Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wash that man right outta your hair.

Ok Katy Perry, do me a favour and go and sit your fine arse in a corner with Rihanna. Yep, that corner over there, I call it the corner of shame (you may have to move a couple of people out of the way, Just shift Simon Cowell back a bit, he has to face the wall anyway, I don't even want to look at him)

Quite frankly Katy love, you are now boring me with the constant changing of your hair colour.

(there were more pictures, but I got bored)

Yes it may possibly be shallow of me to get so annoyed but I can't flick through a mag, look online or even turn on the tv without the headlines screaming about Katy Perrys new hair colour or style to "wash her ex out of her hair"!!!

Any woman that colours her hair the colour of what I would imagine smurf jism to be is definitely knows what she is doing in the "look at me I am SO over you, you bastard" book.

And Katy I respect you for that, but for the love of GOD, move on. Throw a brick through his window, boil his rabbit. GET DRUNK but stop it now with the hair colours, the wigs, WHATEVER. (You are boring me, go adopt an orphan or something)

And the same goes for you Rihanna, I haven't got a CLUE what fish you are trying to catch with these constant hair style changes, (you change your hair more often than some skanks change their bras...... this bra is MEANT to be grey, HONEST) but for gods sake if he hasn't noticed you now with your constant twitpics and style changes, darling, he AIN'T that into you.

So in the corner with you both, and I am sentencing you both to a week with velvet hair scrunchies and butterfly clips.


If either one of you survives then you can carry on as you were.

What do you think?

Am I being harsh on them both? Or are you also bored of the constant media attention and coverage of their constant changes of hair colour?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


  1. Totally agree.

    Katy Perry's latest 'inspired by Courtney Love' look is ridiculous too. I don't believe Love had a stylist telling her to wear ripped tights.

  2. I really don't think Rihanna's trying to catch the attention of a certain man by changing her hair. I think she does it because it's fun, and because having an ever-changing image is something that we kind of expect from a popstar (Gaga, Madge, even Britney and Christina.)

  3. I agree with BDP to an extent but I think there's a fine line between ever-changing and really bloomin' annoying.

    Personally, I don't care if Katy Perry changes her hair colour 3 times a day, it's the fact it's being shoved down our throats that gets my back up!

  4. HaHa this post realy made me chuckle i agree with x_Clare she can change her hair as much as she wants to it's the media that are constantly bangin on about it, it's hair get over it


  5. Maybe one day she'll wake up and her hair will stay on the pillow from being abused so much, Now that would make me giggle :D


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