Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm waving the flag, a white one.

Well either Britain is having a "How many flags can we raise all at once" competition or something is coming up which is meant to make us feel all patriotic.

And seeing as I didn't get forty press releases in my inbox last week about any flag competitions and sadly I am drowning in Jubilee crap, I am going with the patriotism angle.

Seriously, I get it, we are meant to be very very proud that our queen has not succumbed to a cold winter or starved to death in an NHS side ward. And truly I am proud that there is one OAP that our country hasn't let down. But I kind of think I am missing the point.

Jubilee junk.


Disclaimer; I am going to be celebrating the Jubilee, (Don't quite see why the kids need a day off school tho-Just sayin) It isn't the Jubilee I take offence at it is the way people try to make money off the back of it with cheap commemorative tat.

Is there a major event happening in the country? I have a great idea, let's stick a flag on it and call it a jubilee something or other....

Even Kingsmill are getting in on the act I hear, changing their name to Queensmill.
(I'm sure they will make some bread out of that................. I'll stop now)

I just don't understand why we have to go so overboard with the commerative crap. I am still reeling from the Wills & Kate condoms I (CAME ACROSS sounds wrong doesn't it?) stumbled upon when they were getting married.

I have seen Queen bobble heads, red white and blue M&Ms, toilet rolls with the Queens head on!!! (I shit you not :-D )

Is nothing safe?

What's next? White and blue tampons?  (think about it?)

Anything that has a surface, large or small is going to have a flag stamped on it and it is going to be rebranded as a Jubilee version. Screw it, I may as well rebrand myself as a Jubilee version (Still me but bluer-is that even possible?)

I'm sorry but sticking a flag on everything that doesn't move out of the way quick enough isn't going to make me ooze with patriotism and love for my queen, it is just going to make me hate everyone that little bit more and make me want to move to a small country without a flag.

Although the Jubilee people had better enjoy their time in the sun as soon as it is all over there will be a quick change around and everything is going to be rebranded for the Olympics!

I can't quite see how Kingsmill are going to swing that one can you?

So come on everyone, share with me the best or worst Jubilee commerative crap you have seen so far.

Who has pushed their rebranding to the limit?

and does anyone even know of a country without a flag? (or an Olympic team for that matter?)

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. I did see an advert for union jack printed nappies! no idea what brand, too busy FFS-ing!

  2. Just spotted this on eBay - oven gloves!

  3. aha, I kind of agree with you :) I love that our country is doing tremendous things such as the Jubiliee and i think Kids having the day off makes them aware of it but i know what you mean about the over consumerism! Totally agree with that 100% Love your blog as always! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Lots of love

    Nafisah xo

  4. Claire Manwani21 May 2012 at 11:54

    I don't like to rain on anybody's parade but I'm a bit of an anti-monarchist. I don't feel that living with an outdated tradition of paying a fortune to a load of freeloaders to jet around the world is a good idea. So I certainly won't be celebrating the Jubilee. And no, I won't be taking the day off work for it either, because I'm self employed anyway!

  5. I'm refusing to buy anything with a union jack on. I'm working on the public holiday anyway.


  6. I just saw Jubilee andrex toilet roll and couldn't believe my eyes all there wrapped in the Flag.

  7. The half term has been moved so it is over Jubilee weekend near me- London kids (or school staff!) aren't getting a day off!

  8. Jubilee loo roll? Isn't that a bit off? Wiping your bum on the Union flag, treasonus really :o

    And it is the Union flag not the Union Jack,unless it's at sea or been removed from a boat/ship (yes I am full of useless info)

    I went shopping with my Mumma on Saturday and we saw loads of tacky tat for the Jubilee, my Mumma is a total Monarchist and tbh she was pretty appalled by it all. I'm just a bit sick of it all, same as with those keep Calm and whatever on everything that you see everywhere...

    Indeed well done to her maj for being privileged enough to get every need seen to immediataley by top notch peeps. I'm pretty sure if all oaps had that sort of treatment no one would die needlessly.

    Sorry started to rant there.

    Kingsmill could change to RingsMill for the Olympics and have the pretty coloured rings all over the packaging, or SportsMill or just stop making shyte bread altogether :D


  9. I shall be celebrating the Jubilee thing by flying to Portigal and having a very pleasant break in Lisbon. I'm sure I'll look at some flags at the Airport and think, well played your Majesty. Then I'll go somewhere I'm confident the coverage of jubileeism will be limited given that I wont be using a television at any stage


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