Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Packed Munch

So today I drew the short straw (or stepped on the teachers kitten or something equally horrific)

I feel as if Karma has ran up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, kissed me on the cheek and then bit me fully on the arse.

WHAT, I hear you ask can I be doing today that is so so bad?

I'm helping out on a school trip.......................

with a class of 5 year old devil spawns. (You know, perhaps I am not suitable child accompanying material after all)

Oh god knows why I agreed to do it, (in fact I may have volunteered) I think the painkillers must have been fully absorbed or I had a full belly (of wine maybe) but when I was asked if I was available, I said I WAS!!!!!! (and this is why I need a responsible adult with me at all times)

Now it seems I cannot get out of this school trip.  Did I mention we are exploring transport, there will be a trip on a bus, a train and the Thames Clipper (It is going to have to be an Instagram kind of day) so instead I am just going to have to make the most of it.

and for me this can only mean one thing.

(Not hide and seek on the tube, that gets a bit messy-especially when you hide OFF the train)


I'm not even kidding, I do love a packed lunch. I am just a small child. I am even going to be stealing my eldest daughters packed lunch box to put it into. (Hello Kitty in case you were wondering)

(Quick question, would it be wrong to decant wine into a Ribena carton? I won't use the straw-I'm not a tramp)

Ok, ok, so the wine is not an option.

Breezer? (They are fruit based aren't they?)

In my packed munch box today I have Valium  French stick with pate, Olives with feta and garlic, a toffee sundae and NO FRUIT!!! 

My packed lunch box ROCKS.

I swear I never had it this good when I was at school.
I am going to be the envy of a shit load of five year olds with a sandwich and an apple (including my own child-oh well, thems the breaks kid)

Surely there has to be perks to going on a school trip and for me packed lunch is it.

What would you have in your packed lunch?

and if you see a 5 year old in tears. Hold on to them. I may be winning at hide and seek again.

Big Fashionista x x



  1. No, you've got it wrong,, don't decant wine, get one those plastic goblet from m&s with a foil tear off lid. Much more classy. In actual fact have always wondered who buys those - someone with a more interesting life than me I think (but not that much more interesting or else they'd be buying a bottle!).
    Enjoy the trip. Pack Nurofen. x

  2. Never ever volunteer for school trips. EVER!

    I did, oh dear gods it was horrific. Yummy Mummy 1 playing off against Yummy Mummy 2 ( I was never a yummy mummy lol) cattiness, bitchiness and 36 small wide eyed children wondering why 2 of the supposed grown ups were acting littler than them. This was before we left the playground....
    The day just got worse after that. I won't go into details or I'll need therapy to get over it (again)

    Good luck Kellie, I'm sure your day will be great and you won't lose any children :)


  3. ohhh I love packed lunches! I miss them actually (but admittedly I wouldn't volunteer for a school trip to get be able to have one!)

    I'd have an egg sandwich (cue the smell :-D)
    a pack of wotsits
    a babybel
    a cheesestring
    and a cadburys chocolate mousse

    I like to go back to my childish ways sometimes!



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