Thursday, 10 May 2012

He kissed a girl and he liked it

Dear Men of the world,

Today I am imparting some wise advice, grab a chair, scratch your balls and PAY ATTENTION.

Yesterday the Metro reported on a twat man who was begging for his girlfriends forgiveness by standing outside his beloved Arsenal football ground while wearing a Tottenham shirt.

Now allegedly he had gone to a party and kissed another girl and this was his way of trying to get her to accept his apology.

Mate, STOP

Firstly Arsenal? Really? Dude why?

(Sorry, I digress)

Firstly, Sweetheart I wouldn't forgive you for kissing another girl at a party even if you stood outside Arsenal wearing HER skin as a shirt and her intestines as a bow tie.

Secondly, Mate, say it with FLOWERS!!!! FFS, why do you think flowers are sold? So blokes can buy them to apologise with.

She may not accept them, she may throw them in your face (This is why I never recommend roses, scratched corneas are never attractive) but buy them anyway.

As a football fan I can understand what you were trying to do. You have messed up with your girlfriend and the thing that you think would humiliate and embarrass you the most is something that would hurt YOU. ie the Tottenham shirt.

But MEN of the world this is where you fall down, This guy Luke McQueen was once more thinking about HIMSELF.  (A bit like when he tripped and fell open mouthed on another womans face) If he thinks any woman would think of this as a romantic gesture, well he doesn't know women at all does he.

I'm a huge football fan, If this was my boyfriend I would question his morals EVEN more after this.

Your football team is your FIRST true love. If you can betray THAT and wear a rivals team shirt then snogging another bird is nothing, Hell you probably make jumpers out of kittens and shoes out of baby skin.


I don't actually know what offends me more,

The fact he kissed another woman

or wore the team colours of his bitter rivals.

(It's a close call I admit)

Men, if you do something wrong. Say sorry, then if the woman wants you to do something ridiculous to prove how sorry you are. Roll with that.

Don't make the massive gesture that you THINK she will want.

You only make yourself look like a twat.

Mr McQueen, I don't know if your girlfriend has forgiven you.

I know I wouldn't.

Would YOU forgive him for wearing a Tottenham shirt?

I mean kissing another woman and THEN wearing a Tottenham shirt.

Let me know.

And football fans, what would you have had to have done to make you wear a rival shirt?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Cor....

    You sure this story wasn't about you???


  2. I would NEVER date a Arsenal fan :P

  3. This lad, this guy has to be seriously screwed in the head. I see what he was trying to do but no way was i going to do such a thing. I'm a chelsea fan and to get me to wear an (arsenal/manchester/tottenham/liverpool/barcelona) kit outside my club crest, my mother will have to be in a life or death situation. otherwise you won't catch me dead nor alive in a rival's kit!

  4. Ade @Eagle_Chaser10 May 2012 at 18:25

    A man may have many partners, he will only have one team!

    That bloke deserves to not only lose the woman he has wronged, he also deserves to have his mates turn their back on him for betraying the badge.

    Spineless twerp.

  5. You're so right! And do aces! X

  6. What a silly bollocks.

    And just to buck the trend, I can not understand this team allegiance thing at ALL - I mean don't get me wrong, I'll cheer the country on in a match or whatever, but for a complete and utter gobshite like this to equate the importance of his relationship with a jersey? Naaaaaaaah son, jog on.

    *whispers* and pick a team with prettier jerseys.

  7. Can't stand football but LOVE the sound of baby skin shoes!
    PS - ALL men are twats.

  8. I wouldn't EVER forgive him.. he's just trying to show that he gets the girls and he's hard enough to get beaten up..! Douche bag...I mean, punch bag - in the making!!

    Although I did have a dream that me and my Dad were at Wembley watching West Ham (yeah, yeah) but we were in the Blackpool area (for some reason, the supporters were in blue as I thought it was Cardiff City) and we got beaten up... just a thought for the day! LOL, you must think I'm crazy..


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