Wednesday, 16 May 2012

James Martin talks Mushrooms

See that James Martin? He's a fun guy............ (Fungi? Fungi? Gets coat) and he is on a one man mission to get us to all eat more mushrooms, (the minute they make wine out of them James, I will be on it like a tramp on a sandwich, I promise)

Now mushrooms aren't that sexy, but roll them in James Martin and I start to see the attraction. So if James is cooking them then I am loving them.

We watched drooling while James cooked mushroom soup, pork with a creamy mushroom sauce and mushroom and chicken livers on toast as well as a cheeky mushroom omelette. (The drooling was at the food, honest)

I have to admit that I do like mushrooms, and I was quite surprised to learn that I have been over cooking the poor little buggers for years. James (first name terms, POW take that)  advised that they only need to be cooked for a very short in a very hot pan until they are golden.  See, you learn something new every day.

(I also learnt that I do NOT like chicken livers, and that sometimes spitting isn't possible and you just have to swallow- this is all one observation by the way, in case someones mind is wandering)

Overall it was a really great day and I learnt a lot of great things about mushrooms. As I am not really a food blogger I won't be posting the six new ways of cooking with mushrooms here but let me give you the link Go take a look for recipes such as pork escalopes with mushrooms juniper and mash, Chicken and mushroom pie and Mushroom soup.

I've tried them and they are definitely worth whipping up.

What do you think?

Is James Martin a fun guy?

Does anyone know where my other hand was resting in the top pic?

How jealous are you that I cuddled James Martin?

Do you like mushrooms?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x



  1. Mushrooms = Nom.

    James Martin = vom.

    1. I love the way you've tied my posts together :-D

      Go check out those recipes if you are a mushroom fan as they were scrummy

  2. I don't know where your hand is but he's got his in your hair !!

  3. I LOVE mushrooms, honestly LOVE them. Obsessed with them. Did I mention I liked them?

    1. Check out the site. Its a mushroom lovers dream

  4. Not so keen on James Martin but I LOVE mushrooms. Brillaint and funny post as always. Thanks for cheering me up on my very boring mushroom free lunch x :o)

    1. As I said to Kelly, check out the Moretomushroom site. The soup literally took 3 minutes to make and was scrummy

  5. A nice "firm Rump" with added mushrooms... Only You!

  6. I think the slightly shocked look on James' face might be a clue as to where your hand is!!

    I love mushrooms :D Off to look at new recipes and then off to Sainsburys for some mushrooms

    1. I think between me and @superamazingmum he was bloody terrified ;-)

  7. Lol love this write up! So much so i read it to my other half!

    I hate mushrooms for the record tho!

  8. My dad will be very jealous, James Martin is his man crush! haha

  9. wow, looks like a great day. and it seems that he's amazing. :) love mushrooms but I think I always cook them always the wrong way xD
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear :)



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