad for your neck and ears, Although it works best if you do this straight after colouring.

    For the bath, try milton (the sterilising solution) neat.

    1. If I put nail varnish remover near my skin I may die!!!!!

      It's SO SO sore :-(

  5. I've changed from the live colours after a decade of using them because suddenly they tried updating everything etc rumours of discontinuing the live XXL range and replacing it with the salon range.... which just aren't great let's be honest.
    This is why I bleached the shit out of my hair last friday and stuck perfect 10 in and it was fantastic! Feria, perfect 10 and nutrisse do great reds (watermelon reds etc) and you could always use a wee one shot peroxide in with the mix.
    I am a demon with hair dye.... ask lee, it gets everywhere on me, floor, mirrors... lol only thing that works for me is BABY WIPES with soap. I promise it works. Takes a bit of elbow grease but it works for me.
    I love the red and have always gravitated towards the red passion but now I'm embracing the full on brassy ginger :D

  6. Phew! Your post arrived in my timeline JUST in time...I've also dyed my hair red for a long time and I'm a sucker for a gimmick and was gonna buy one of these - I'm steering WELL clear...thank you! Your hair looks good though :) xx

    1. Some people havent had a problem with it. But for me it just isn't right. And my scalp is BURNING still :-(

  7. I use Cif cream to get rid of hair dye in the bathroom, you will need a lot of elbow grease too. I always use an old towel round my neck whilst the dye is on, and wipe away marks with a facewipe as I go. Your Horror movie scene is pretty impressive though!

  8. Great review, honest and I have to say the colour does look darker on the ends, this could be due to the application, as you had colour on your hair already you may have build up on the ends. Did you apply all the colour at the same time? Or roots then mid-lengths etc?
    (not being a cow! Just wondering!)
    Nail varnish remover is pretty good at stains, that's awful it's destroyed your bathroom though.

    1. Always roots first and leave for a while.

      Around my sink is stained forever unfortunately

  9. Lol I've used it and reviewed it and I was hugely displeased also the link is prob in my sidebar. Its a total nightmare isn't it! I have to say I had the same grainy unmixed gloop at the bottom of mine it's def not just you.
    Half my roots weren't done as well. I'm glad to see its not just me that found it totally pointless!


  10. I used this recently and also reviewed it. I wasn't entirely happy with it either, my bathroom was a mess and even with the foam have managed to miss bits at the back of my head. I also am naturally blonde and I dont think the dye has taken to my hair (strange as normally any colour will adhere to my light blonde shade)
    Just as a warning prepare for the colour to come out in your bath or shower for the next few WEEKS as well,. I dyed my hair over 3 weeks ago and am still getting a lovely shade of purple to my bath water (the dye I promise not my dirt)
    I've heard the John Frieda version is better, what do you think?
    SparklierSide xxx

  11. I'm different to pretty much everyone who has commented as in I used this product two weeks ago and loved it. I didnt have any unmixed formula at the bottom and found it a dream to apply. I do have darker roots to ends as my ends were bleached a while ago and my roots were my natural black.ut all in all im pretty pleased. Surprising that my results were so different to everyone elses.

  12. What kind of shite in a cup is that?! Why wouldn't they make it easier??! My god in all the years I've been dying my hair I've never seen anything like that, thank god I haven't tried it (I'm messy at the best of times). Only thing that's worked for me on the bath is Cif, as for skin - I usually put the layer of vaseline on beforehand but that's not much help to you now - have you tried make-up remover? I think your hair looks lovely, but I hate when home dye kits turn out to be a pain in the arse. There's one with a comb attached that I like, haven't a clue of the name, anyone? x

  13. Nail polish remover always seems to work for me and for next time LOTS of vaseline on neck, ears, hairline etc
    I nearly bought that stuff but decided I cba will give it a miss now I think :)

  14. What a pile o shite! I've used Live before, not the foamy crap though - and it always stained my head. I now used Superdrug own brand and love it! Cheap as chips too. Loved your eye shot. Scary bizzatch.

    1. LOvE Superdrug own brand too

      It's my take on Blair Witch

      It's the Blair Bitch project ;-)

  15. Hahaha fab photo's. For us though not you. And I use boots botanics and nutrisse. No foamy nonsense and after this great post I won't bother trying till the formula is improved. Oil on your scalp as an overnight treatment x

  16. Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser is amazing at getting hair dye off skin, even days later. It's a bit harsh since it's basically for teenage greasy skin but at least it's SUPPOSED to go on your face :-p
    Recommend coconut oil for fixing your poor scalp, too. It's amazing stuff! Slather it on, leave at least an hour (overnight if you can stand it) and it works miracles on hair and scalp. Plus even though it's an oil it washes out easily.

  17. I'm so so surprised at this! I've tried and failed to use normal hair dyes many times (I'm so bad at it I made my other half dye my hair for me) and this is the ONLY colour I can do myself!

    I didn't have the shaking problem you had, mine was a fluffy, uniformly red foam that was stiff enough not to drip absolutely everywhere, although the bathroom cabinet did get some. And I managed to only get a little bit on my ears!

    I know your skin is too sore at the moment but alcohol is great for removing hair dye from skin - I usually use a cheap perfume on cotton wool to remove any. To stop it sticking in the first place pop vaseline around your hair line and on the tops of your ears (and your neck and throat and general skin area in your case :-P)

  18. does look very messy! don't think I'll be trying that!
    Bleach for bathroom and exfoliate your skin

    I did find the perfect red, my hair was an amazing red for years :D
    It was herbal essences number 49 and it got discontinued :(
    now I have dark hair!

  19. I have used this hair dye when I done my hair black and mine mixed fine I got a little bit on the floor but that's all and it didn't burn my scalp at all my ears got dyed a bit but I wiped that of as soon as it got on there so it was ok I had to use to pots as I have long hair.

  20. My fiance banned me from dying my hair at his place as "i made a giant mess" - (it was 2 tiny marks and a ring from the bottle and also gone within 24 hours... >.> )
    so i bought the foam with the pretext that it was a foam and i couldnt possibily make a mess...
    boy am i glad that he still said no as when i used a friends bathroom instead it was covered in black dye, however we managed to clean it up with relative ease, just a few minutes with no lasting effects.
    and the final result was fantasic even if my shoulders and neck and wrists and somehow the glove covered hands were also dye stained
    the colour seemed to last forever in my hair and i got almost an extra month before having to redo it (having 30% grey before your 30 sucks so hard)
    and despite the mess have just purchased 3 more
    never told the bf of the messiness though... cant let him know he was right ;-)


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