Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Can I Think Slimmer?

I have documented many (many, many) times my hard fought battles with my weight, I am a yo-yo dieter, I have been on this merry-go round so many times I think I get a free spin next time. My weight goes up and down like Katie Prices knickers and I was truly sick of it.

I wanted a diet (Healthy lifestyle plan) that didn't involve being all about food, If I tell you not to think about a giraffe in a bow tie, you are going to think of a giraffe in a bow tie aren't you? (sorry if you now carry that image around with you all day but it is better than imagining Katie Prices knickers isn't it?)

I'm bored of weighing, counting, guilting, and feeling bad. I can diet, I do it well, but like the saying goes, when I am good, I am very very good, when I am bad you will find me face down in a tray cake (or something like that)

So when Sandra from Thinking Slimmer contacted me and asked if I would like to try it HER way I was actually interested in finding out more. A Slimpod? Listening to a CD for just ten minutes a day? I have to admit that at first I thought the only way that would work is if I taped it over my mouth.

The CDs came, (I also got a Fitpod) I listened, I relaxed, I carried on with my daily routine, and when I went to eat my dinner that night I found I couldn't finish it, and each day since although I have been dishing up the same portions as I always have, I have found that I am stopping before I get too full up. There has been no uncomfortable feeling of fullness or just eating for the sake of it.

I've found as the first week progresses I seem to subconsciously making better decisions about food, I don't crave anything naughty because so far this week I haven't thought about food until it was time to eat. I haven't had an afternoon lull, or sugar craving, I have been eating breakfast again, without feeling that it is a chore and I have been RUNNING again as well!!!! Last week I did the Canary Wharf 5k Jog and raised £175 for The British Heart Foundation.

Check me out in my Jenni Falconer XPG running gear from Debenhams!!!!

I'm going to try to take a picture each week in the same gear so that I can see the difference in my size,

For me Thinking Slimmer is working so far because it seems like I'm NOT thinking if that makes sense. I am visualising good things, but I am not constantly thinking about food.

I actually feel at the moment as though I have stepped OFF the Merry Go Round of dieting. It is a lovely feeling I must admit.

And in case you were wondering..........

I lost 5lb this week and an inch off my waist AND hips.

No calorie counting, no weighing, I just ate. it really was that simple. Yes I was really pleased with the weight loss but for me it was more the deep sigh of relief that my world ISN'T governed by food.

And for me this week that has been a lovely world to be in.

You can find out more about Thinking Slimmer at

I would love to hear your thoughts (and hopefully congrats on my weightloss-LOL)

Big Fashionista x x x

Disclaimer, this CD was provided by Thinking Slimmer for review purposes but as always all my opinions and views are my own.



  1. Well done! You'll have to change your blog name.

    I think that you have the hit the nail on the head. Anytime I've been on a commercial diet I have constantly thought about food, even if I fancy an apple I have to consider the rest of the days intake.

    I recently lost 16lb by doing meal replacements, which worked because I didn't have to think, I just ate a bar. I just ate a normal main meal.


  2. Sounds like it's a proper permanent change in the way you think instead of a diet that when you come off it, means the weight goes back on. Well done lady *shakes pompoms*

  3. I wonder if this would work for me. On a daily basis, I barely give food a second thought, despite the fact that I'm a fat bird. BUT when I'm "on a diet", I am like a woman possessed! All I can think about is food - what I have just eaten, when I can next eat, what I can next eat...I put the cutlery down from lunch and I am already thinking about dinner (and tomorrow's breakfast!). And I am hungry ALL THE TIME, despite sometimes not bothering with lunch and not really missing it, when I'm not dieting.

    This is why I don't diet!

  4. Congratulations! Well done you :) I have often seen this and to be honest I always thought it was yet anther scam, I'm now quite tempted to get myself the cd when I get paid

    Thank you ever so much for the review xo

  5. I remember you mentioning this recently and I had a look at the website and now that I have read this post, I am tempted to invest in the CD myself! I look forward to the coming weeks and to hearing how you are getting on.

  6. Way to go you. I'm halfway through my first week. I've found myself moving more - I was dancing in the kitchen yesterday. Not sure I dare hope for that kind of success in my first week though.

  7. Brilliant and having seen your photo of yesterdays lunch you are certainly enjoying some lovely, very healthy, food. I do think eating is a mental thing, for me I know it is, I have eaten my emotions for as long as I can remember. I am off to have a look at this, although I am still going to Slimming World and would be getting great results if I could manage not to derail a weeks healthy eating with a weekend of sucking up wine! xx

  8. omg! well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this is what i need. something to sort my mind!

  9. OMG!!!!! That is fab!! Well done :)) I am so envious, I am also a yoyo dieter, and when im good im the best, when im bad people had better move away from the chocolate.

    Well done hun!!!xxx

  10. Well done, it sounds you've really found a good way for you to manage your weight.
    I've been going to the gym and running since last year (inspired by Bangs!) and have found exercise is the key to me losing weight and eating what I like (within reason) I've also got an app that I put all my food into, definitely helps seeing it infront of you that 3 bags of crisps a day isn't good. :)

  11. I've been debating paying for these for a while now and you've just convinced me to give it a go. Fingers crossed I have similar success!

    Good work


  12. well done you, i too have just started and can't believe how much it has changed what i have eaten, eg no snacks. I'm not thinking about food atall. However its hard this week to know what ive lost as its that time of the month - but hopefully next week i will have lost too!

  13. Well done Kel. Keep it up xxx it's all about a lifestyle! Never a diet xxx

  14. 5lbs in a week?! Well done! I'm becoming more and more determined that I want to give Thinking Slimmer a go when I can afford it :)

  15. Hmmm interesting. A woman i worked with had cognitive behaviour therapy when she was losing weight to change her attitude to food and it seemed to work. Shes been tiny amd really strict with herself for like 10 years now.


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