Friday, 18 May 2012

Nom or Vom

Hello Friday, my apologies again for lack of Nom or Vom last week. Real life got in the way (I know, shock horror. A REAL LIFE? Who knew)

So today has to be special doesn't it?

I will try my best.

Do you remember when you were at school and you doodled the surname of your favourite crush onto your school books along with your own name?

(Cue blank looks, Ok it MIGHT just have been me)

Well right now if I had a school book it would totally have "Kellie From The Script" on it.

(What do you mean from The Script isn't his surname? REALLY?)

Today I bring you Danny from The Script as this weeks Nom or Vom

What's not to love here? He sings, he looks good. I would.

So the question, as always

Danny from The Script

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista (from The Script)



  1. Nom.
    In most pics of him though he does seem to look more like an actor in a teen vamp movie, rather than a singer.
    Still nom though.

  2. Vom. He's a bit artistically broody for my liking.

  3. Vom, he just annoys me, a lot in fact.

  4. GirlyMathsGeek18 May 2012 at 07:53

    Nom nom nom nom nom
    Oh yes and another nom
    He is so not that moody persona on The Voice so that would be another nom then

  5. On my school books, I was "Mrs Owen" or "Mrs Williams". So with you on the doodling angle.

    Yep, I'd definitely have a go at Danny. Although, is it me, that band picture- it looks like when that average girl at school hangs out with two mingers to up their own hotness rating (that is exactly what my sister once told me she did).
    Nom nom nom. And he has a sex chair. The swivelling one on the Voice, total sex chair, it even has a motor which probably vibrates.

  6. Noooooommmmm! You have totally made my day, the things I would like to ...ahem...discuss with him!

  7. I *would*, but he's just a little bit too clean & pretty. If I could messy him up a touch, I would SO much more. (I have nothing against pretty boys, some of my favourite eye candy is pretty, but a bit of rough never goes amiss)

    1. Swoons over the idea of messying him up a bit

  8. Vom, vom, vomvomvom :(

    And it's all The Voice's fault! What is it with that weird pouting thing and arm waving that he does? Brings new meaning to the term sucking face :(

  9. NOM! His looks and his infectious personality on the voice makes him very attractive in my view! :)Lovely blog :)

    Nafisah xxxx

  10. I'd totally NOM that.
    I like his personality and he seems like he'd enjoy a good night out. Plus he has good hair.

  11. He could talk dirty down the phone and I was going to say that way I wouldn't have to look at him, but there is a certain boyish charm she says sounding every bit of my 46yrs :)

  12. Its a bit of both today... I think he is a bit too skinny and that is what is throwing me off.

  13. Oh this has to be a definite nom! I only wanted to start watching The Voice because of him! And he's Irish too! Adorable.

    Gemma x

  14. NomNomNomNomNomNom

    I am a sucker for and irish accent!

  15. VOM! I dunno what it is... The ridiculous hair? I just don't get it... Each to their own :D

  16. Nom to look at
    Vom to listen to

  17. VOM. Can't stand him and his head is too small for his body.

  18. Vom! I find him really annoying and argh yeah, not manly enough. He's a bit metrosexual, don't you think? And in my eyes the only one who can pull that off is Becks x


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