Thursday, 31 May 2012

You're going to be OK.Com

So Alexandra Burke was last week reported to be devastated that notorious womaniser Jermaine Defoe has cheated on her and has apparently kicked his sorry arse to the kerb.

You go girlfriend.

What took you so long anyway? Even his ex girlfriend warned you that he was a cheating lying dog (That's some reference)  but it seems that the lure of a bad boy is strong in this one (My very bad Yoda impression)

She even sang,

"The bad boys, are always catching my eye"

Bloody hell love, just because you sing it, doesn't mean you have to live it, (Same goes for you Adele)
Why do some women always think they can be the one to tame a man, to change him? To be the female equivalent of a quick trip to the vet to be neutered (Doesn't stop them wanting to lick their own testicles does it?) to stop him from wanting to hump random strangers legs (and more)

The thing is, even with his track record of tripping, falling and landing on someones welcoming vah-jay-jay I predict that Mr Defoe will have no problem getting himself another girlfriend or willing bed partner. I await the next edition of Heat magazine or Hello magazine with (bored indifference) baited breath to see the obligitory interview with Mr Defoe and A.N Other woman, both saying he is a changed man and wil...........(Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Alexandra, think of it as buying an expensive wardrobe of clothing, you fully invested, it didn't fit, you burned the clothes (pictures, teddy bears and jewellery) and now you (hopefully) realise that they weren't to your taste anyway. Lesson learnt.

For GODS sake please don't start singing about it though, Adele is taking a couple of years off but she will be back lady, and THOSE shoes aren't going to fit you...

Stick to your little poppy type numbers and I'm sure you will be OK....... maybe?

I'd tell Alexandra to stay away from those bad boys but I don't think she'd listen do you?

Is she a bad boy magnet? or just unlucky?

And what is it about the attraction of a bad boy that makes some women want them more instead of running away screaming?

Let me know

Big Fashionista xx



  1. Dermot Canniffe31 May 2012 at 09:37

    The bad boy thing has mystified me since college. I was looking from the outside in, as it happens.

  2. I don't get it either. Why attempt to change someone? Surely you should be with someone for who they are.



  3. Bad Boys only appealed to me when I was a Bad Girl. I never expected anything more than what I got - coming and going, and that's about it. These days? That's a mug's game. The blokes who catch my eye have big brains, big hearts, big muscles and a lot of stability. A rarity, but far more appealing.

  4. Never been able to figure this one out but for some the atraction goes hand in hand with the "unavailable" and the "treat em mean" ....Me? I like a nice bloke who will treat me like a princess and loves his mum, Im glad this is not everyone's choice because there are not many to go round

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