Friday, 29 June 2012

Nom or Vom

Now if I was doing this right todays Nom or Vom would be a tennis player, but I am feeling like hell so I thought I would do this one for ME.

Because HOT DAMN this man is gorgeous.

Have him made dirty and brought to my room immediately.

Ladies and gentlemen

Joe Manganiello

Now in case you don't know who this guy is (Ms Lippie I am looking at YOU)

This guy is an actor, currently acting all werewolfy in True Blood, (Take THAT Team Jacob, Alcide would eat you for breakfast) and is soon to be seen in Magic Mike, playing Big Dick Richie.

Prepare to drooooooool

I may feel slightly better already!

So what do we think?

Nom or Vom

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Favourite blog posts

I feel like crap

(Good morning by the way)

So instead of a ranty blogpost, today I am turning my blog over to you guys.

When you have been blogging for a while you always have a post that is special to you, your favourite blog post that fills you with pride.

For me it has to be my Wagabee post

Yeah yeah I get that we are not meant to have PRIDE in ourselves and big up our work but screw that. (ok so maybe this maybe a slightly ranty blog post, I blame the Beechams)

We SHOULD be proud of ourselves and our work.

So share with me and my readers your favourite blog post that you have written, it could be an old one, a recent one, even todays post if you wish.

I look forward to reading them from my sick bed.

(And if you could send more Beechams and some grapes, I'd be grateful)

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Magazines and their conflicting messages

Right, that's it. I am TOTALLY done with womens glossy magazines, I don't care if the free gift is a naked Alexander Skaarsgard with just a small bow wrapped around his privates, I am DONE. (although if someone doesn't want their free gift....... you know the drill)

What has driven me to this act of turning my back on all magazines? To the extent of turning down a hot naked man (There's a first time for everything)

Well I am completely sick of all the mixed messages that magazines are forcing feeding down our throat like we are geese or ducks having our livers fattened up (you could say it is driving me quackers)

Most of the womens magazines out there don't want women to have their head screwed on straight. Because if we did, we wouldn't turn to them for advice any more would we?

Flick through any magazine and I guarantee you that at least one article you see will be about losing weight, getting a beach body, losing the lumps or shedding fat so that you FEEL BETTER about yourself. They tell you that you will be so much happier when you lose weight. They even give you recipes to help you lose weight. (Aren't they helpful?)

But THEN in the next issue you are told to "Embrace Your Curves" They hold up Ms Kardashian as an example to every woman how curves are IN, and then in the next edition they will show you unflattering pictures of celebrities with a double chin and weep about how they have let themselves go, and then in the next edition after that they will talk about their worry for celebrities who have got too thin.

It's enough to make me want to headbutt a chocolate layer cake (WITH MY MOUTH) Am I meant to be thin? Curvy? Fat? If these people don't know, how am I meant to know?

Let's talk 50 Shades of Grey. According to most womens magazines Porn is BAD. it exploits women, it degrades us and makes men objectify us as women.

But "Mummy porn" Well that is EMPOWERING, liberating, it is totally different obviously. So am I meant to enjoy being spanked or not? (Answers on a postcard please)

Even make-up doesn't escape, be natural, plaster it on with a trowel. Wear it for you, wear it for him, let him wear it. (live and let live)

The goal posts keep moving and they don't want us to keep up.

Take us bloggers, one minute we are "hairy-armed" nobodies and the next minute we are welcomed with open websites and our content ushered into their warm bosums (mmmmmmm snuggly, oooooh a sparkly badge? For MOI? You shouldn't have)

I'm just confused, and I think they LIKE us that way.

So I'm sticking to blogs. They are for the best part objective and if a blogger believes in something you will usually find that they stand by their opinion and their ideals through thick and thin.

And I love that.

Now has anyone seen a Blog giveaway of Alexander Skaarsgard?

I can but live in hope.

So what do you think?

Am I being fussy or are magazines changing their minds more often than Katie Price changes her husbands?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Monday, 25 June 2012

Happy Hell-idays

So I am back, A HUGE thank you to everyone who guest posted for me over the last week and I still have some more guest posts that I didn't get to use this week which will also be making an appearance very soon.

So unless you have been living under a rock (which is still better accommodation than I've put up with over this last week) you will know that I have been on hell-iday for the last 8 days in a small tin box which is otherwise known as a car-a-van.

A small side note here, I am not talking about a static caravan here, I am talking about one of those rolling ones which you get stuck behind on the motorway.

I am talking FIELDS.

With a toilet block

and ANTS

and TREES and grass, you know, nature stuff and all that.

Now I don't know what sort of picture you have of me but I am a London girl through and through, I get all confused when there is grass on the pavements, I feel like I should be wearing a flat cap, tweed and Hunters, I start looking out for sheep and haystacks. (Dagenham is the countryside right?)

Sticking me in a caravan for a week is probably NOT my idea of a holiday.

For many, many reasons.


Amusement arcades. Apparently no trip in a caravan is complete without a trip to the seaside, and no trip to the seaside is complete without the migraine inducing hell that is the amusements. Now I don't know what they coat 2 pence pieces in but they make your hands smell for hours. No-ones hands should smell of 2 pence pieces, it is wrong and there is no hand soap in the world that is strong enough to remove the metallic stench (I thought about sticking my hand in a cowpat to make it smell better) throw in bells, flashing lights and the sound of screaming children "JUST TEN PENCE MORE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE" and you have a recipe for the best torture method in the world bar NONE.

Ants. A caravanners worst nightmare, (well almost the worst but I will get to that shortly) Ants are just tiny ninja burglars all dressed in black ready for midnight manoeuvres. If you drop one grain of sugar you are invaded so fast you might as well check and see if you own oil rights. They march through your smalls, your larges, even your COFFEE (bastards) Trust me there is nothing worse than opening a bag of sugar to discover ants partying in the bag like it is Ibiza. it is like an ant orgy and I don't know if they have internet or tiny smart phones to communicate but once one Ant realises you are open for business then before you know it you have their whole family, friends and casual acquaintances breathing down your neck and stomping through your cupboards (It's like being invaded by teenagers)

The worst thing about a holiday in a touring caravan is THE TOILET BLOCK. Now if you know anything about tourer toilets you KNOW. You just know

The toilet in the caravan is for wees only.

No poos allowed. Not even by accident. You want a poo, you go across to the toilet block, (Now if you are shuddering even reading this then pack Ex-Lax if you ever go in a tourer because a shy bladder is NOTHING compared to shy bowels) and annoyingly a toilet block is never empty, especially if it also doubles as a shower block. Whether it is 10am or 3am, if you need to go and you have waited until the block is completely empty you can guarantee the minute your backside hits the seat someone will walk into the block. If you are lucky they will have a shower in which case crack on quick because the noise of the shower and their screams as the cold wet shower curtain wraps itself around them will mask any noises you can make. If you are unlucky they will dismiss the other seven empty cubicles and choose to go in the one right next to yours. If you are EXTREMELY unlucky they will try to make small talk through the walls. Always fun.

Do you know the BEST thing about caravan holidays?


Never has a bubble bath been so bubbly, my bed been so soft and cozy and my kettle been so appreciated.

Also now I am home my house feels HUGE.

But even after all this moaning, I know that I will be doing it all again in August.

Expect next time I will be packing Ant Killer, And NO 2 pence pieces.

So what do you think? Have you experienced the hell of a caravan?

Did you miss me?

And how great were my guest posts last week? I was in AWE.

Let me know

Big Fashionista

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Guest Post-The rules are, there are no rules

So this guest post is from the very lovely @anessexwife

Who I have actually met in REAL LIFE!!!!! Ooooooooh check me out

And she hasn't done it herself so let me give you her website to take a look at after you have finished reading AND COMMENTING here ;-)


Big Fashionista x x

So, I’ve been given the honor of guest posting for the AMAZING Big Fashionista while she is away.

My initial excitement about this was quickly replaced by fear, what on earth do you write about on a blog where the only rules are that, quite simply, there are no rules?

Blogging on someone else’s page, especially when they are as fun as easy going as Kellie, its like being in class with a supply teacher. You are doing the same things you do everyday, except all normal routines and boundaries are thrown out the window. It’s all very unpredictable. Fun isn’t it?

I wonder if it conscience, that while I’m writing this, I’ve just looked up to see a few naked men on my TV screen holding sausages in their hands?* Bit rude for 7pm, but that media for you I guess, sex sells. But then you already know that, what with this being the home of Nom or Vom and all that.

This is why I love blogs. I never really read them before starting my own, yet I quickly saw the attraction. You got to see the innermost of everyone’s thoughts, feeling and desires, all there in black and white, very appealing to a nosey girl from Essex that was adjusting to live as a SAHM and missing out on the office gossip. However I now know that it goes further than that. You chat to these people on twitter, read their blogs, loom at their photos, possibly meet them at a blogger event or two and then, if you are really lucky, they may become your ‘real’ friends.

Reading blogs gives you a lot of food for though (quite literally sometimes with all the great food blogs out there). For me, they are my equivalent of having a good old office debate. Now I work from home I miss that interaction, sharing my views and listening to others talk about current affairs. Blogs have given that back to me, and for that I’m very grateful.

So now, asks the nosey Essex girl, why do you read blogs?

* The naked men and their sausages were on the new Richmond advert, I was not, repeat NOT, watching early evening porn.

Friday, 22 June 2012

You CAN do it, Guest post

Once again i have asked another lively person to guest post for me. Sera is one of my favourite people on Twitter and i adore talking to her and reading her posts so after you've read and commented i would love it if you went to visit her site and saw what a great blog she has.

So without further ado,

The Agoraphobic Fashionista x

Big Fashionista, being the gracious host that she is, has the kettle boiling (somewhere in cyber space) and she has urged me to speak to you all about a very particular subject. That subject is Agoraphobia. We may need more tea to get through this!
What is Agoraphobia? Explained in a broken down, simplistic manner it is quite literally a fear of the outdoors. When we go deeper into what it actually is it becomes apparent that Agoraphobia is a severe anxiety disorder, it’s a panic disorder, a fear of situations beyond our control which is linked to the outside world.
I know this because I am agoraphobic. I also live with Bi-Polar Disorder though do not make the mistake in thinking the two are anything alike. They may have ties to one another that I have created somehow but they are completely different in their essence. This is important as it goes to the core of trying to understand these disorders….
It’s just a wonderful word, isn’t it? Disorder.
That word would insinuate that I have no order in my life what with all the Disorders I’ve been diagnosed with. Oh the irony! In my life there is nothing BUT order. There has to be.
I am, at the moment, trying my best to make it out the other side of this current bout of agoraphobia. It has hit me before but never for this long.
It’s been over 6 months since I’ve graced my childhood home with my presence.
It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve been on a night out.
I am not here to gain sympathy from anyone. Sympathy won’t help me.
Do you know what else won’t help me? Or anyone else in either my position or a similar one? When we get the ‘you can do it’ comments. Worse than that? Belittling agoraphobia. Making it out to be a case of I simply don’t want to go out that day. If only that were the case.
Example Routine for you:
So I’ve ensured every single thing in the house is in order. I’m starting to get palpitations at this stage. I then get myself ready to go out. At this point I’m practising the whole deep breathing thing. I move on to getting my son ready. Trying very hard not to hyperventilate. I manage to get his shoes on and my sight goes fuzzy. There is a banging in my head and I’m woozy. I have to fight to keep breathing deeply. That nauseous feeling is rising fast.
Now… this will either go one of two ways…
1. I will continue counting in my head and breathing deeply until I manage to stop the tears pricking at the side of my eyes. I open the door and I walk outside.
2. My husband or son will forget something, need to head upstairs to the bathroom etc basically disrupt the routine for a split second and my emotions bottom out. I’m a goner. There is no going out today.
Once outside that’s a whole new post I assure you.
Agoraphobia is a serious situation to deal with. All I ask of you today is that you spend a split second thinking about this post. It’s 2012. If we are going to Stamp Out Stigma we need to do it soon.
I would like to thank Big Fashionista for giving me her soapbox for a day to sound off to you all about a subject very close to home.
Hope I’ve not bummed you out completely :S
The Agoraphobic Fashionista

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Guest Post- 3am

If you haven't heard me raving on about Ella from @DiagnosisLOB then where have you been?

Her blog is fast becoming my favourite read, a great insight into what our emergency services go through each day.

Read on and don't forget to leave a comment.


"18 year old male, fall from height, cardiac arrest"

I had been driving for the best part of 8 hours on the wrong side of the road. Not because the traffic was busy and I was on lights, because I was driving back home from Europe after an impromptu few days away. The kicker, was that I had a night shift to get back to. I got home at about 4pm, quick shower, ironed uniform and off I went for my 6pm start. In all honesty the prospect of a 12 hour night shift filled me with nothing but dread, but what's a girl to do! Things started just as expected and just as they always do. A job straight away quickly followed by job after job after job after job. It was a typical Friday night, all alcohol or drug related, just a thoroughly exhausting evening. For those of you who have worked night shifts you will know exactly what I mean by 'the 3am lull'. Eyes are heavy, an overwhelming sense of fatigue engulfs you and the thought of another three hours, three patients, three lots of paperwork makes you feel physically sick. Your handwriting is getting worse and worse, your mood is becoming more and more fragile and your patience is well and truly gone! You spend 15 minutes at hospital eating sweets, drinking coffee and doing anything you can just to stay awake. It really is a horrible experience and if you can go through life avoiding 'the 3am lull' then do!

Well, it was 03:11, the rain was pelting against the windscreen, it was dark and cold. We pressed the button knowing full well we'd get a job straight away and headed out of the hospital. If anything will wake you up, this job will. These job still give the adrenaline rush, the pumping heart and the excitement. Two miles, that was all. That was how far we had to travel. I lit up the roof, turned on the bells and off we went. There was still plenty of traffic about and with the torrential rain filling the roads it was a nervy drive. Visibility was terrible, road marking and signs were invisible and all you could see was the headlights and break lights of cars. I have never seen rain like it to this day. We pulled off the main road into some kind of alley way. 0.1 miles to go, surely we would see something soon! We got a message to say the response car was on scene as we turned a tight left turn. That was the moment that I can see like a freeze frame. No more than 50 feet away was a silhouette of someone doing CPR, lit only by the strobe of the blue lights. The rain was cutting across the view at a 45 degree angle and there was a constant whistle of wind pelting down the alley. We grabbed some kit and ran over.

Lying on the floor was our patient, he was in the gutter of this tiny cobbled street, a crowd was gathering a few feet away and it wasn't a pretty sight. Because of the background noise, there was a lot of shouting to let each other know what we were doing. All we knew was he had fallen, where from we didn't know, apparently he had been breathing about a few minutes before but had now stopped. There was blood everywhere, the guy had landed face first and had massive cranial destruction. It took two of us to vaguely secure his airway but no soon as we had suctioned blood out of his throat more appeared. HEMS arrived within a couple of minutes and took the pressure off. The six of us worked on him for about half an hour, his chest was cut open, his lungs decompressed, drugs were given and I was just watching it all in a rather detached state. I was ventilating him, once the airway was secure it was a case of kneeling there, in a pool of rain and blood just breathing for him. I remember looking and starring at his face. A young guy, good looking, an entire life time ahead of here he was. Lying motionless, dead in the gutter, doctors, paramedics and technicians tirelessly working to save him and I was thinking 'what a waste'. From his head, I could see every injury he had. It would need a miracle to survive the trauma his body had suffered. It was a very disturbing sight and one I still see from time to time.

He was declared dead on scene. There was that moment when the decision has been made, you have all agreed to end the resus, CPR is stopped and you take away the mask. That's it. Until that point there is hope. Until that moment you have the distraction of the situation. Now you are aware of the crowd again which is now 50 strong. They have watched on in the rain in shock. It is most likely the most distressing thing most of them have seen. In many ways I felt like I'd let them down. Stopping a resus is always a bit of a tough moment, doing it in public you can feel all the eyes looking at you as you step away from the body. And that is all it is now. A body. He was covered in the blanket and as we stepped back, all in a daze we found out what had happened. He had fallen from the roof, the roof of this 4 story building. A 70 foot plunge. No one knew what happened. Was it suicide? Was it an accident? Was alcohol or drugs involved? I don't want to think what was going through his mind as he fell. I hope nothing. I hope no one has to suffer that fear of inevitability. A young man with his life ahead of him had lost his life and whatever the cause, it was tragic. We all piled into the ambulance for a debrief. Everyone just sat there feeling thoroughly dejected. The saturated, blood soaked uniforms was a start reminder of what this job can throw at you. One thing was for sure, I was very much wide awake now. Only an hour and a half until the end of the shift. Quick uniform change and time for one more........

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Guest Post-Angry Fashionista

Hello Big Fashionista followers, for some unknown reason she has decided to sod off somewhere and leave me in charge. I've already broken stuff, please don't tell her.

Two lines in and I'm struggling. I'm not an actual blogger you see, I've flirted with the idea a few times but to actually sit down and write something. AND for The Big F, the queen of twitter. Oh dear.

Ok, here goes. I painted a toenail. Just the one with some of this BarryM magnetic nail polish to see what all the fuss was about. It looked awesome and I was genuinely excited but then I realised I'm almost 30 and this was not the way grown up men acted. I say I realised, someone at work saw it and called me strange (that happens a lot) and alas my days as a beauty blogger were over before they had even begun. This saddened me as I was all ready for guyliner and manscara galore and unleashing my inner princess.

Yeah, yeah I'm losing you and what you really want to hear me talk about is comics, football and whisky yeah? I'm joking obviously. I'm here to talk about crimes of fashion. I seem to have noticed recently that people are becoming increasingly nice about bad fashion choices and just passing it off as individuality.


I'm all for individuality in your fashion choices but there are certain rules, certain rules you should adhere to! (I'm imagining myself in a Scream movie but about fashion.) I walk around and am just constantly disappointed. From the midweek suits wearing running shoes on the tube to the African print T-shirts that seem to be cropping up on the floppy haired Joey Essex clones.

Yes when the sun has come out I agree we should all take off as many clothes as we can all legally get away with. Although when you team shorts with a tucked in Polo shirt and a pair of patent leather shoes with no socks I find it hard not to drag you by your ears to the local euthanasia clinic and administer the injection myself. Twice. Just in case. Least the rain has forced them to hibernate, for now.

Ladies I'm not letting you get away with it either, I thought these monstrosities had gone away but recently saw an unwelcome return. Firstly velour tracksuits (someone tweeted earlier this week "camel called, it wants its toe back"), second are wonky Uggs (let's wait for the real shuffling Zombie Apocalypse, it's coming) and this will probably go down like a lead balloon remember its only my opinion though and in no way endorsed by Big Fashionista. Fucking Birkenstocks. YUK! Fashion should NOT be comfortable.

On that sweary bombshell I'll apologise for my foul language and ranty behaviour and thank you all for listening to me. Normal service will resume shortly. Remember if you see someone dressed badly it is your DUTY to inform them politely, (as politeness is free) Thus helping the world be a better dressed place. Oh and if you see me dressed badly. Shoot me.

Benny (angry fashionista?)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Letters from Denmark-Guest post

I'm loving these guest posts, I may just give up blogging and let you guys do it for me.

Here's one from a friend of mine in Denmark.


Big Fashionista x

I woke this morning with a dream ringing in my head that somehow today would be different , that something special would light up my day like a random act of kindnesses or finding a fifty pound note on the floor ( if only), but today was all about an expectation that kept me amused and inwardly exited all day.
Unfortunately, the punctured reality of my day kicked in and i soon realised that maybe this set of 24 hours would roll just the same as they did......well 24 hours ago.
Thats the problem with routines, sometimes they are safe and warm and reassuring and other times they are boring and insanely soul destroying.

But i received the call that would change my routine and it was welcomed as warmly as chocolate cake.

My Good friend, serial blogger and all round good egg is taking a break from her hugely overworked calender and has decided to recharge her batteries somewhere far away from the eyes of the world to take in the sun, the relaxing surroundings and fresh, clean air whilst being waited on hand , foot and finger by waiters with very exotic and rather gay names like "Ramondo" or " Maurice".
The truth is that i have no idea as to the destination of our Fashionistas destination, such is the secret to the location but all i can tell you is that i am sure her suitcase is packed full with goodies and treats and sparkly things that glow in the dark........easy tiger!.

So, how incredibly rude of me not to introduce myself, what must you be thinking of me??

My name is Martin but my friends call me.....Martin, ( always start with a joke they say ) and i am a single man ( see ha ha) Who lives and works in a little land far far away.
Denmark is a lovely little country where the people stay fit by bike riding, running and generally look after themselves, The people aren't sucked in by advertising so fashion doesn't really dictate their dress sense and they have a thirst for knowledge that makes us English appear a little "lazy".
It is quite common to be rejected as a potential partner in Denmark if your professional aspirations arn't ambious enough and it is also common to talk about your job and your personal economy on a date! A first date at that!
The differences between the Danish and English culture is huge and i love nothing more than to enjoy the new feelings that these experiences give me but i realise that it would be impossible to tend to such a enormous subject in such a small amount of time so i shall wait until our Fashionista takes her World Cruise and i get a whole week to tell you how wonderfull you all are...bless.

I guess though that it wouldn't be English of me if i didn't mention the weather as we all like to complain as to the current state of play in the "its too hot, its too cold" dilema so with that in mind i can tell you after a brief glance out of my window that the day seems to be.......all right.
Blue skies, bit cloudy, it'll do.
I am going for a walk ..............and thats another Danish thing, People actually call other people up and say " I am going for a walk in the forrest in Ballerup, wanna come?" and that is totally normal......

But anyway, i am going for a walk because i have been asked too and this is where freinds find out how they are getting on, there isn't a big pub culture or dinner party culture here in Denmark, its more like chatting at the gym or a quick chat whilst on the move. The Danes aren't as social as us Brits but don't get me wrong they are not boring as they all love the power of knowledge and i believe that the Dane thinks his or her brain to be their greatest asset.
When one does get invited to parties you will always come home with more knowledge in your head then you did when you got there , whether you had a good time or not.
With a Dane, you only have to mention a "keyword" and they will begin to tell you everything they know about that subject with English ability that will astound you.
Because the Danes aren't really hooked on the phase fashion like English women ( wonderful, beautiful, sweet English Roses) they adopt an individual sense of style and it really does fit as you can detect a womans personality better and from a male point of view this is very refreshing and lowers the degree of difficultiy of choosing a potential partner. Danish women do have that insight to dress exactly how their body shape dictates and they achieve their results by knowing their bodies rather than having to fit into a certain outfit because some designer with a particular french sounding name says so.
An example that i guess you ladies would understand is that Danish women don't care how big their feet are, they do not try to crush them into shoes two sizes smaller to feel as though they fit into the norm! They accept their fate and dress accordingly and thats that.
And because they do not seem to follow any direct trend, you can see an individual persona and as i said, it is so refreshing from a male point of view to be able to spot somebody who you think you could get on with simply because you like the way they dress rather than how they carry the dress that everyone seems to have on.
I am in no way suggesting that Danish women are better than English women, Good god no, i merely suggest that there is a difference in how they spend their day and that there does seem to be generalisations that are different between the two sets of women.
So as this hole gets dug ever larger, Lets just change the subject shall we?
I guess things are going ok with the football in the European championships, England seem to be swimming in fair waters, the Olympics in London are just around the corner and with the Queens Jubilee i should imagine that it is a wonderful time to be waving the St Georges Cross aloft and proclaiming to all that it is such a granduous time to be an Englishman or indeed woman.
I must admit, with everything that is going on in London this summer, i do walk around with a feeling that i am missing out somewhat but hey ho, i am not complaining as i am in fact one off those lucky few that own a television set and have the abililty to use my free time to watch local and international sporting events at attractive rates.


This blogging lark is not as easy as it seems you know, i mean, to be able to translate your thoughts and feelings on a daily basis and deliver it on a level that entertains people is pretty hard going and i realise now that the search for captivating words is harder than i thought.
And then of course, having to find material for the next day and the next and coming up with a point to everything which is something i havn't managed to do as i am a complete duffer at this sort of thing and that is why i am standing with you in the queue waiting for the safe return of our beloved Fashionista to keep you updated with all the essentials that i so obviously do not have to satisfy your need to be kept in the know!

I am sure she will return to us with the best tanning advice, a list of Europes top ten beaches and the lastest gossip from Monaco or St Tropez or wherever our girls travels have taken her.
Wherever she is, let it be known that i was grateful to empty my brain, if even for a brief moment.

Thank you for time and enjoy your summer holiday wherever you may go and hey, if you make it to Copenhagen, look for the English guy in the centre of town, thats me!

Monday, 18 June 2012

A very special guest post

When I put a call out for guest posts I was really honoured to get this one. Any post that raises awareness of how another person is feeling is always welcome here on my blog and this post gives an insight into someones personal world and I am honoured to be able to share it with you.

Please leave your comments and I hope you enjoy it.

Big Fashionista x x

If a Girl wears a Guys t shirt what would you think about them? Is it sexy? is it a turn on? Is it funny? Would you look at that girl and think she’s just run out of her own clothes? or would you think something strange is going on?
Now let’s change the situation around.
If a Guy wears a Girls skirt what would you think about them? Is it sexy? is it a turn on? Is it funny? Would you look at this guy and think he’s just having a laugh? or would you think something strange is going on?
I think the outcome of the similar situation would have very different outcomes.
Most People wouldnt bat an eyelid at a girl wearing a guy’s t shirt, but most people would stare and judge at a guy in a skirt.

Now I am not tarring everybody with the same brush, all I am saying the Guy in a skirt would cause more of a reaction than the girl in a t shirt. Men that dress as women struggle to make their choices heard and understood.
I am a Crossdresser/Transvestite/Guy in a Dress/Drag Queen what ever you want to call it. I have been doing it since I was a child. I can’t speak for the rest of the population that enjoy dressing up in the opposite sexes clothing, but for me it’s all about exploring a side of me that I dont feel comfortable doing as my usual male self. For me it’s all about creating a part of me to explore a side of me that I wish to explore. I don’t go out dressed as a female, nor do I have any sexual tendancies towards the same sex as me. I see this “Hobby” as an artistic expression. Think about those groups of people that dress up in Medieval battle attire and role play somewhere for hours on end, that's similar to what I feel like doing, except instead of a sword and shield I'm armed with a Lip gloss and some killer heels.

I began dressing up as a woman at a young age when I had no idea what I was doing. Over the years of confusion I have grown to embrace this side of me and hone this craft. I research the make up and the styles your everyday woman would have. I Hope over years I have gotten to a point where I can look in the mirror and see something that doesn’t resemble my usual male self. It's all about being able to escape my Male self, even if it's only for a few hours every month. A Release, something that get's those endorphins going.

Doing this “Hobby” gives me an adrenalin burst much like Extreme sports people would get from their “Hobby”. I know this may sound like a bad analogy but this is a hard thing to explain. If I were a Gay man and dressed up in womens clothing, then people wouldn’t judge or ask questions as much as a Hetorosexual male who likes to dress up and look like Jennifer Garner whilst watching the sports on TV.

Hopefully I’ll explain more in future posts. Maybe I can shed some light on this strange and obscure “Hobby” maybe one day I will stop and actually choose another “Hobby” but would you really want to read about Tiddly Winks?

Secret Tranny ( Kx)


Friday, 15 June 2012

Nom or Vom

Cutting straight to it today, time is money and all that.

Todays Nom or Vom has been on my to-do list for quite a while (I wanted him on Nom or Vom as well) but I have a feeling this one is going to be like Marmite, you will either hate him or want him spread on toast.

So without further ado

Todays Nom or Vom is..........

Ian Somerhalder

So ladies and gents,

What do we think?

Nom or Vom?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Taking back the flag

At the moment if something doesn't move quick enough then it gets a Union Jack slapped onto it (checks arse, just in case)

And you know what?

This can only be a good thing.

People, it's time to reclaim the flag.

What with the Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the Olympics coming up soon we have enough flag toting/wearing/waving/displaying opportunities ahead to make sure that our flag is seen as a symbol of PRIDE (ok, I may be pushing it a bit there but you know what I mean)

For too long now in this country displaying the flag has been seen as a bad thing, The BNP hijacked the flag and turned it into a symbol of hate and racism. For a long time it was seen as a BAD thing to wave a flag.

But now is the perfect opportunity to take it back.

Now admittedly I've seen the Union Jack plastered in some DUBIOUS places (Checks backside again) and I know that there are a group of marketing men and PRs with their hands in their trousers practically masturbating over everything that they can attach a Union Jack to (Yeah, I'm sorry for that image) but I don't care.

In other countries people salute their flag, raise a flag each morning and lower it each evening. They sing their national anthem with pride (Some of our very own footballers still haven't even bothered to learn the words) and they respect their flag.

I don't know about you but I would quite like a piece of that for our own country.

And here and now we get to embrace that, we have a chance to make it something we can use as a symbol.

Ok so we have no money, our NHS is shot to shit, our goverment (Oh hell, politics twice in one week? I'm gonna get a reputation here) is a joke and Jedward are still running around like kids on a sugar rush (What's that? Irish you say? Phew, not our problem then) and the less I say about our football team the better.

But let's not concentrate on that at the moment. Let's all just don our Union Jack plastic hats, look up at our Union Jack bunting then down at our Union Jack nail art while sipping warm wine in our Union Jack plastic cups. (Sorry if the masturbating marketing man image just popped into your head again, it did in mine)

We have taken back our flag and I would quite like to keep it.

How about you?

So what do you think, Are all these Union Jacks a good thing or are you slowly OD'ing on Red, White and Blue?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Eyelash Extensions-A review

Just before the Jubilee weekend I posted about some rather gorgeous Jubilee lashes from Perfect Eyelashes which I really liked the look of,

So when the PR approached me to ask whether I wanted to try some Lash Extensions for myself I jumped at the chance, I only recently tried false eyelashes for the very first time in my life and the chance to experience fluttery lashes which will last for the next 4-6 weeks was more tempting than chocolate shorts on a Hollister model. (tempting indeedy)

I visited Agnes at Perfect Lashes in Kensington on Monday, the salon is quiet, warm and welcoming whilst remaining extremely professional, just like Agnes herself. We sat down and chatted about what I was looking for from my lashes and when she felt that my lashes wouldn't be unable to handle what I requested (LONG, GLAMOROUS AND SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE) she broke it to me gently and explained that the lashes on one of my eyes were a lot weaker than the other side and wouldn't be able to handle the weight of a glamour set,  But she assured me that what she could do would make a huge difference.

She wasn't wrong.

The first thing I have to say is that having eyelash extensions is a LOT more relaxing than I thought it would be! How I didn't drift off to sleep I really don't know. (I MAY have snored ONCE)

An hour or so later and I was transformed. (Ok, my eyelashes were transformed, I said an hour or so, an all over transformation would take significantly longer I'm afraid)

Do you want to see some pictures?

Some more before and after pics.

Ok, Bear in mind that I am wearing NO make up here!!!!!! None whatsoever, May I take this opportunity to warn you NOT to enlarge these pictures (Consider yourself warned, any retinal damage you sustain, you're on your own, I've covered my arse)

The process was relatively quick and yet completely effective, Agnes took the time to explain to me exactly what she was doing as she was working, she used different sizes to give a more natural effect and she worked on both eyes at once which she said gave a more balanced look to the eyes.

Job well done Agnes, I feel very balanced.

So I am now on Wednesday and I still have not stopped admiring my lashes in the mirror, I keep getting a little shock when I see myself looking back with gorgeously long thick fluttery lashes and already I know that I will miss them desperately when they fall out.

After two days, what has surprised me is that they are extremely light, they don't feel any different from my own lashes even though they may LOOK 2 ton heavier, it is like I have forgotten I have them (until I look in the mirror)

I am intending to see how long these lashes last and will be doing a follow up post in a couple of weeks to show how they are doing.

But so far, I am LOVING THEM.

Now who is going to fetch me a coffee?

Flutters eyelashes at you.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Lash Extensions? Do you have them regularly? What do you think of mine?

I would LOVE to hear your opinions.

And to find out more about Perfect Eyelashes you can visit their website at

Let me know what you think

Big Fashionista x x

Disclaimer; This service was provided for me free of charge. As always this has no affect on my opinions as I will always be honest in my review.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cameron for Dad of the Year?

Dear Dave,

I'm not going to ask if I can call you Dave as I know you love it (resists urge to add, you Slaaaaaag)

So Dave, let me tell you a story. Stick with me, it's funny.

I went out with my family last year, it was a small country pub, quite a few of us went, I took my children, my in laws took their children, we all ate in the pub (I had a burger, it was nice) and then afterwards in the melee that ensued as we departed

I left my handbag in the pub.........................

Oh how we laughed when I finally realised, I've dined out on this story SO many times Dave, the barmaid luckily for me had seen it, just sitting there alone at the table and put it behind the bar for me. Sorry, I'm still splitting my sides here,  my handbag, what am I like?

See Dave, funny story or WHAT?

Now replace handbag with child.........................

Um........... AWKWARD

How the HELL do you misplace a child anyway? Handbag yes, Child erm, no.

 I can understand it when Dave from East London takes his eye off his kid in Asda and aforementioned child wanders off to the sweetie aisle, I also get it when Davina from West London loses sight of her child in the playground for a minute. (The worst feeling in the world)

But let's be honest here, I'm not talking about Davina from West London or Dave from East London. I'm talking about David Cameron, the PRIME MINISTER of our country. He got into one car, his wife got into another, each thought the other one had the child.

Public house/Public school, it's an easy mistake to make Dave (copyright Twitter 2012)

Am I alone here? Does anyone else think that something like this shouldn't have happened or are you more sympathetic than me and can see how a Dad, Mum and god knows how many security people can leave behind an eight year old child.

Let me know.

I wouldn't mind but he went back for Nancy, poor old Nick Clegg is still tied up outside

Big Fashionista x x


Monday, 11 June 2012

Is blogging a young uns game?

Occasionally, (very occasionally) people ask me what it is that I do. Obviously if I'm in a bitch arse mood (more often than it should be to be honest) I make something up. I've been everything from a gun runner (sorry about that Auntie) to a recorder player in a new age rock band (what can I say, I get bored easily)

I don't really want to reply with I'm a mother because I'd rather talk about the jobs I do well and actually enjoy

so sometimes I reply with "I am a blogger" (Gun runner at the weekends though, what can I say? Stats are low at the weekends) which usually gets the reply "oh ok" (and the subject quickly changed)

But over the weekend I got a different reply.

"A Blogger? Aren't you a little old for that?"


A little old?

To write shit down on a computer?

Oh HELL NO.  Now I hate being told I am too old to do anything (You should see me at the playground) but TOO OLD TO BLOG. Well excuse me while I go and get measured up for a coffin (No PR's I do NOT want to review a coffin)

When did that happen? Now I remember previously a magazine (No names here) doing a blogger competition a while back (Sorry, the memory isn't what it used to be) and setting an upper age limit of mid twenties but after a massive uproar that upper age limit was quickly removed and all were welcome to play. (and tack a sparkly badge on their blog of course)

But is blogging seen as a young persons game?

Or is there enough room in the Bloggersphere for everyone?

Now there are millions of great blogs out there, fashion blogs, beauty, food blogs, sex blogs and even blogs about blogs. it is a diverse world out there and every blog has a different opinion and THAT is one thing that I love about blogs. You could have two blogs update with a new post about the exact same subject at the exact same time and each would be a different view of the same thing. That is because each individual puts their own views and spin on things.

Just because someone of say, MY AGE wants to blog about fashion, there is nothing to say that I am going to blog about polyester trousers and comfortable shoes is there?

Can I not blog about Galaxy prints and Ragged Priest T-shirts? Am I too OLD to know what is fashionable these days?

The same with beauty, would a blog about beauty written by someone as ancient as me ONLY be tailored towards anti-ageing creams and wrinkle treatments?

Of course it bloody wouldn't.

So am I too old to be blogging? Am I one of the grandmas of the blogging world?

What do we think?

Have you experienced any ageism in blogging? I would love to hear your opinion on the matter, Is blogging a young persons game? or are you like me and think that age is irrelevant and it is great content that makes you read a blog.

Let me know,

I'm off to grab a cup of Horlicks (or any other brand of hot milky drink, if they aren't paying, I'm not name checking) and then go for a quick go on the roundabout.

Care to join me?

Big Fashionista x x x


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Filthy Gorgeous

Me and my nails have a Love/Hate relationship, they grow long and strong and I love them and then they break and then I BLOODY hate them.

At the moment, I have EIGHT nice long nails and the one in the middle on each hand are short (all the better to...................type with, what did you think I was going to say!!!!) so Nail varnishes are featuring quite heavily in my life at the moment.

Cue Nail varnish post..................

Filthy Gorgeous are a range that I have seen talked about quite a lot recently but until now have never had the pleasure of wearing.

And if you are going to be introduced to a new brand then why not start with the newest and the best they have to offer.

Any beauty/nail writer of any shape or form knows the importance of a GOOD Holographic nail varnish, there has been various offerings from brands but until now I haven't found one that has done the job AND been in the correct price bracket for me (I absolutely refuse to pay £25 quid for a bloody nail varnish, £25 QUID? what is it made of, Unicorns?)

Meet Prism, Prism is a holographic TOPCOAT that you can use to add sparkle to any nail varnish to give it real OOMPH. when I met the brains behind the brand recently I was advised to layer it over a red as it looks like FIREWORKS on your fingers!!!
(I tried it, it really did)

But then I decided to get a bit tricky (as one does when there is no wine left to drink and if you go to bed it means the next day comes around that little bit quicker-Half term, three children, say no more)

If you haven't been introduced to Deborah Lippmanns' Wicked Game nail polish then you are missing out on a truly magical colour, I would call it a purple/green/silver duochrome (Yes I know I named three colours there, sue me) it is to me a very ethereal colour which while beautiful lacks the real strength to make the transition from nice to stunning (flashback to my teenage years RIGHT there)

so do you think now might be a good time to introduce some pictures to this blog?

(You all know Beauty blogging isn't my thing right?)

Now PLEASE bear in mind these polishes are notoriously hard to photograph and my camera is so basic I could have given you better images by DRAWING them and colouring then in with glitter!!!!

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game

Filthy Gorgeous. Prism, Deliberately (honestly) taken with a flash so you could see all the colours that reflect back in the light!!! Look at those sparkles

Wicked Game. 2 coats. Again it is hard to show the true colours here, it is a nice polish but lacks Va va Voom

HELLO Va Va Voom

One coat of Filthy Gorgeous Prism over the top of any nail varnish and you are guaranteed colour so sparkly you won't be able to help but stare at your fingers. But at the same time it isn't in your face sparkly, it is like a subtle sparkle of a well cut diamond rather than gaudy and cheap. It adds depth to a polish and intensity as well.

I LOVE it.

And the price? well this polish is just £9.00. There are no Unicorns here! It isn't overpriced and I think it is well worth the money to jazz up polishes you already own.

You can buy this online at or at Debenhams department stores.

I am suitably impressed with Prism and will definitely be checking out the rest of the range to see what they have to offer.

What do you think of Prism? Have you tried it? Or have I tempted you to?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


Friday, 8 June 2012

Nom or Vom

Todays Nom or Vom was brought to my attention via Twitter, (Where all the good ideas come from, Thank you @Chocosquirrel

I have to admit I did know of this guy but had never really paid attention to how hot he is.

So without further ado

Ladies & Gentlemen

Oscar Pistorius

Now if you haven't heard of this guy I suggest you Google immediately as he has a very inspiring story and I'm hoping that he will be representing South Africa in the Olympics this Summer.

So what do we think?

Oscar Pistorius

Nom or Vom

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Big Brother returns

So it is that time of year again where a group of strangers are locked in a house together and made to live with the consequences.

But that's enough about half term,

Big Brother is BACK.

and once more from the get go, I am hooked. I make no apologies for being a huge fan of Big Brother, I have watched every year since it first began, If I was ever selected for Mastermind. the Trials and Tribulations of Big Brother would HAVE to be my specialist subject. (It's either that or the books of EL James, what can I say, I'm a sucker for some porn lite)

Now I know that over the last couple of years it has become deeply unfashionable to admit to being a fan of Big Brother, but hey, when have I ever been one to follow the crowd? plus you know what happens to Lemmings? yep they get sliced and added to a G&T(What do you mean that's lemons? Christ I've certainly been getting that one wrong)

So what do we have to look forward to this year on Big Brother? Firstly, contestants aside am I the only one who finds Jamie East attractive? I can't be. That man is fast becoming one of my favourite me to stare at. (prepares for restraining order, hides binoculars)

But that's a whole other Nom or Vom blog post.

So lets talk contestants,

Channel 5 are certainly sticking to the tried and tested format of the "Look at me" contestant, we have Luke the "Ladies man" who actually used to be a lady. (I wonder exactly how many women out there spat out their tea when he revealed THAT nugget on TV-No pun intended) We have my initial favourite Benedict, an ex-school teacher AND porn star, (he could have kept me behind for detention ANY day) and various other wannabes, never-gonna-bes and let-it-fucking-be contestants. Take Miss Caroline "Gap YAHHHHH" Wharram (someone? anyone?) and the one who to me seems to reek of desperation and a wish to be a fame-whore NELLY FURTADON'T Lydia (She has cold dead shark eyes and is the girlfriend of Andy Scott-Lee. nope, me either) Throw in the older woman, Victoria, Lads lad Conor and a male model Arron as well as some others who I'm sure who have yet to really grab my attention

And once more Big Brother seems to have searched the crazy train for its token black woman contestant. What is it with that? Every year, EVERY BLOODY YEAR. Anyone else seeing that? It isn't just me is it?

So Channel 5 seem to be prescribing to the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" school of thought with its contestants, but hopefully they have put the tasks back to how they were originally, I used to love a 3 day task where people had to really put the effort in and it was 24-7. instead of being a one day flash in the pan where people seemed to just have to do the bare minimum to pass.

We don't want them happily fed and watered, we want them hungry, we want disharmony and we want sex goddammit. I want them to get it on not get on!!!!!

So for the next god knows how many weeks until the final my evenings will be taken up with all things Big Brotherish.

The start of a new series is always precious to me, it is like a new relationship, (before the hatred and apathy sets in) it is all clean and shiny with endless possibilities and as long as there isn't too much meddling from outside sources (Producers, I'm talking to YOU) then we will have an epic summer.

Bring it on Big Brother, I am ready to hand myself over to you allllllll Summer long.

So am I alone in my love of Big Brother?

Are you an ex fan of Big Brother who has stopped watching?

Or have you no interest in the programme whatsoever and are now turning your back on me in shame and embarrassment.

Let me know.

And if you do watch, who's your early favourite?

I want to know

Big Fashionista x x

PS,  This will be the only BB related blog post from me I can almost guarantee it but if you are a fan you NEED to follow the excellent musings of Mr Big Brother himself Nick Bateman at last year he had me in stitches and I was an avid reader.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Are you a secret blogger?

So here's the thing, I really don't think that my family and most of my friends are completely sure what it is that I actually do here on my blog.

(although I must admit that there are days when I wonder that as well!)

Am I alone in being a SECRET BLOGGER?

Now, I don't mean in a Gossip Girl sort of way,  It isn't a dirty little secret (That's a whole other blog post) it just seems that almost no-one in my (real life) circle reads what I write, talks to me about what I write or seems to have any real idea what I am on about when I talk about my blog.

If I have to say "No, not like Carrie F***ing Bradshaw" one more time, I may cry. (or
punch someone, yeah, I'll go with punch someone)

My eldest daughter seems to have the best idea about what I do but that's because she watches a lot of Disney Channel where it seems like every third character is a blogger (although about 25 years younger than me apparently, beeeeyatch)

My blog was offline for a couple of days over the weekend (Did ya miss me?) and while I was champing at the bit and feeling completely lost without it, no-one outside of the blogging community really GOT how I was feeling.

Blogging is such a huge part now of who I am and it is sad that some people in my life don't share that with me.
So am I alone in feeling like a secret blogger? Do you sometimes feel as if your blogging is something that your family and friends don't understand or are you truly a secret blogger and purposely keep it secret from everyone? How does that work for you?

Let me know.

Big Fashionista x x


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A new start

Come on in, I've spruced the place up a bit,

I have a new header.

AND I bought my domain!!!!!!!! I'm now

(That only took me two years, I got there in the end I suppose)

I need to play about with the sidebar a bit  ---------->

It is looking a bit untidy, but normal service will resume tomorrow.

So for now, come on in, Have a glass of warm Lambrini and some left over pizza.

If you have any ideas about decoration or things that are missing on the blog, let me know,

Don't worry about taking off your shoes, at some stage I'm sure it will get filthy in here. (sniggers)

Cues up some music and starts a blog Disco.

So what do you think?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee Lashes from Perfect Eyelashes

You should all know by now that I'm not one for recycling press releases, but when something great comes pinging into my inbox that combines the Jubilee AND Beauty what sort of Blogger would I be if I ignored it?

You see my point?

Well there you go.

So take a look at THESE beautiful bespoke coloured eyelash extensions from Perfect Eyelashes

I'm in total awe of these beautiful lashes and think they are fun as well as artistic.

You can find out more about Perfect Eyelashes at

Also. if you like what you see there is a competition being run over on Facebook where all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is tag yourself in the pic.!/PerfectEyelashesUK

Get to it,

and tell me what you think, I'm off to go and take a look at exelash extensions, has anyone ever had them done before?

Let me know

Big Fashionista x x x


Friday, 1 June 2012

Nom or Vom

So better late that never right?

Now currently I am watching an old film from 2000 called Supernova and the thing that strikes me is that for some people, like Beckham and Clooney the ageing process is a good friend,

but for some, um. not so much.

So I am shutting my eyes and remembering James Spader as he was.

Ladies and gentlemen,

James Spader

So what do we think? Mr Spader WAS hot wasn't he? and I would rather think of him like this, than this :-(

(sad face)

So what do we think? James Spader.

Nom or Vom

Big Fashionista x x

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