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Stowells Wine Low Cal, Low Alcohol. A review

When I was first asked to review some Stowells wine that is LOW CAL and LOW ALCOHOL I have to admit that I was sceptical (sceptical is putting it nicely, I screamed the words ABOMINATION over and over again until my throat bled)

Now I have been known to partake of the grape very occasionally (tries to keep a straight face, fails miserably) so I could have sat there with both bottles quite easily and given you my own personal view on how the wine tasted. (Oh the things we do in the name of blogging)

But I had my sister-in-laws baby shower coming up and what better chance to get a more balanced review than to take the bottles to a group of ladies who would probably jump at the chance to drink more alcohol in the name of research.
(The words "oh okaaaaaaaay, just a drop more" were uttered more than once)

Firstly a bit about the wine by Stowells (The boring bits)

There are two types of wine

There is a Stowells Light White which is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, and a Stowells Light Rose which is a Shiraz Rose. Each 125ml serving is just 60 calories per glass which is 30% less than a standard glass and there is also less than one unit per 125ml glass.

(Still here?)

Firstly, the bottles don't LOOK any different, I don't know what I was expecting, Some bottles of Low Alcohol wine seem to take pride in showing that they are different, but this wine looks...... well, normal. It didn't scream "look at me, I have no alcohol"

It could quite happily sit on my dining room table, (or have a straw stuck in the bottle-keeping it real here) without looking as though it was sneering at other bottles of wine which are full of evil stuff like calories and alcohol.

See? Nothing evil to see here.

So I thought I better catch the ladies that shower babies quickly, before they didn't even notice whether they were drinking wine or paint stripper. (Oh like you haven't been there)

Excuse the plastic cups, I am assured that this makes no difference to the taste of the wine whatsoever.

See how wonderful these ladies were, trying wine for YOU. (that's their excuse and they are sticking to it)

First up the Stowells Rose,

Everyone agreed that this was lovely, you couldn't tell it had any less calories or alcohol in it at all, and I'm sure you will agree that a third off is still quite a big difference. It was light, refreshing and in the words of my mother, very fruity. Everyone said that it was very sweet, but in a good way. We all agreed that we would quite happily drink this with a meal or a nice Sunday Lunch  (I'm going to assume everyone was being very sophisticated for my benefit and no-one would say they would quite happily drink this on a Tuesday morning alone while sobbing into the glass)

The Stowells White was up next and while most people enjoyed this, one or two said that it wasn't to their taste (and asked to have some more of the rose instead) I couldn't tell it had less calories or alcohol in it than a regular white wine although it wasn't as sweet as the Rose it was still an enjoyable drink.

I actually topped mine off with lemonade and found that it made a very refreshing spritzer, for me I preferred the white with the lemonade but then I am classy like that.

So everyone agreed that this wine was very enjoyable, even my sister-in-law for whom the baby shower was for had a try of the wine and found it "lovely"

Would I buy this wine personally again?

Yes I would, I like a glass (bottle) of wine and if this could make a difference to my calorie and alcohol intake without me having to sacrifice the taste then why not?

A few of the ladies asked me where the wine could be purchased and I will say to you what I said to them.

The wine is available in all Asda stores nationwide for RRP £5.49

So I take back the words abomination, I think even in a blind taste test people wouldn't be able to tell that this had less cals and alcohol in it.

Coming to a dinner table near you.

Stowells Light White and Stowells Light Rose

Have YOU seen the Light?

Big Fashionista x x x

So what do you think? Has anyone out there tried this wine? Or what do you think of Low Cal, Low Alcohol wine?

Let me know x x

Disclaimer, this wine was provided by pr for review purposes


  1. I'm with you in the straw in a bottle, add lemonade to white wine camp.
    I can honestly say I have never tried this wine, but I may get myself a bottle or two next time I go shopping just to see if I like it.
    The amount of meds I'm on means I can't drink that often, so this would make a nice change, with summer (mmhmm summer when it goes above 0C) coming up I'll be able to feel more relaxed at parties and look like I'm having a drink ;)

    Thanks for the review xo

  2. It really is lovely Kate. Very summery

  3. The rose sounds interesting especially as with my meds I can't tolerate alcohol; I get shitfaced on half a small glass of wine. No joke. But this could mean maybe managing a full glass...

    1. I hear ya, although in my case just the smell of alcohol is enough to get me to the pleasingly numb stage :)

  4. I'd happily give this a go... It's wine, what's not to like?

  5. I don't drink really as my meds seem to have a problem with it, but, this may well be what the Dr ordered. Will send hubby to Asda to pick up a bottle :)

  6. i took two bottles to a jubilee street party and usually i make a fool of myself and struggle to remember the last two hours of the day but i really enjoyed the party and enjoyed the wine and was sober when i left .amazing i can enjoy a drink or seven and not act like div .result xx


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