Thursday, 24 May 2012


It is Thursday night, I'm sweating like a Turkey on Christmas Eve and WHAT am I doing?

Watching the Eurovision Semi-Finals!!

These aren't even the finals! it is the SEMIS!

I am entranced, full of self-loathing and seriously debating what has happened to my life.

Yes I know, Eurovision is a joke. We don't win, in fact we are treated like the victims of playground bullying by the rest of Europe and their voting tactics. It is like being picked last for PE. We know it is going to happen but we play anyway. Hell we even pay for the bloody ball don't we?

But I know all of this and still I watch!! On Saturday night I will be dunking myself in the full on cheesefest that is Eurovision, and moaning when we come absolutely nowhere (My money is on Norway with their Adam Lambert lookalike)

How about you? Are you watching?

Will you be watching Saturday?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


  1. I think I'm just dying a little bit inside. How awful were the winners of the last 5 years? *cringe*

  2. I feel for the underdogs. It's not just us that gets treated badly. Malta scraped out of the semis last night for the first time in ages (I always give them a vote out of sympathy), and the Netherlands haven't managed that in years, even when they've got a great song (not that this year's was great, mind)


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