Saturday, 7 April 2012

Twitter Party for TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK

Oh you know there ain't no party like a Twitter party.

This Wednesday I am lucky enough to be a co-host for a Twitter party happening this Wednesday between and 8-9pm.

Now while some other parties out there may be to promote a new piece of make up or a brand, THIS twitter party is different as we are trying to raise awareness for a campaign which is now in its 5th year

Give Up Clothes for Good

TK Maxx are aiming to raise £12m this year by asking people to donate their quality unwanted clothing this April for Cancer Research UK. (All funds raised will be used exclusively to fight childrens cancers)

I have already donated two bags myself and that is without going through my childrens wardrobes.

So the aim of the Twitter Party on Wednesday night will be to raise awareness of the campaign but instead of just slamming you with links we want to keep it interesting.

Natalie Goodman, senior stylist for InStyle Magazine will be Tweeting for TK Maxx and will be on hand to answer some questions as well as giving us tips on what to buy this Spring

There will be giveaways throught the hour with up to 5 people winning a £50 TK Maxx voucher which will be awarded to the best fashion tips or questions using the #Giveupclothes hashtag on the night.

So you need to be following @TKMaxx_uk  @CR_UK Myself @BigFashionista  and @ChristineMosler for a party to raise awareness for a very worthy charity.

If you would like to know more about Cancer Research UK  then please go to

I would love to see you take part in the Twitter Party Wednesday night, I appreciate they aren't to everyones taste but this is to raise money for a very worthwhile cause that I thoroughly support.

Hope to see you Wednesday night.

Big Fashionista x x


  1. I'll gladly spam my timeline for this :) Great cause

  2. Great idea, am off to take some bits to my local store later on. I shall bring wine on Wednesday, and snacks. Which I would share if it wasn't on Twitter.

    1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy see you Wednesday evening x x

  3. I'll be there, or here depending on how you look at it, spamming away happily :)

    I have loads of clothes that I need to sort out, so I shall take them down to the local one to me next weekend.

    Followed everyone as well.


  4. Oh it's all coming together very nicely over here! I am plumping cushions and making sure we have enough glasses, you're in charge of retro nibbles!

    1. I'm thinking cheese and pineapple sticks and black forest gateaux

  5. Great cause, I shall try to be there!


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