Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Instagram Bingo

I just don't get it, I have a cat, shoes, children, trees and food,

and yet I still can't call Bingo on Instagram.

What do I need to post to be able to get a full house here?

I understand the food obsession, I am also guilty of the instagramming of my cats and I have taken so many pictures of my face even I am sick of it. (Gotta love a filter) the wine picture was an essential addition to the mix as well.

But what else do I need to add?

Apparently some of the essential pictures are, a coffee cup, a close up picture of an eye (must remember to turn the flash off this time) a rainbow and obviously a picture of the rain (just in case we all forget for a minute that it's chucking it down)

But what else do I need?

Let me know.

(Or take my phone off me please)

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Painted nails in a wide array of different colours and styles, various products you are using, a few hundred pics of a bath you are about to have- complete with copious bubbles and candles, scenery/flowers, outfit posts and generally anything and everything that you can make look pretty with a filter! Yay for insta-addiction!xx

  2. A three-tier cake stand made from mismatched vintage plates with something placed strategically on it that ISN'T A CAKE.

  3. You need snow. Shit loads of frickin snow. Then put up a photo of text with some emo crap about how shit men are and how amazing love is. Then a photo of your legs while you are in the bath. THEN you have bingo. The end!


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