Sunday, 13 May 2012

Who has talent?

A wise man once wrote,

I say Britain,
you say talent
Britains got talent
It's the DJ Talent

(Whatever happened to him anyway?)

You guessed it, last night was the final of Britain's Got Talent and unlike in the recent Local Elections people were listening closely and weighing up their voting options.

Social Media was alight and there was more outrage than an episode of Question Time.

A DOG!!!!!!!!


A dog has been voted Britains most talented? Oh my DAYS, How will we survive? Surely the world will now stop spinning on its axis and the dawn of a new ice age is upon us?

This is the thing, as with all the great TV reality shows. The only reality that we see is what we are allowed to see.

I could go on for hours about Camera angles, stories in the papers being released at just the right times, the order they go on the stage. even how they show the contestants performance in the round up.....

But we KNOW all that, we do. We just choose to ignore the fact that we are just along for the ride and as voters or even just innocent bystanders we are being taken on a "JOURNEY" ourselves to where we are needed to be. (Led around by the nose if I'm being impolite)

I don't fight it any more.

I  just roll with it, it's easier that way.

And much better for my blood pressure.

But now it is over and there is also no Take Me Out for me to sneer at while loving secretly!

How will I survive?

TOWIE you say?

Tonight you say?

I will be on that like a tramp on chips.

Thats reality tv right?


Am I being cynical?

Is Uncle Cowell just a generous benefactor who is in it just to find new talent?

Will Arg and Gemma EVER get together?

Let me know

Big Fashionista


  1. I don't even watch BGT but I know everything about the dog. They come from the town where I live. It's a quiet boring town so everyone (bar me) is going OTT about the D O G.


    1. Ha ha that's brilliant. The dog is the most famous part of that duo too

  2. YEoooo! WELL SAID!

    1. Why thank you dear.

      I'm just gobsmacked people are still gobsmacked if ya know what I mean

  3. Replies
    1. I know!

      I wanted the Loveable Rogues to win but they will make more money for Uncle Cowell if they don't win and he signs them up to Syco

  4. I didn't even realise the final was on yesterday! Am I the only person in Britain that didn't know??

  5. Love your blog, but I knew as soon as I met you it would be funny and a good read. Great to see you at Cybher. GG


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