Thursday, 7 June 2012

Big Brother returns

So it is that time of year again where a group of strangers are locked in a house together and made to live with the consequences.

But that's enough about half term,

Big Brother is BACK.

and once more from the get go, I am hooked. I make no apologies for being a huge fan of Big Brother, I have watched every year since it first began, If I was ever selected for Mastermind. the Trials and Tribulations of Big Brother would HAVE to be my specialist subject. (It's either that or the books of EL James, what can I say, I'm a sucker for some porn lite)

Now I know that over the last couple of years it has become deeply unfashionable to admit to being a fan of Big Brother, but hey, when have I ever been one to follow the crowd? plus you know what happens to Lemmings? yep they get sliced and added to a G&T(What do you mean that's lemons? Christ I've certainly been getting that one wrong)

So what do we have to look forward to this year on Big Brother? Firstly, contestants aside am I the only one who finds Jamie East attractive? I can't be. That man is fast becoming one of my favourite me to stare at. (prepares for restraining order, hides binoculars)

But that's a whole other Nom or Vom blog post.

So lets talk contestants,

Channel 5 are certainly sticking to the tried and tested format of the "Look at me" contestant, we have Luke the "Ladies man" who actually used to be a lady. (I wonder exactly how many women out there spat out their tea when he revealed THAT nugget on TV-No pun intended) We have my initial favourite Benedict, an ex-school teacher AND porn star, (he could have kept me behind for detention ANY day) and various other wannabes, never-gonna-bes and let-it-fucking-be contestants. Take Miss Caroline "Gap YAHHHHH" Wharram (someone? anyone?) and the one who to me seems to reek of desperation and a wish to be a fame-whore NELLY FURTADON'T Lydia (She has cold dead shark eyes and is the girlfriend of Andy Scott-Lee. nope, me either) Throw in the older woman, Victoria, Lads lad Conor and a male model Arron as well as some others who I'm sure who have yet to really grab my attention

And once more Big Brother seems to have searched the crazy train for its token black woman contestant. What is it with that? Every year, EVERY BLOODY YEAR. Anyone else seeing that? It isn't just me is it?

So Channel 5 seem to be prescribing to the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" school of thought with its contestants, but hopefully they have put the tasks back to how they were originally, I used to love a 3 day task where people had to really put the effort in and it was 24-7. instead of being a one day flash in the pan where people seemed to just have to do the bare minimum to pass.

We don't want them happily fed and watered, we want them hungry, we want disharmony and we want sex goddammit. I want them to get it on not get on!!!!!

So for the next god knows how many weeks until the final my evenings will be taken up with all things Big Brotherish.

The start of a new series is always precious to me, it is like a new relationship, (before the hatred and apathy sets in) it is all clean and shiny with endless possibilities and as long as there isn't too much meddling from outside sources (Producers, I'm talking to YOU) then we will have an epic summer.

Bring it on Big Brother, I am ready to hand myself over to you allllllll Summer long.

So am I alone in my love of Big Brother?

Are you an ex fan of Big Brother who has stopped watching?

Or have you no interest in the programme whatsoever and are now turning your back on me in shame and embarrassment.

Let me know.

And if you do watch, who's your early favourite?

I want to know

Big Fashionista x x

PS,  This will be the only BB related blog post from me I can almost guarantee it but if you are a fan you NEED to follow the excellent musings of Mr Big Brother himself Nick Bateman at last year he had me in stitches and I was an avid reader.



  1. Yay! I love BB too, I cannot wait to see how the series unfolds. Oh, and you are not alone in finding Jamie East attractive. There is something about that man.. The hair, the glasses - Yum!

    I don't have a fave, but some that I am liking so far are Benedict and Scott (could they be more different.) .. Not so keen on Lydia though, and I want the long haired sinister looking man to be voted IN tomorrow!

    1. I'm in total agreement with all of this :-) even the wildcard choice ;-)

  2. I was an avid fan at first even though I hated myself for watching it and being so obsessed. But then it just got meaningless. Seriously short of one of the housemates being a serial killer and picking the house mates off one by one whilst we watch in horror live on tv they couldn't do anything to make it more extreme and they cant even do that cos Ben Elton would sue the arse off the producers. So the whole has a knob now but wasn't born with one, is a knob now, can be a knob sometimes and likes a knob often thing is just, old. For me, but hey you enjoy! xx

    1. The Ben Elton book you are referring to is AWESOME. I love it

  3. I love BB and will definitely be watching the entire series. I've already come up with my little 'who will win', 'who will piss me off' and 'who is just totally embarrassing' ranking. Who are your favourites so far? Totally with you on Lydia: the moment she came out I said she looked like Nelly Furtado...

    1. I don't think I want her out first tho, think
      She will make excellent TV

  4. Bloody love big brother and have zero shame about it. Last summer was not the same without it

  5. Thank you for the link to my blog Kellie, much appreciated. Glad you still enjoy Big Brother. Without the fans it wouldn't exist. Nick x

  6. Still love it, still tune in year after year. I think it's lost something with Channel 5, but ultimately the format is much the same.

    My only gripe, as I've bemoaned at length in my blog is the complete lack of 30-something women, and the sole 'older' woman contestant, as per always. I think women in this demographic probably make up a huge part of the viewers given that the show began in the 90s, and wish they'd have the balls to represent us a little more. It's a bit alienating tbh. That said, they seem to have an amusing mix of oddballs this time.

    P.S Was a huge fan of Nick in S1 as all right-thinking people were ;) xx


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