Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Leather Satchel Co

When I attended Cybher the other week, while I enjoyed talking to all the sponsors who were there I felt a huge draw towards The Leather Satchel Co who actually provided the special gifts for everyone who attended.

(If I'd have stayed at their station any longer they would have started counting the satchels)

I got chatting to the people behind the company and had a lovely chat with Keith who is one of the people in charge and I was really interested to hear more about the company.

In case you haven't heard of them, The Leather Satchel Co do exactly what they say on the tin.

Leather Satchels aren't a fashion accessory, they are an integral part of every wardrobe, Seasons and fashions change but at anytime you can feel comfortable and stylish and the thing about a really well made leather satchel like the ones made by The Leather Satchel Co is that they improve with age (um, unlike me. boo hoo)

I was genuinely interested in hearing more about the company (and licking the bags) and Keith very kindly agreed to me emailing him over the last week and answering any questions that I have.

What drew my attention (apart from all the pretty colours) is the fact that The Leather Co is a British family run business. I love seeing British companies making products that are something to be proud of.  And trust me when I say these bags are something to be proud of, the workmanship of these bags are second to none. (They certainly withstood all the drooling everyone was doing at Cybher)

The company was started in the 60s by Stephen Henshaw who travelled all over the world learning his craft and picking up new skills as he went. It was at the time of the World Cup in 1966 when he was asked to make a 1920's style satchel, he kept them on sale from that moment on. but only in two colour ways. It was later on that year that he was asked to produce a large number of satchels for a private school and it was this order that catapulted the company from a pavement and home based business into a Liverpool-based workshop with its own premises.

(See, this is interesting stuff isn't it? This is why I love companies with a history, it is much friendlier than faceless companies with boring generic products)

It was from this small beginning that The Leather Satchel Co began to grow in to the company that they are today, With 25 different colour leathers and bags in five different sizes The Leather Satchel Co can create artistry in satchel form in any way that you like. They also offer a bespoke service so that you can customise your satchel for your individual needs. (Like as in, I NEEEEEEEEEEED one)

Would you like to see some pictures?

Can you understand why so many people were drooling over these beautiful bags? Yes you can buy a satchel for less money on the high street but you won't be purchasing a hand-crafted, British-made high quality bag that will last for years OR comes with a FIVE YEAR guarantee like these bags do.

It isn't just a bag, it is an essential wardrobe STAPLE for gods sake.

I know, I've stroked them. (drooled on them) (ok, licked them)

Why not go and take a look for yourselves.


and let me know what you think of these bags.

Do you own one?

Were you at Cybher and purchased your one there?

or are you looking to buy one in the near future?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x

Disclaimer; This is not a PR post, just a post showing genuine pride and support for a British company that is producing high quality, handcrafted products.



  1. Just checked the site out *drools* very much like zatchels satchels but a bit cheaper x

    1. And IMO better. I love the story behind the company and I do love the workmanship and quality of these bags.

      You can spot one of these a mile off.

      Probably by the smile on the owners face

    2. Oh gaaad! What are doing to me?! I'd written off Cambridge Satchel Co as being too expensive, now this and then Zatchels! They are still expensive but my goodness they are beautiful. Look! http://www.zatchels.com/bags/collection-category/polka-dot-collection/black-white-polka-dot-leather-satchel.html

    3. LOL, was this in regard to your tweet earlier about falling in love with a bag?

    4. Arent Zatchels copies of Cambridge Satchels and Cambridge Satchels copies of Leather Satchels?

      My money goes towards Leather Satchel. I've had the chance to compare them all physically and by far Leather Satchel wins the lot. I got mine via www.leathersatchel.com, who work directly with The Leather Satchel Co., only they've pre-customized a grand variety of color combos and are ready to ship. I'm in love with my LSC and do know that this is the beginning of a lifetime relationship with my satchel!


  2. I love these bags :) i didn't know the company beforehand either so thank you for that too. Love your blog a always.


    Nafisah xxx


    1. Thanks hun, this company is fab don't you think?

  3. I'm not really a satchel person but I do think these are lovely. And good for you for supporting a British craft business - quite a lot of us craftspeople put in lots of hard work to make lovely handmade things but often feel undervalued!

  4. I ruddy hearts these satchels I do. They are gorgeous and it's a shame the one I got from Cybher is just a little bit too small for my laptop as it would make the perfect laptop bag. So peritty. And I went for a green one btw. Bet you were pink, right?

  5. I love these, and I'm not a satchel type person notmally! I really want a metallic one, but then I see all the other colours and I keep changing my mind! The one we got at Cybher is hanging on my bed post, so I can look at it daily! X

    1. I have to admit I'm leaning towards a mirrored one but I adore them all.

  6. I didn't go to CybHer as was a family weekend that happens twice a year in our house! But I do love these bags. I've looked at them for a while.

    My question is - am I really boring if buy one in brown? Will everyone think me a person who doesn't "get it"?? I just want one to use with everything and I feel like things should kind of remotely be on the same colour palette, because I'm not that adventurous.

    What do you think? Is it ok to buy one in brown, and one big enough for my mac book. Or is the point that I have to have one in a bright colour if I'm doing it.

    Opinion please!

    1. In my opinion you should get the bag that makes YOU happy. Brown isn't boring and now I'm imagining how gorgeous it will look as it gets older and worn. Neons and patents are lovely but a classic stylish satchel in a colour like brown or black or beige is timeless.

      I don't think it's about being adventurous it's about finding one that goes with your wardrobe and being able to use it and smile as you do. And ANY colour that makes you do that is perfect.

    2. Thank you! I'm just looking at everyone talking about bright colours and thinking that I quite like my browns. Will go and look at the site again. Are you on commission? If not, you should be! x

  7. Pillarboxredpillarboxredpillarboxreeedddddd! *drool*


  9. I love these too. My daughter reviewed one - hope it's OK to link to it as she shows off the brown one in the video so you can get a sense of the size of it:

    Since then she has taken it to school every day for over a year. The strap broke at one point (too many books!) but the company could not have been more helpful in repairing it quickly.

    I love the new metallic ones, especially the bronze, but if I was going for a classic one I would probably get a dark purple or navy. The Cybher bags are fantastic, aren't they? I took one out to a meeting the other day and was so proud to be carrying it.

  10. I love The Leather Satchel Company and have been using my special one I got given at Cybher every chance I get! They've got a wonderful assortment of bags (my favourite one being the black with leopard print on it!) and I couldn't get over it was a family run business! They've done so well for themselves! And I agree satchels aren't just "another bag" anymore...they are just as an essential item to have as a pair of killer heels or a little black dress!

    Gemma x


  11. I'm totally loving the black and red one :) lush

  12. I love them they're a gorgeous wardrobe staple. I'm a bot obsessed by the metallic ones!


  13. I saw the neon pink one on display in a store from about 100yrds off, and was drawn to it - I was totally mesmorised by the colour, I like the bright green one too. Just a smidge beyond my price range currently but very lovely.

  14. I heart the black and red one and have just informed my Husband (after shoving a picture of it in his face) that it is now on my wish list of things for him to buy me!!
    Thanks for another great post :-) xx

  15. My mum got me a satchel (unfortunately not the Satchel Company one) at Christmas and I just love how roomy they can be, they fit all my crap in them! I definitely want an official Satchel Company one and now that I know they do bespoke ones, it will be on my ultimate wish list, I think I'd want one in purple!xx

  16. I love my Cybher one and have already drooled over some other ones on their websites. Decisions, decisions. Love the idea of a bespoke one, too :)

  17. I bought new satchels for my girls at Cybher and ordered a new custom satchel for myself. I was hoping to bring it on my trip with me but I missed the courier:(
    I will send you pic as soon as I'm hone.
    So pleased everyone loves their Cybher bags!

  18. I also really love the Leather Satchel Company. I hope you get one soon. I was a little worried that satchels had become too trendy but I find mine so wonderful I don't care anymore. :)) It took me such a long time to figure out which brand I wanted, but now I've written a guide of my own. LSC definitely tops my list.

  19. The Leather Satchel Co is the best satchel out there!

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