Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cameron for Dad of the Year?

Dear Dave,

I'm not going to ask if I can call you Dave as I know you love it (resists urge to add, you Slaaaaaag)

So Dave, let me tell you a story. Stick with me, it's funny.

I went out with my family last year, it was a small country pub, quite a few of us went, I took my children, my in laws took their children, we all ate in the pub (I had a burger, it was nice) and then afterwards in the melee that ensued as we departed

I left my handbag in the pub.........................

Oh how we laughed when I finally realised, I've dined out on this story SO many times Dave, the barmaid luckily for me had seen it, just sitting there alone at the table and put it behind the bar for me. Sorry, I'm still splitting my sides here,  my handbag, what am I like?

See Dave, funny story or WHAT?

Now replace handbag with child.........................

Um........... AWKWARD

How the HELL do you misplace a child anyway? Handbag yes, Child erm, no.

 I can understand it when Dave from East London takes his eye off his kid in Asda and aforementioned child wanders off to the sweetie aisle, I also get it when Davina from West London loses sight of her child in the playground for a minute. (The worst feeling in the world)

But let's be honest here, I'm not talking about Davina from West London or Dave from East London. I'm talking about David Cameron, the PRIME MINISTER of our country. He got into one car, his wife got into another, each thought the other one had the child.

Public house/Public school, it's an easy mistake to make Dave (copyright Twitter 2012)

Am I alone here? Does anyone else think that something like this shouldn't have happened or are you more sympathetic than me and can see how a Dad, Mum and god knows how many security people can leave behind an eight year old child.

Let me know.

I wouldn't mind but he went back for Nancy, poor old Nick Clegg is still tied up outside

Big Fashionista x x



  1. When I was six months old, my mum left me - and my pram - outside the Woolworths in our home town, and didn't realise until she'd got home and made a cup of tea.

    It could - and does, every single day - happen to hundreds of people. Yes, this makes Dave look a bit of a tit, but there are worse things he does.

    Like, you know, breathing.

    1. Oooooh politics on my blog. Can I get a badge for that?

  2. My mum left me outside our village shop when I was a baby, they rang her and said 'did you forget something?' to which my mum checked her shopping!
    But this was the 80's and I am not the daughter of someone in power whose child could be used as ransom should someone have a real grudge against him, like you know, most of the country!

    1. My mother constantly left me places, but that was on purpose ;)

  3. Easy to do with all those people taking care of it. That's a good way to have things - or small children - overlooked. No big deal.

  4. I rad this article yesterday and had a suspicion you'd blog about it! Hilarious! I like how they tried to put the spin of 'just a normal family guy' and 'it could have happened to anyone'. NO IT COULDN"T! What a TIT! It shows how out of touch he is if he thinks having the ability to forgot your child in a pub is normal!

  5. Brilliant brilliant piece!!!He is a tit, if this had been a celebrity or lets be honest a woman inparticular this would have been shockingly scandalised and used by the government as an example of "broken Britain" or some other empty political swing that leave sus in worse shit than ever before. They suck, they are idiots and no, I fail to see how in any normal society this should have happened, particularly to them, the security implications here for one are huge let alone the fact that really he should have been paying a bit more attention to his fmaily rather than poncing about and swanning off in seperate cars

  6. Shit happens. People make mistakes. If they'd left her there all day that would be a different matter. Not that I'm a great fan of the shiny faced public school boy, but everyone's done something dumb involving their children. Haven't they?

  7. They must have all been pissed - including the secuirty guys. If that had been a teacher or equivalent they would have been in big trouble. Still one rule for the rich and one for the poor, as ever

  8. Yes people have been known to leave a child behind, but then most people don't have 84789378937 kabillion security guards who are, oddly enough, PAID to make sure everyone is fine and not left behind. What would of happened if the 8 year old had decided to start walking home through the woods? Doesn't really bare thinking about does it...

    The thing I didn't quite get was why walk to the pub for drinks and then drive home, is that not a bit backward? Or did I mishear the news last night?

    So according to Daveyboy, leaving a child in a pub on their own is fine, as is having drinks then driving home.

    Righty, I shall try an remember that next time I go to the pub with my children. Although 2 are of legal age to drink anyway, the youngest I'd happily leave behind (14 year old boys are just gruesome!), plus I can't drive.
    I fail really don't I?

    Raven xo

  9. I do think the 'it could happen to anyone' argument wouldn't be happening if it was Katie Price not Dave.

    It reminds me of the reaction towards the McCanns, that would've been different it had been a working class family not two doctors.

    I'd like to point out that this is not one of the most stupid things Cameron has done.


  10. Leave him alone our Kel, his mind was occupied with fucking up the country. Tch.

  11. My opinion might not be popular here but... I can see how it happened. I listened to the news breaking on R4 (because I'm 24 going on 54. I think there where 3 cars? And a couple of families with them. I can see how it would be easy for everyone to assume she had gone to sit with friends or family in another car. Especially when they are presumably so used to having minders watching their every move. At the end of the day they are only human. Yes it was a major cock up (and I can only imagine their anguish in the minutes that followed before she was found) but I can see how it happened.

    That being said it gave rise to my favourite joke this week (not mine, again probably from Radio 4). "Lord help the economy when our illustrious leader can't even count to 3!"

  12. Oh Dave you silly bugger. I think it's pretty nuts I mean even if they were both getting into different cars, they do not have sight issues, they could see that neither had the child. Silly buggers. As a wise person said yesterday, the only thing the Lib Dems left in the pub was Charles Kennedy.


  13. As much as I dislike Dave, I like to think it's an easy mistake to make since I've been left in a shopping trolley in Morrisons. Twice.


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