Monday, 2 April 2012

Steal their style? Not even if they were giving it away

I don't know about you but I am sick to the back teeth of magazines, websites and yes, PRs telling me how to



Yawn. I don't want to steal someones style (Their boyfriend? Possibly. Sorry Lisa Bonet)

But who wants to copy someones complete look?

How boring is that?

Surely if we all did that we would be the fashion equivalent of Stepford wives.

(And I don't do cleaning, just putting that out there)

Let's be honest here, some of the people who are out there just begging to be mugged of their style didn't really have much to steal in the first place.

(cough, Alexa Chung, cough)

That's the fashion equivalent of stealing a bag off a passer-by only to find it is filled with dog crap.

(I'm really not a fan-can you tell?)

We shouldn't encourage people to "steal the style" "Get the look" or whatever other way the media and its cronies are encouraging us to be fashion clones.

I don't want carbon copies.


and I want it now!!!!!!

Although if we ALL decide to be individal.................

will we not all end up looking alike anyway?


Big Fashionista x x x


  1. If I'm flicking through a magazine at my parents house, me and my mum usually use these features to bitch about how horrendous the "star" looks in the outfits!

    I must admit though, I'm a fan of magazines telling me where I can get a cheap version of the 2 grand handbag VB has.

    And please don't judge me but Frankie from the Saturdays has some nice outfits, most of which probably wouldn't look good on someone curvier (ie.Me) So you're right, these features are wasting my reading time!

  2. Mazza (@Miss_Alaynius)2 April 2012 at 09:05

    Being of the big variety, I was never able to copy someone else's style even if I wanted to, which saved me alot of time and money I guess. I will happily stay as little (OK, big then, sheesh!)ole me with no sense of style!

  3. 1) I like having my own style and 2) there aren't many celebrities whose style I really like. I'll stick to my own jeans and t-shirts thanks!

  4. It's a fine line between inspiration and wannabe. I like getting different ideas on style but don't give me the "this could be you" tone. I am happy in myself and am not so feeble minded that I would believe that my happines and attractiveness relies on having jeans like Alex or a dress like whoever! That if I dress like a celebrity I can have a slice of their life. Fashion serves the independent & strong minded and prays on the weak. Be a great person that has style, not a great outfit with a idiot inside it!

  5. What a refreshing blog post! Couldn't agree more! xxx

  6. Probably wouldn't recognize 'style' if it came over and beat me with its name badge. I'm comfortable with me, just a shame the general populous doesn't appear to agree. :'(

  7. love this post, really love it. i don't want to "steal her look" either.


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